Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Diet And Exercise..... So The Small Print Says

See what my Smarty Pants Friend Sent...?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 190.6-pounds.

I just got done doing a 4-mile non-stop jog down the Wheaton Bike Path. My time was a total of 51:37 minus about 4 minutes waiting for the traffic lights at Roosevelt Road to change. It was busy today with people who were jogging, and riding bikes. I kept having to dodge people. Something that was neat was there were jugs of water along the path with little cups for people to get drinks.

This was my second day jogging 4-miles non-stop. I am simply amazed that I did that. I told a friend of mine at the beginning of the summer that I never would jog 4-miles ever again in my life. I was convinced my knees, and hip joints would never endure the strain. Surprise, Surprise... so far they have.

In the beginning of the summer I was having lower back pain, and the strain was too much for me to continue jogging even a little bit. So, I quit the jogging and embarked upon a light regimen of morning exercise before I would leave for work. It wasn't a lot, but I began to condition those muscles that were too weak to endure the jogging. I guess it helped; so far, so good, I guess.

As I was jogging down the path, I couldn't help but notice the young boys running by with their shirts off. These kids were thin, and fit looking. I was beginning to feel the mental pain of the yesterdays when I used to be so thin, and I could run a 6-minute mile.

Those days are gone. Oh, bummer... As I wrote, I am amazed that I did this. Three years ago my knees were destroyed, my hip joints burned. I never could have attempted even a 1-mile jog.

All that said, I am glad that I could do this much. However, for those of you who think that this is a magic remedy to lose weight, forget it. All this jogging and exercise does is condition the body. I still have to be vigilant with my food consumption.

I have written time, and time again in the past that it's the amount of food eaten that puts on those extra pounds. It's those calories that are over and above our daily needs that puts on the pounds. At my age, it doesn't take to many extra calories to get me into trouble.

Time and time again I have written about those little messages at the bottom of the infomercial for exercise equipment: These results are not the same for all persons. For best results exercise must be followed with a regimen of diet and exercise.

So, if you think that just because I went out and jogged for this long, I can go out and pig out. Forget it, that's wrong headed thinking.

Nope, I still count the calories. I still write everything down. During the beginning of the summer I did some exercise. I had to stop the jogging. You know what, I didn't lose one pound because of the exercise I was doing. It didn't push me back below 190-pounds. I actually started gaining weight. So, don't think exercise is going get all that fat off.

Nope, you'll have to restrict those calories to get results.

Bye for now....

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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