Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 16, 2016

Just to let you know; I do not color my hair. That is my natural color.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...,

Well, my audience is down to just about 13-people...

So... I won't be posting that much anymore.... I have left you with what I think are great videos ...

Good Bye... ! Fair Well....

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

I started this one and a half months ago at 46-inches. Just look at the tape measure now.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I did not weigh...

I am happy with my progress. I am on the way to a 41-inch waist. Today I am adding two more holes to my belt.

That's all four for now...

That's the way it is I'm David Dane...

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Cheapest Thing You Can Do Is Take Care Of Your Health

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Scale... NOT... No New Scale Yet..

However I am excited that my chest has gone from 47-Inches down to 43-Inches.

I wrote that the cheapest thing anyone can do is to take care one's health.

There is an old cliche: All the money in the world won't help if you have bad health.. Now that might not be exact, but you get the idea.

I was talking to a family member today. He/she was asking if I have diabetes. I said no. He/She said how do you know if you haven't been tested? Well, my last physical was last year, and my sugar tests did not show sugars in the urine. I showed slightly high for protein. That is only because I had about four raw eggs, and two scoops of protein for breakfast the morning of my physical.

It's pretty amazing because two of my brothers have had to go on medications for high sugar in the blood. Here I am I am not on any medication for anything. But, boy I sure do take a lot of supplements.

Now, based upon some of the weight I have gained and lost, it's possible I might have become a type two diabetic. I certainly developed insulin resistance. That is a precursor to becoming a type two diabetic. So far no one has ever detected sugar in my urine, and I haven't either. I never did get my thyroid checked by a doctor. If I had I am sure I would be on some kind of medication too.

I think I am this fortunate because unlike my fellow family members, I used to run all the way up until I was about 35 years old. I even ran when I got too pudgy for the Army Reserves.  I was healthy for the most part. My real down fall came getting addicted to Coke. I went a couple years drinking 2 liters of Coke everyday. Then when I switched out of Regular Coke, I began drinking Diet Coke 2 liters. Boy, you talk about a recipe for disaster. Diet Coke created havoc on my brain, and my cartilage in my knees.

You can read my past archives to get the story. Now, I am on a different track. I think this will be more sustainable. Oh, I hate giving up the sweets. Only, that's what must be.
It's not easy going to friends houses either ... Because everyone is stuck in the old paradigm. They are stuck eating lots of starches, drinking Cokes, and eating Cake and Ice Cream.
It's still a temptation to eat the wrong thing.

Now, I take a lot of different supplements. It's not cheap. I am trying desperately to completely give up the sweets. So far I have faltered once in the last month.. I got knocked out of Ketosis on Thursday night, and still haven't gotten back into it yet. I am working at it.

If you look up men my age on the internet at least 50 percent of the men near my age are on some kind of medication. I am not. I haven't had major surgeries in 30-years, and that because of injuries in the military. The cheapest thing I can do for my health is finally get my weight back under control. This has a lot to do with the kind of food I eat. Fructose Sugar has to become a no-no. Large amounts of Carbohydrates need to become no-nos. And, on the list of things to avoid grows. I still eat fat. I eat lots of fat. Yep, that's against everything we were taught about fats. I eat meat. Today I had Turkey in broth. I eat vegetables that are mostly green. I will modify that menu later. I am concentrating on getting my body fat down. That might not mean getting back down to 170. As long as I don't have a bunch of fat hanging off my belly, then I will be good.

So far, so good.

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

IS THE KETOGENIC DIET DANGERS: All things you need to know before trying it

Hello weight losing fans...

Nope no weight scale yet.. And the weight I gave yesterday was a borrowed scale.

I tape measured today and lost another inch off my chest. So the fat is coming off slowly but surely.

Last night I had much better sleep. It took me until midnight. When I fell asleep, I slept straight through for 7 hours. Boy it has been hard.

As always, I screen your comments. If I do not like them, then I delete them.

That's the way it is i am David Dane

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

I still don't have a scale... But, I did weight in at just over 208-pounds. So that's down 3-Pounds or so.

I was walking past a large mirror today and noticed my stomach doesn't have a big round bulge anymore. It's actually beginning to flatten out. I take pictures of myself without my shirt everyday, and can see a difference there too with the overlap of fat actually beginning to taper up towards the naval area.

A couple weeks ago I wrote that I had to add two notch holes to my belt. Now, I am hitching at the very last notch. So, It will be soon that I add more holes to the belt.

There is something else I noticed that's really different this year compared to last year. I am perspiring again. Yep, this is a very good sign. Last year when it got warm I was miserable. I couldn't take the heat, and I didn't perspire. (No amount of water seemed to help.) This year it got very warm in my apartment 91-degrees-Fahrenheit. I actually felt comfortable because I was perspiring. In that case I just turn on the fan, and I feel comfortable. Last year I struggled to get cool...  I do believe this means the hormones that regulate my body temperature are kicking in. Remember not long ago I wrote that my metabolism got jacked all around in a bad way on a different diet? I actually had very low thyroid, and my body temperature was low. Well, low body temperature means no perspiration, and no cooling off. So I would get warm and stay warm with no perspiration. I was driving a truck last year that had no AC in it. It was hot, I mean really hot. What made it worse is I wasn't perspiring. If I had, even though the truck was warm, It would have been more bearable with perspiration...

It's taking me a month to get used to the idea that I will have to live without carbohydrates for a while, that is until I can reach that targeted weight. I still struggle with waking up twice at night, but by all reports, someday I will actually adapt and sleep more soundly. Let's see what happens there.

I added this an hour later: When I went on the restricted calories diet of 1,500 calories, I lost weight. I lost 60 pounds in about eight months. There was one problem. I was hungry all the time. I would frequently complain that I was hungry, and at night it felt like cats clawing inside my stomach. On this diet I am not hungry like I used to be. Yeah, I get hungry some. Not like I did. I am doing intermittent fasting now. This means I skip breakfast and eat afternoon. I have a fast when I finish eating at night, and then wait until the next day noon or later to eat. This gives me about a 14-16-hour window that I am fasted. I am not overly hungry, and not tempted to eat like I did that last time.

I will keep you updated...

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That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT the wright way on the ketogenic diet


What Your Mom Eats Effects Your Teeth

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at ........?

I haven't purchased a scale yet...

Anyway, I am still at it, and am just touching base. I am still at it. I have included another video about you teeth. That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hello weight losing fans... Today is another no weight day. I have an article attached.

That's the way it is. I'm David Dane.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

I am still doing the Ketogenic Diet...

I am still hanging in there. It's not easy to do. I don't recommend this to the faint-of-heart. I mean that. It's very hard to get enough fat without going to absolute extremes. I mean things like using bullet proof coffee. And, I am currently listening to a video where the man is saying the ketogenic diet is boring. It's boring to eat the same thing all the time. I agree.

Am I going to join the carbohydrate crowd? Well, not yet. I had an orange last night. That was about 30-grams of carbohydrates. I am still in the experimental mode. I am going to the extremes of fat consumption. That's hard to do. I don't like pure fat. To be honest I don't want to look at another stick of butter.

Here is the problem: I am Insulin resistant. I am not Insulin Sensitive. I have to be extreme. Yes, I lost weight on 1,500 calories a day. Now, it doesn't work.
I was wrong about something, I used to write I could eat 3-Snickers Bars a day and lose weight. I never tried it. And, I might be right. Only the cravings I would have after wards would be unbearable. I mean it, when I was a sugar-holic. I was craving sugar all the time. I wanted sugar and sweets. It became hard to not stick my hand in a bowl of candy at some one's counter.

The other problem with sugar is it contributes to the aging process. That's right sugar ages us. As hard as this lifestyle is, I don't want to accelerate my aging process. And, I must admit, it's damned uncomfortable carrying around 4-bowling balls on my stomach. I hate the bulge of my tummy.

My dream is to trim up, get down, and look better. My dream is not to be possessed with food. Yes, when I lost 60-Pounds, that's all I could think of was food.  I wrote about it. Well, on this diet, I don't want to look at food. I dread eating. I mean it. Even though I get someone hungry, I don't want to eat.
Now every once and a while I crave something sweet. So last night I ate an orange. That was it.
I try to bulk up on green vegetable such as Spinach and green beans mixed with butter. But, I don't sit there looking forward to eating them. I eat them because I have to. It keeps everything getting up and moving out. I don't know how many macro-nutrients I get from them. I just eat them.

As I have written before, just don't expect to see the high speed fat loss. It's not going to happen. It will come about some day, but not like expected on a calorie restricted diet.

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That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Body transformation results with ketogenic diet

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

I still haven't replaced my scale..

I have been studying more about the Ketogenic lifestyle...

I have learned most people fail at the Ketogenic diet. Mostly because most people don't want to restrict carbohydrates.

I have been tempted to quit. Then what is the alternative.?

That's the way it is....I am David Dane.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...
Today I didn't weigh myself...

I have written this before. It doesn't matter on this Diet Change because on the Ketogenic Diet the initial weight loss is mostly water. After that the weight lose is slow because the body retains it's muscle mass, and loses fat. It also takes a couple months to really adapt to this Ketogenic Diet and begin to see results. So, there really is no reason to weigh myself.

I had someone send to me a very nasty comment. I am glad I screen the comments because this person called me some nasty names. It's all because I was trying to encourage the person. Well, I won't do that again... I hope someone walks up to this person and punches Him or Her in the mouth for me...  I am just absolutely tired of putting up with these type of people.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto a scale and weighed myself. I lost one pound. Ah but, I lost an inch on my thigh, 2-inches on my chest and almost 4-inches on my waist.

That's the way it is....I'm David Dane.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Keto Diet Part 2 Cons: You're Gonna Feel Like Shit

My Frustration with Ketogenic Diet Lies, Misinformation, Bogus Claims, B...

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Scale at ________? Yep, I did not replace it yet.

I have been looking at different sources regarding the Ketogenic Diet. I am finding out that even though I turn the Ketosis Sticks dark purple, I am not technically Keto adapted.  I may have to undergo another 2-Months before I have adapted.

I still have all the symptoms of someone who isn't keto adapted. I get tired in the later part of the day. I still crave sweets. Yeah, I don't want to eat, but I still long to eat a Cinnamon Bun... Go figure.
I have trouble staying asleep all night. That's a problem with many people who do the Ketogenic lifestyle.

I am not posting my weight because it doesn't really matter. The weight actually comes off very slow. It's the inches on my waist, my chest, and my back side that matters. As long as the body shape is changing, and inches are peeling away, that's what counts.

Well, you might ask, doesn't how much someone weighs matter; well, yes and no? Yes weight matters, but inches matter more because the muscle has a tendency to stay on board the body a whole lot better than a reduced calorie diet.

I have a whole bunch of videos that I posted in the past weeks. Once you are there looking at those video on You Tube, then it's easy to navigate from there. I can't possibly post them all.

As I have written before, I am definitely losing inches. My jeans are loser, I am tightening my belt past my usual cinch points. So there is progress. It may be slow, but it's there...

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That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ignore what the experts have been telling you. Saturated fat is good for...

A Life Saving Diet - The Ketogenic Diet

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto Air...

I was looking at my belts this morning. There is one that is all belt up and I do not wear anymore. I am going to cut it shorter, and get it ready to be my "Thin" belt. This belt has several holes out near the tip that were well worn. I measured the belt from the worn holes to the buckle latch which measured 46-inchs. This is what I was back in 2006 when I started this blog and began my quest to lose weight.  On that same belt I had the last holes that I used which were around 38-inches. The belt I use now has well worn holes also. Those too measure 46-inches. Plus my tape measure around my belly confirmed that. Well, this morning my new latch point on my second belt is at 42-inches. This all without having lost a single pound. Now, go figure that one out.

A friend just called me and she told me about a friend who lost 60-Pounds of fat just by drinking 1/4 cup of pure olive oil in the morning.

Hey if it works go for it...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Get Ready To Get Your Butt Kicked.......

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale Weighing ________ ?

Does it matter? I mean as long as I am losing inches, does it matter? This morning I put on the tape measure, and went past 43-inches around the belly button, and I am on my way to 42-inches.

Just think... what will I look like in say six months? I took photos along the way here. I compared the pictures, and I can see a slight reduction in the bulge of my tummy from the sides: It's a little flatter.

I won't reveal them so quickly. I will give you one I took the other day in my fat shirt...

I titled this: Get Ready To Get Your Butt Kicked...

I mean that mentally and some physically. Years ago, can you believe I started in 2006 and it took me until 2008 to get down to 174-Pounds. It sure didn't last long. I almost got back up to 240-pounds... Ooh.... In fact I was looking at my January Logs... 221-pounds.. OUCH...

When I lost all that weight I was on a calorie restricted diet. I was eating 500-calories a meal, I ate a lot of prepared TV dinners. (Oh Sodium, Sodium, so my friend cried as she tossed her once beautiful butt that turned to a big blob around. Really what's worse, a fat butt, or some Sodium and a trimmed up body? ) I lost the weight. Then regained it... It's because hunger was getting to me.

I wrote then that my body was screaming because I cut back so far on everything. I messed up my metabolism doing that. When I cut back I denied my brain Glucose. Unknown to me at the time, my problem was the Insulin Intolerance. Well, when ever I do something like that my body says: "Oh, I see you're trying to change the status quo here. You've been fat so long and now you want to change? Well, get ready because I am going to kick your butt. It did too.. I wrote about that. My body screamed for food, and the cravings for sugar, and the obsession over food was just hard to deal with. I wrote about it too...

This time it's no different. My brain went back to feeding itself on Glucose. I had my body fat reserves, and my body said, "there everything is back to where it was. Don't be screwing with the system." Switching to the Ketogenic Lifestyle wasn't anything different. My body got ticked-off and said, "Oh, I am going to kick your butt again." I got sick, I caught some kind of bug. My head began pounding, my mouth got super dry, I couldn't sleep all night. I had heat flashes. It's enough to make anyone quit. I could just as easily said, "This is not worth it."  Add to that, I haven't really lost weight. Ah, butt I have lost inches. which is really what counts. I like keeping what ever lean muscle is left.

I am still adjusting. Studying the ketogenic diet questions and answers, I learned persistence pays off eventually. Let's face it.. I am one of those people who doesn't easily adjust. Oh well... If I looked at the scale, I would quit for sure. It's all in the tape measure.

I feel much better than I did starting out. I am still adjusting. It's hard getting over eating sweets, even if it's just apples, bananas, and oranges....

Here is what's different... I get hungry some. It's not the cat scratching gnawing hunger. In the morning I don't want to eat.. I think oh, do I have to eat? Argh... I don't have the cravings I once had. This will make it much easier to maintain... I just wish, I wish I knew this years ago... Ya, live and ya learn. I never gave up searching for a solution...

I have a bunch of videos I have posted. Go look around for more.

Remember: If you post any comments, I screen them before they can appear. If I don't like what was written, they go bye-bye into cyberspace.... One more thing.. If it's anonymous posts, that goes bye-bye to.. I don't care how complimentary it is... I don't care what you say if you are NOBODY.. ! Got it?

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane

Monday, May 9, 2016

KETOGENIC DIET: Most asked questions

I Am Definitely Losing Inches.

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto air again...

Yesterday I was able to get to a scale and weigh in 213.8-pounds. I didn't lose any weight. That said, I have definitely lost three inches from my waist around the belly button area. I am now hiking my pants up higher. I had to put two more holes in my leather belt because I ran out of holes. When I put my good clothes on, my dress pants were loser, and the dress belt was hitched all the way to the last hole. So, I think this is working.

I am excited about this.. I am not losing muscle tissue, I am losing fat. That's a real good thing.
I am looking thinner. My pants are beginning to fall off.

So you may ask: Well, what about the weight? Hey, I don't know. Like I wrote earlier, this is a very slow grind losing the actual weight.

I have to give you a warning about this life style if you try it... It dehydrates the living daylights out of you. Yeah, I had a splitting headache this morning when I woke up. I partially cured it by taking a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt, and a big glass of water. That is what's recommended anyway. Reading about this, I discovered that it's recommended to consume 2-teaspoons of pink sea salt a day, and a 10-ounce glass of water every hour. So tonight I am going to take sea salt before going to sleep.

Years ago I used to get migraine headaches because my job driving a bus at all hours of the day was very strenuous. The sleep hours were horrible, and the hour I put in during the week weren't even legal. I cured those headaches by taking 400-milligrams of Magnesium a day. It worked for a lot of things, to include many of my back aches.

This morning when I woke up, I didn't even want to look at food. That is how suppressed my appetite has become. That's a good thing. I am no longer obsessing over food...

If you are following me... I sure hope this helps.

Just remember: If you leave any comments, I screen them first. If I don't like them, they go bye-bye out into cyberspace.

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane

Sunday, May 8, 2016

No Cat Scratching The Stomach Hunger

Hello Weight Losing Fans.....

Today I stepped up to air. I haven't replaced that scale scale yet.

I just finished my fast this morning. It was longer than 36-hours. I felt terrific. Years ago I wrote about my weight loss and I complained about nagging hunger. I said it was like cats were clawing the walls of my stomach. Yeah, I lost a lot of weight. I suffered doing it. I like everyone else couldn't keep it up. I eventually went backwards. With the ketogenic lifestyle change, I am using fat to give me satiety. I went into my fast feeling good. I did not struggle. This morning when I broke it, I didn't want to eat. In fact my stomach kind of rebelled. I had to take HCL betain to get it to settle down. Now I am sitting here watching in the food court as one person after another pounds down giant muffins, and coffee. I have no desire to participate. It is better than the last time I went to lose weight.
And my fast, well I could easily have gone one more day.

That's the way it is...I'm David Dane.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Art and Science of Nutritional Ketosis Stephen Phinney

What's Wrong with The Ketogenic Diet.

Is Fasting Healthy?

Intermittent Fast Day

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

I did not weigh in today... I still haven't replaced my scale.

I have been saying I really don't need to since this life style change is actually a very slow way to grind off the pounds. I am looking at about a pound a week. But, I have gone from a 46 inch waist to almost a 43 inch waist, and I am getting ready to add more holes to my belt...

Today is an intermittent fast day. I will go 36 hours without food. Oh, I will intake some fat here and there.

The intermittent fast is to increase insulin sensitivity. That makes it so I can start burning fat. I have been in some form of Ketosis for almost two weeks. This means my body is ready to go after that belly fat.  Let's see what happens.

And guess what, I am not struggling with hunger, or the jitters, or the light head that one get's while going without food.

Go below and see the posted videos about intermittent fasting... Don't do it unless you are sure your body is in Ketosis and that it has been in Ketosis for a while.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Thursday, May 5, 2016

No Big Progress So Far....!

Hello Weight Losing Fans... I still haven't replaced my scale. Awww... No weight today? It doesn't matter anyway because on the Ketogenic lifestyle weight doesn't come off that fast. (I am talking about losing three to four pounds a month.).It's also very hard to get into Ketosis and stay there. I never knew it would be so hard to eat enough fat to make this whole thing work. I am already tired of butter, and I have only been doing this thing 10 days diligently. When I say eat enough fat, I am talking about eating 80 percent of my calories as fat. Now I am supposed to eat 50-grams to 100-grams of protein to maintain my muscle tissue. So multiply 2000 calorie diet (standard calorie count) x .8 equals 1,600-calories which is 176-grams of fat.... That's absurd. I can barely eat one stick of butter a day. That's only 176 grams of fat or 16 table spoons of butter.

And, I have had all kinds of issues adjusting. I went through all the symptoms of sugar cravings, and still do some times. This means I am not fully fat adapted yet. This translates into my body is still converting glucose in my system. So this slows everything down.

Also, I mentioned this before: On the ketogenic lifestyle the body has a tendency to maintain the lean muscle mass. The fat burns off and leaves the muscle behind. So when I was on my quest to lose weight before (years ago), not only was I losing fat, I was also losing muscle mass. This explains why people were saying my eyes look so sunken into my head.

Now, the progression of weight loss will be much slower, and it's hardly worth getting  another scale and weighing myself. At least not now anyway. I can wait to get another scale.

I have lost two inches around my waist line. ... But, I don't know what that translates into with the weight.

I don't have the same cravings for food that I did years ago. I remember when I was losing the weight all I could think of was eating. I would go to bed at night and wake up hungry. Well, I don't wake up hungry like I did. I wake up in the morning dreading eating anything at all. I am just not that hungry anymore. The only reason I eat is because I have to for my muscle mass, and nutrition.

That's all for now.

That's the way it is.... I'm David Dane

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Just A Short Update

Hello Weight Losing Fans... 

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale: NOT... I haven't replaced it.

I have let the cat out of the bag with all the videos I have posted as to my lifestyle change. I am using a High Fat, Light Protein Diet, with very low carbs. I have had a hard time adapting... And that's because to make everything work, I have to ingest huge amounts of fat. That's harder than I thought. I haven't made much progress. I have lost a couple inches on my waist. I don't know what my weight is. And as far as I am learning that doesn't matter so much considering under this regimen I won't lose muscle mass. I have some good news. My thyroid, and metabolism seems to be on the mend. I wrote not long ago that my body temperature was low all the time. Well, this morning I woke up with a 98.6 degrees body temperature. This is the first time in a very long time. That's all for now... That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213.2-Pounds.

So, I let the cat out of the bag. You know what? Most of you will not do this. You are still stuck on the old way of thinking. So was I .... I mean it. I thought that eating fat was the enemy. The enemy is the high insulin. Insulin is the enemy. Yes, we have to have insulin. However, most of us are in trouble with our insulin. We have so much of it. It pumps in our blood.  We need to drop our insulin levels.

I used to write eat less food. The problem was, what less food was I eating. Was it the food I should be eating? Or, was it just food that ultimately was defeating the purpose. I mean food that spiked up my already higher than normal insulin levels.  And one thing I had absolutely no real knowledge about is using fats for energy. I had done the Dr. Atkins diet years ago and was very successful at it. Then like everyone else I had a reversal, and for the life of me could not figure out what was wrong.

I went on the low calorie diet. I was very successful at it. Then I would write, Eat Less Food, I was successful at 1,500 calorie diet. I lost 60-pounds. I was successful and like everyone else I went into a reversal. It was because of uncontrollable hunger. Also, I struggled with the highs and lows everyone struggles with because the metabolism was going lower, and I was having the struggle with hunger.
Throw in my moms death, and my depression became a time period of neglect for diet.

Well, I am back on the wagon. Let's see what happens. Watch the videos I have included.

Yesterday my scale broke.... Don't ask I am not revealing what happened. It's so dumb.

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane
Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Here is a bit of trivia for you.

Did you know that a pound of body fat is 3,500 calories of stored calories?

Did you know that 10-pounds of fat is 35,000 calories of stored calories?

Did you know that for every 10-pounds of fat you are over weight it's 35,000 calories sitting on you?

So if you are 30-pounds overweight, you are at 105,000 stored calories of body fat.

If, just if you were to live by the 2,000 calorie diet, that is 52.5-days of stored body fat, if you were to quit eating.

Now, I don't recommend doing that. But, that's just trivia.

FOLKS..... FOLKS listen to me, 10-pounds over is too much. That's enough to screw you up.

You ladies that gained weight over the years and you have that pleasing curve to you... I am sorry, "the I just need to lose 10-pounds is killing you. "  

I am not going to go into it here... But, please look at the videos.. once you get to you tube you can explore from there....

I have my target weight... I am going back to the weight I was when I left the army in Korea. That's the way I should be. And unless I become a weight lifter. I will make every effort to stay at that weight.

Keep an I on my progress... I am back in the saddle, back on the wagon, got my game shirt on, and my head down...

Here we go...!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fasting and the Fifty Percent Insulin Problem

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 214.8-Pounds.

Oh argh... !

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

Blockage In The Colon......

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213.4-Pounds.

Let me tell you what really happened. When I rolled out of bed this morning I really weighed in at 216.4-Pounds. (You read that right.)

Well, I got up and made my coffee and wasn't feeling right. I didn't feel like eating anything. I did drink a mug of coffee with two table spoons of MCT oil.  I was sitting reading something, and just didn't feel very good. I couldn't figure out why.

I laid down and fell asleep for an hour and a half. Then I got this sudden urge to get up and use the bathroom. That's when everything inside of me broke loose. I had a bad bought of diarrhea. And what made it worse is it burned coming out. That's the cayenne pepper from the last couple days.

When I got done, I took a bath and cleaned up.

I am still trying to figure out what happened. I think what happened is when started taking the Cayenne pepper a few days ago and was taking it twice a day it began doing a cleanse job on my colon walls. It was so effective I actually got plugged up because of it. Which explains the 216.4--pounds.

When I was done with that mess, I felt much better and was back down a few pounds.

That's what I think may have happened...

That's the way it is. I'm David Dane

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 215-Pounds.

OUCH ..... This ain't happening.. is it?  How did that happen?
I did lose an inch off my waist line.

And my body temperature was 97.8-degrees F... which is improving...

That's the way it is.. I'm David Dane

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 214-Pounds.

Oh arg...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not Much To Say: Sorry..

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213.8-pounds.

Well, I had hoped I would be lower than that at perhaps 212-Pounds.

In case you're wondering. Am I starving to death like I did a few years ago. Answer: No.

I am doing something different. I progressing slower than anticipated. But, I am progressing.

This morning I woke up and had my Cayenne Pepper, lemon juice, and distilled water. I had a cup of cottage cheese, and two tablespoons of MCT oil.

My body temperature was 97.9-degrees.  So that seems to be improving everyday...

Let's just keep an eye on things. I am sorry I don't have more to share for now...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Not Your Fault

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213-pounds.

Today I titled my post: "It's Not Your Fault."

I mean that. I used to thing that weight gain may be related to a diet of consuming too many calories.
I used to write eat less food. That was because I lost weight "eating less food."
I stood by that thinking that was the solution for losing weight. Since then I am changing my mind.
Yeah, the amount of food we consume has an effect on our weight. The kind of food we eat has an effect on weight too. For example, if you drink a lot of sugary sodas, sooner or later you will gain weight. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, sooner or later you will gain weight.

But, but, but, what if you are like me? You cut back on the sugar. You quit the soda pop. You drink water or milk only? Yet, yet, yet, you can't lose a pound, or your weight fluctuates.

I say, It's probably not your fault, and I mean that.

I tried to lose all that weight like I did before. I went back down to the skimpy meals, I quit soda pops, and sweet drinks. I watched my calories. Yet there it stayed, the fat just stayed.

I listen to a man on the internet called Ted Broer. He is a health nutritionist who has his own show.
He also owns a company called: Health Masters.

As I listened to him he would talk about all the chemicals in plastic bottles, and plastic lining in tin cans.  He said that those plastic release chemicals that mimic estrogen.  He calls them Fido Estrogen, and another man calls them Zeno Estrogen. What ever kind of estrogen it is, it's not good for men or women to consume it. I am not going to get real technical here.

Those estrogens inhibit the body from releasing it's body fat stores. Not only that, they contribute to the likelihood of contracting cancer. For men it actually starts to produce feminine traits, to include impotence, breasts, prostate problems, and mood swings. For women the estrogen mimickers inhibit fat lose, cause breast cancer, and flood the body with and imbalance of hormones that effect thoughts and moods, and mask the natural estrogen, and tiny little bit of testosterone women use.

 That said: It's probably not your fault you can't lose weight.

There is a woman who I follow on her blog. Man, this girl exercises, and she eats right, yet she can't seem to strip off the pounds. Little does she know, she is doing everything right.  She is absolutely amazing. But, she can not lose fat to save her life. In fact she gained weight, and says she has not been disciplined enough. I look at her meals and I see what she eats. I see the amount of exercise she does, and I am amazed.  She doesn't know it's not her... It's something inside of her.  She has stored in her liver, and in the very fat she is trying to lose these Mimicking Estrogens. They are playing havoc on her.

I don't know it she has ever done a body cleanse. But, she must detoxify that liver, and continue on a regimen that will detoxify the body.  Here is what's happening as she burns fat, the estrogen stored away is released and foils her weight loss.  The body sees the estrogen and turns around to make more fat. It's a vicious defeating circle. And it's very frustrating.

It's not her fault, and it's not your fault. I am waking you up here to your problem. Now here is what I am doing, and I will see if I get the results I want. I am drinking when I wake up 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, one tablespoon lemon juice, and distilled water. I eat after 1/2 hour to let the juices begin to rev up. At night, I drink the same mixture before going to sleep.  (And, I brush my teeth immediately because real strong lemon juice eats away tooth enamel.)

That's what I do for now... Let's see the results.

My recommendation to all you folks struggling to lose weight is go on a cleansing program that's not too difficult. I even recommend you look them up on the internet. You are probably full of toxins, and you don't know it.  I even recommend using coffee enemas which will really help clean things out. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I might.

So far today I had my Cayenne Pepper Lemon drink, two mugs of coffee with stevia, two tablespoons of coconut oil, along with two tablespoons of MCT oil. I ate three scrambled eggs with cheese melted on top.

That's the way it is .... I'm David Dane

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Get On Supplements

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 214.2-Pounds.

That's a tiny bit higher than yesterday.

I am laughing ... I mentioned a few days ago I am not going to tell what I am doing. As a result my views went from a paltry 90 views a day, which was steadily increasing, all the way down to 13 views or less a day.... What's up with you readers out there?
Everything I do is no secret. ...

I am not going to regurgitate everything I have said.

Now if you are like me, and you lost a great amount of weight then most likely you are at a loss for what happened. I kid you not, I went back to the very careful diet I used to get all those pounds off before.  This time, I actually started gaining weight. Yeah, that's true...
I couldn't get those pounds off even at a consistent 1,500 calories or less.

What changed? My body adapted. Not only did I get careless when my mom died six years ago, but when I tried to get back on track. It was just to darned late.

I drive a truck for a living. For meals, I would carry apples, oranges, and bananas. I would eat one meal a day out in the truck. It didn't matter.. On came the pounds. I didn't post this, but a few months ago I was up at 225-lbs.

Something else happened, I went into what is called hypothyroidism. Everyday I wake up and take my body temperature. The thermometer would read 95-96 degrees. That's just way too low.
I tried everything that I could think of to boost it. Short of going to the doctor for medications.
And just to let you know, I am a 57 year old man who does not use any medications.  I don't use anti-depressants, thyroid medicines, diabetes medicines, blood pressure medicine, or anything else.
I am very rare indeed. And, I am as potent as a 19 year old.. (figure that out.)

I do however use a lot of different supplements. And, if you or anyone else is on a calorie restricted diet, or any of the other odd ball weight loss programs, along with Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers, you really should be on supplements.

Now the average doctor really doesn't know that much about supplements. In fact I recommended to my neighbor who is 80 she should start taking supplements: I.E. sublingual vitamin B12 (metholcobolimum), a tablespoon of coconut oil each day, metholated folic acid, and a real good B complex, a teaspoon of black molasses each day. A drop of Lucos Iodine or potassium Iodine each day.  ... and if nothing else, Magnesium Glycinate.
She said let me ask my doctor.  Well, she asked her doctor and he said she doesn't need them...

Well, here is her results, (ten years ago her mind was sharp as a tac. Now, she can't remember what she did yesterday or five minutes ago.)  She's losing her memory, and she's losing her drive.
This normally very healthy fit woman is losing it only because the food she eats isn't enough.

If you will look at supplements as the additional food you need, instead of just taking pills as the doctor calls it, then you will be more ready to accept and use them.

My first meal of the day was  1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 tablespoon lemon juice in one cup water. ( be sure to brush your teeth afterwards with baking soda, or the lemon juice will eat away your enamel.) 2 mugs of coffee with one scoop of coconut oil. Later I ate two cold chicken thighs, and a cup of cottage cheese. I made another cup of lemon juice and cayenne pepper in distilled water. I chug that down. In the evening I had one cup of Cottage Cheese, a mug of coffee, with MCT oil in it.

My body temperature went up to 98 degrees.

As always: I screen your comments. Therefore you won't see them immediately when you post. If I don't like what you say, I delete it...  You don't get to crap on me or the people who look at this blog.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane...!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto new magical mystical digital scale weighing in at 214-pounds.

Wow, my readers stats were climbing when I started reposting.  Now that I announced I am holding out on my advice, boom I am down to 5 readers.  What is up with that?

I guess people hang on my every thought. Yesterday I went looking at a bunch of other weight loss blogs. It seems we all do the same thing. We loose a lot of weight then we regain it. Then when we try to loose it, it is twice as hard. Well, I predicted that years ago.
It happened to me.  It's not entirely your fault. Our environment has a lot to do with it. I mean the chemicals and crap in our food and water.

I was watching a you tube video where the doctor was talking about zeno estrogens. These are estrogens that come from plastics like water bottles. These enzymes get in the liver and get into the fat and make it almost impossible to lose weight for both men and women. Since estrogen is responsible for helping make fat this makes sense.

Now he talked about a simple cleanse using Lemon Juice in pure water, and cayenne pepper. I use 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in pure water with one tablespoon of lemon juice. I put it all together and drink it down.  What this does it is flushes my liver out. I do it in the morning when I wake up, and I do it in the morning. Hopefully this will put me back on track. I really have tried losing at just 1,500 calories, but it wasn't working anymore.

If you'll hang with me, I think I have a solution.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Tell You Now?

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 214.8-Pounds.

Okay I looked at my Stats for Viewers. Yesterday my stats fell like a lead weight. What, are you disappointed I am not sharing anything? Don't be..
Why should I spill the beans about my game plan if I am not sure it's even going to work?
Really, would it do you any good?

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Saturday, April 16, 2016

I'm Still Not Telling What I Am Doing Differently..... MUTE... !

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 215.8-Pounds.

Now, all I have been posting lately on this blog has been my weight. There is a reason for this. I have decided to alter my diet some. I have run up against a wall losing weight, even using only 1,500 calories a day. Along with that 1,500 calorie diet went the issue of constant nagging hunger, especially at night while attempting to sleep. Add to that Low Thyroid which has consistently given me a body temperature that is way too low to burn fat. Yes we need that 98.6 body temperature. My body temperature has consistently come in at around 95-96 degrees. That is definitely a sign of low thyroid. I refuse to see any doctor about it because I don't want medication.

Now, what am I doing different? For now, I am not saying. I want to see if this change works. So far, I haven't seen any progress. The only thing different that I have seen is my body temperature in the morning now is up around 97 degrees and sometimes a little higher.  As for weight loss, well, you see the numbers.

So this is where is all sits for now.... I am not revealing the magic formula for now. I am just not so sure it will work for me... I will keep you posted...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the new magical mystical digital scale weighing in at  217-pounds.

And that's the way it is.....I'm David Dane...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the magical mystical digital scale weighing in at 215.6-pounds.

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Yesterday I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 217-Pounds.

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 215-Pounds.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 216.2-Pounds..

My new target weight is set... Let's see if I can get there... !

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans:

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 217-pounds....

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans:

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 218-Pounds.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 215.6-Pounds.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Friends:

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 218.4-Pounds/

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans:

Today I stepped up onto the Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 218.8-pounds.

I am trying something different ... I am not going to tell you any more about it for now. I will let you know how it goes when I see my progress...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 217.2-Pounds.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at  220.8-Pounds.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 220.6-Pounds.

I have been holding up around 220-Pounds or so for a while.

That's all for now...

I'm David Dane

Hello Weight Losing Fans... Today I stepped on the digital scale weighing 183-pounds. Take a look at thus photo of me at my nephew's...