Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Exercise? OK.... But, You Better Cut Calories Too

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 208.4-pounds.

I have started do a few exercises in the morning when I wake up. I do some squats, sit ups, bent-over stretches, and push ups.

I have just started doing a little jogging around the block since the weather has been so nice.
I jog every other day.

Now, I don't expect that this exercise will do anything for my weight. I still have to work on the consumption of food.

Yesterday, when I woke up in the morning, I weighed in at just over 205-pounds.
And then in the afternoon I went with a friend to lunch. I had a steak sandwich and French Fries, along with some small rolls, and soup. That was all I ate for the rest of yesterday.
Then this morning I woke up weighing in three pounds more.
I even went out and jogged last night before the sun set.

Did I lose any weight? NO I didn't.

Over, and over I keep telling people that exercise is only for conditioning the body, and toning those flabby muscles. If the diet isn't taken care of and those calories reduced along with reducing down excessive carbohydrates; you can exercise until those cows come home, and you'll still be a fatty.

The Fine Print Said: Diet And Exercise To Get These Results.
I can't tell you how many times I have seen those commercials that say if you'll get this piece of equipment, or this piece of equipment you'll get this great looking body.

But if you'll pay attention to the fine print, you'll see that it's says: "These results are not typical. These results are with diet and exercise." (That of course if a paraphrase.)

Yesterday I was talking to a friend that wanted to buy the "90 day work out program." It's that program where the guy says you can shock your body with all these different muscle groups being worked each day and after 90 days you'll look like this....

Well, read the fine print folks. It's not guaranteed you'll look like that after 90 days.
The fine print says diet must be controlled to see results.

Now, do I think there is any harm working out? NO I don't. But, I told my friend that if he purchased that program and did it like it says, then four days from now he would be so sore he wouldn't be able to crawl out of bed.

People don't stop to think. They are out of shape, they have flab on their bodies, then they want to jump whole hog into an exercise routine, and then see results in 90 days.

I am so sorry, but if you're 40 pounds over weight, then don't expect to lose forty pounds in 90 days.

It just won't happen.... If it did happen then I know you'll regain that 40-pounds. LOOK AT ME, I regained almost 30-pounds of the 60-pounds I lost.

I am very disciplined in my approach, and I am having a hard time.

What makes people think they can just drop off the pounds when they never ever did anything in the past to discipline themselves over their weight?

Nope, it's not that easy to lose weight, and keep it off... I know, I am here after having been so successful. Now I have a little belly there. It shows.

It's tough..... Don't fool yourself.

Bye for now....

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello weight losing fans....

I made a change with my last posting..... You can go back to see it.

Today I stepped up onto the Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 210.8-pounds.

Now that 210 is not a typo.....

I have been working literally 12 to 18 hours a day at my job..... I have been eating food out on the road... My life has been get up, go to work, come home, and immediately jump into bed these last two weeks..... I h ave no life.....

It's not an exciting life being a charter bus driver like I am.... Don't fool yourself into thinking I get to see the world. I drive in heavy traffic, and when my customers aren't on the bus, I try to sleep....

I have been working hard at trying to get down this weight... I kid you not. But, you try to excercise when your dead stinking exhausted.... It's very hard.

And since I have to keep myself smelling good, and looking good out on the road, I can't just go out and walk, or run.

So there you have it... I am gaining weight. Don't cry for me. That's just the way it is.

I'm David Dane.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 280.6-pounds.

Hello, this is an emergency change on that post above... I wrote that 280 in a hurry, and didn't double check it....
So that was supposed to be 208.6-pounds.... OOPS... My bad...

Yep, that's right...

bye for now...

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 207-pounds.


Bye for now...

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Hello Weight Losing Fans... Today I stepped on the digital scale weighing 183-pounds. Take a look at thus photo of me at my nephew's...