Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Am Still Losing Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 178.6-pounds. That's up 3-pounds from yesterday.

I didn't post yesterday. Yesterday morning I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 175.6-pounds.

There are two reasons I am up so much today. Yesterday I had a buffet style meal at Ravinia, Illinois. It was later in the evening, at around 7 PM. This little meal didn't make it's way out.

The other reason is; I am sure I am holding more fluids than usual. I had a lot of diet sodas yesterday. This product has sodium in it. I had a nasty head ache yesterday because of a summer cold, and a shoulder problem. As a result, I have been taking large doses of Alleve. Alleve has a lot of sodium in it. I think this helped me hold fluids.

I believe that the targets I have hit these last days are still there. My body isn't cooperating here.

I know that I certainly heading down with my weight. I don't feel much like writing today. I am having a hard time breathing right now (It's a summer cold.) and am getting ready to leave the library soon.

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Bye for now....

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remember: It's "Diet And Exercise" That Get The Results

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 176.4-pounds. That's down.

I haven't been able to post these last two days. I have been working, and yesterday I went to Wisconsin and fished. I didn't stop anywhere to do posts.

Well, what do we talk about today? This morning I was driving to work. It was around 10:30 AM. I saw a man jogging without his shirt on. He was on my side of the street and I could see he was around 30 years old. He was breaking a real sweat. Only, I thought, "So what if you break the sweat, you aren't going to lose all of that Jello." Now, this may seem like a cruel thought. However, he was one of the many people that I have seen jogging to lose weight.

This guy had long strips of flab that were jiggling on his back. His face was red like a beat. I couldn't help but think, "Gee, how long has he been doing this?"

I make these funny mental notes to myself as I see things like this. I didn't talk to him. I don't know his history, but I made a judgment about his situation. Based on my experience I was assuming he, like so many others, was running to lose weight.

I don't see anything wrong with running, if you are healthy enough to do it. I do question using running, or any exercise as a form of weight control. Most people don't keep up with their running routines when the weather gets poor.

How many times have we seen commercials on the TV that had a piece of exercise equipment as the point of sale? I remember when the AB FLEX was being advertised back in the 90's. Everybody purchased one hoping this would be that piece of equipment that would give them that tight tummy. I purchased a perfectly useless piece of equipment myself.

When the commercials came on the air, we have seen these hot looking athletes that have supposedly gotten this great body from this piece of equipment. What most people miss is that disclaimer that is written somewhere on the bottom of the commercial. Here is a paraphrase: These results are not guaranteed for everyone. These results can only be achieved with diet, and exercise.

What we mostly miss is that one word: DIET. Yep, we all seem to think if we just exercise hard enough we will get the real tight bodies. Nope, it doesn't work like that.

Get a few issues of muscle magazine and study the body builders. I mean the real ones who don't juice up with steroids. If you will notice, they usually cut way back on the food before they go into a competition. They will increase the protein (IE: Meat) intake, and cut way back on the carbohydrates. The real dedicated body builders won't even touch sugar.
There objective is to burn all that fat from around the muscle so they look cut. It's the only way they can look cut.

Now, many people seem to think they can jump onto that treadmill everyday, or go run a couple of miles out of doors, and they'll look buff.

I can't tell you how many fat girls I have seen around my neighborhood that are out jogging. They too hope that if they exercise hard enough they'll shake off that fat. Nope, it won't happen.

Now, I am not knocking exercise. What I am knocking is the mindset that says, "I can keep eating all that I eat and I'll exercise off the difference."

I do question the mind that thinks he or she can take a severe case of obesity and knock it down to nothing just by running and running, or bicycling from dawn until dusk.

Do people even think about the undo stress they are putting onto their joints doing this? They feel terrible doing it, they work themselves up into a sweat. They will do this routine for a little while and then quit.

This is what usually happens. When these fatties begin the exercise, they begin to increase the energy use. Now, the body says, "Oh, oh, we have increased demand here." As a result the hunger is kicked on. Then the person starts to increase the calories, food consumption, as a result of that hunger. Then suddenly this person finds himself, or herself in a vicious circle. They increase the exercise, then the appetite increases. Then they eat more food.

In the end, he or she ends up quitting the routine with no real gain of life long physical fitness, and surely no permanent weight loss.

Yes, when engaging in that exercise routine, you surely must "Eat less food." Oh, did I have to write that?

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Saturday, July 26, 2008

You'll Have To Find Real Strong MotivationTo Lose Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 178.4-pounds. This is the same weight as yesterday.

I am happy with this.

Yesterday when I got home after posting on the Internet, I stepped onto the scale at 177-pounds. I was surprised with this. I had not eaten anything, and I was very hungry. Before I went to the County Fair, I decided to eat something. I could have cheated and held out until the morning. I was so hungry though, I just couldn't do it.
I probably would have set a new record.

Someone Else Told Me He Loves To Eat
Yesterday I was walking around the fair talking to different people at the display booths. This one man who was a Bee Keeper was telling me about bees. Somehow we got onto the topic of how honey helps slow the effects of hunger. He told me that a tablespoon of honey before bed time helps increase the metabolism. Honey might increase metabolism, but if you've just stuffed yourself like a hog, then what difference does it really make?

I told him that I have used honey to help quell my hunger at night because I have been losing weight. He admitted that he needs to lose weight, and asked me how I did it. I told him that I cut back the portions sizes, and became a calorie counter.
He then admitted he loves to eat, and that it would be hard for him to give up his food.

Well, DA! Of course it's hard to give up the food. That's why 50% or more of Americans are way over weight.

I think we get into this mindset that we will be the only ones learning to sacrifice if we decide to "Eat Less Food." I think we think that no one else has to suffer with their obesity.

I also think that we have lost sight of the actual benefits of losing weight. For me, I am much more mobile than I was. I don't huff and puff running up and down the stares anymore. I move better.

I have many more benefits that I am not going to write here, because I have listed some in the past.

If you can't find a long lasting benefit for you that outweighs the losses you'll feel when you give up the goodies to eat, then you'll never permanently lose weight.

You have to have a real strong motive to lose weight. It has to the kind of motivation that drives you on in time, because there will be plenty of obstacles and temptations there to detour you from that new target weight.

It's tough to lose weight, and keep it off. It's been my soul preoccupation, and neurosis for 1 1/2 years now. I'm not done yet.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Am Keeping That Target In Range

Hello weight losing fans...

I am going to make a real quick post here. I am off to the county fair. I love seeing the farm animals.

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 178.4-pounds. That's back under the 180-target.

That was fast. I took me all of three days to get back down to this point.

Now, I surely would have been worse off than this if I wasn't keeping track of all the food that I eat. I would surely be worse off if I wasn't able to weigh myself everyday like I did while I was in Oklahoma.

This is what it takes to maintain the weight loss targets. I can't go a week without weighing myself.

It's surely a nutty way to live. However, we do balance our check books. We try to keep records of other things in our lives. Why not keep careful records of our food consumption?

Is this any less important? I know that it really is hard to break the habits of over eating that is a custom with many people. I have a tendency still to eat more than would be beneficial.

This morning I went to work. There on the table in the break room were two dozen donuts, and two containers of chocolate chip cookies. I had eaten breakfast already. When I got to work, I was hungry again. I was sorely tempted to dive into those goodies.

I held out until I returned back to the break room four hours later. Then one of the ladies bit a cookie and asked me if I want the other half. I ate it.

That was it though.

So, here I am. I am heading back down again. When I get home I will see what the scale tells me. I won't use it as an official weight, but it will give me some idea how the day is going. And, I am sure it's going well, considering I ate what I was supposed to this morning.

Number counter when I finished posting today: 4370

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Admit It, You Can't Handle Hunger

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale Weighing in at 180.6-pounds. This means I am heading down to 180-pounds again.

Yesterday I attempted to post. For some reason Blogger wasn't working properly, and I kept getting a message that Blogger isn't working.

I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183.6-pounds. I knew that I was in good shape when just before I left for work I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 181.6-pounds.

When I got home from work at 3 AM I was still at that weight. When I woke up to go back to work is when I found myself at the 180.6-pounds.

I am pleased with this. I didn't ever want to see that 180-pounds again. Only when I was out with my family traveling I was eating in restaurants. I pretty much ate what was on the menu.

So, for me to be back at 180-pounds so quickly is a real good thing.

Some People Really Can't Handle Hunger
Yesterday at work I was talking with some fellow employees. We were talking about how much weight I lost. One guy said, "Oh David Dane was big and fat like this." (Then he motioned my proportions with his arms.) He said, "David Dane was so big they asked him to be Santa Claus at the Christmas Party." OK, let's talk about over exaggeration here.

Yes I was bigger. But, not big enough to play Santa Claus.

One of the other people in the conversation said he can't lose weight. He said he can't go hungry. Someone else said he has the same problem. He said; "it's hard to deal with hunger."

I have written this before. Many people finally give up trying to lose weight because they can't handle hunger.

I have had to deal with extreme hunger in the past. It was the kind of hunger that would awaken me at night.

I personally believe I took extreme measures to lose weight. This was mostly because I was experimenting, and because I didn't really know how many calories I could consume and then continue to lose weight.

I gutted it out when I began my weight loss journey. Now, I have figured out about how many calories I can eat, and still lose weight. I still deal with hunger. It's not as bad as it was because I really do eat much more green vegetables with my meals than I would having eaten only a TV dinner.

The green vegetables help to fill my stomach, which helps reduce hunger. This is something that I suggest anyone eat often and in large amounts.

I have and it helps.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Will Have To Regain The Losses Of Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

This morning I am posting maybe for the last time today. Let's see.

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183-pounds. That's the same as yesterday.

OK...I'm happy with this. It's not nearly as bad as I thought it might turn out today. I am going to be jumping into the car and heading home after I do this post.

I ate a larger breakfast than I usually do. That's no bodies fault but mine. I ate more carbohydrates than I usually do. I ate just about my calorie count for the day. I have to add up the numbers.

All in all I think this is better than I thought for this trip of seven days. Now, it's back to the grind of watching what I eat again.

I have lost some ground. I was nearing that 177-pounds. Now I am back over the 180-target. I have to regain the losses in weight again.

Counter when I posted this morning: 4225

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Monday, July 21, 2008

It Hasn't Been Like I Thought

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183-pounds.
Yesterday I didn't post. I stepped up on the scale at 185. OOOH...

Anyway this is the last leg of my journey. I will be home tomorrow. Tonight I went to the local Kentucky Fried Chicken. (KFC)

I had three pieces of chicken, cole slaw, and a biscuit. All of which will be sitting in my tummy tonight. I expect in the morning to weigh close to 185.

I have to tell you it hasn't turned out as bad as I thought. I will put the brakes on when I get home. I'll recover my composer and shoot for that 160-pounds.

I had fun on this trip. That is besides the family conflict. I was accused of being drunk and out of control. Hmmm, you tell me. I had a full stomach of food. Over an 8 hour period of time I consumed eight-4 ounce glasses of wine, and two 12 ounce beers. That's around 32 ounces of wine, by the way, over an eight hour period. So tell me something? Do you think I was smashed?
I counted every glass of wine, and every beer. I wrote each one on paper along with ever bite of food. If I was smashed, would I do that? I don't think so.

I got onto the dance floor and was dancing like a lone John Travolta. I danced with who ever would dance with me, and twirled them disco style. I didn't fall, I didn't cuss, I didn't abuse anyone. Only, my family was concerned. They thought I was just drunk, and should be put away.

So, if you have family like mine. I mean people who themselves are each big like fat horses.
They can't control their eating. Then there is me. Who do you think is out of control. Hmmmm?

You are probably like me. You are trying to do the right thing. It's showing some results. Yet, you'll be accused of being out of control. The pots are calling the kettle black.

Number on the counter when I finished posting: 4208

Let's see what happens over the next few days.

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Family Food Gauntlet: It's getting the best of me

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183.6-pounds. That's up from yesterday.

Well, I am back up over the 180-pounds now by 3-pounds. This is more than I had hoped.
Let's see what will happen on the rest of this trip.

Last night we were all a bit hungry. I didn't want to go with anyone out. Only I was coaxed into going out with the family. I had a Hardee's Taco Salad in one of the fried flour bowls. That fried flour bowl probably was a thousands calories all by itself.

Anyway, it was past 10 PM and I ate. Ooops....

Number counter when I posted this blog today: 4124

I must go for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Of The Food Gauntlet

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 179.8-pounds. Whew, that's just 0.2-pounds under that 180-pounds.

I told you that I was going down the food gauntlet. That's right, I am with family now. They don't care if I am on a diet. They eat when ever, and what ever they desire.

Last night I came into my one family members home. She sent me for fried chicken. It was already 8:30 in the night. I was hungry and had some of the chicken. Well, I didn't stop at just two pieces. I think I had five different parts of the chicken. I for some reason wasn't paying attention. I was hungry, and tired.

These are two things that many people have to face when losing weight: hungry and tired. It's those times when we seem to lose our wits.

I don't think I am going to hold the line this week. I know that I am going to be tempted to eat what ever is there. I don't want anyone butting in to play my conscience either.

I have to get rolling.

Number counter when I posted this today:4102

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Family Food Gauntlet

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 177.4-pounds. That's down from yesterday.

This week starting early tomorrow, and maybe this evening is the beginning of my challenge down the gauntlet. Yes, I will be with family, and they don't restrain themselves from food. Oh, my one family member who is a diabetic should, but he doesn't. I can tell because all that weight he lost is now back on him, and he's gaining more. When I was with him on this last weekend, he ate a giant snickers bar. That isn't all he ate.

We'll probably be stopping at places like a buffet along the way to eat. Then there will be the wedding reception that I will be attending on Saturday. Then there will be the trip back.

Well, what's the big deal? The big deal is I will want to eat anything that I can the strikes my fancy. I am going to want to celebrate too. Only, if I am to achieve my next target any time soon, I won't be able to.

Yes, this is going to be a challenge. Not only will it be a challenge with the food, it will be a challenge with the emotions. I am way different than my family.

Well, my next target is to break that 177-pounds. I am hoping to hit that by Monday of next week. I really didn't expect to bust 178-pounds so quickly. Let's just see what I will do.

Number counter to the left when I finished this post: 4086

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Was Sick And Tired Of Being Fat

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 178.8-pounds. That's down from yesterday.

The Cause Of My Failure
I was talking on the telephone with a friend of mine. We were discussing what constitutes leadership.

I told him that many times leaders come from no where, and then rise to the occasion. I am convinced this is true. I am convinced that time, and circumstance can bring out some one's ability to lead.

He told me that one of the characteristics he thinks leaders have is perseverance. He said that I have persevered with this weight loss thing. He said that I have made the decisive moves that made losing weight possible.

Hmmm, not eating until I am bloated is a decisive move? That should be every one's decisive move, leader or not.

My friend shared; when he saw me going backwards with my weight he thought that I had lost control. He said; that he thought he would see me ranging back up around 210-pounds.

Whoa, that would have been a loss for me. That would have meant that all my efforts and sacrifice would have gone for nothing. It would mean that I had lost my seriousness about keeping off this weight. Ultimately regaining all the weight would have meant that I forgot where I came from and what I gained.

I am here to tell you; I feel a thousand times better than I did. This is in spite of the fact that the last two nights I awoke at night with biting, stabbing, growling, hunger.
I woke up two times last night, and I couldn't fall back to sleep. I was hungry. Both times I rode out the hunger.

For many people the hunger they suffer with when they attempt to lose weight is what ultimately derails them off of their diets. I'm no different. Hunger derailed me. I also have, like so many others, a sweet tooth. I like Ice Cream. I like chocolate donuts.

There was an old comedy dialog that Bill Cosby did years ago. In this dialog he did the voice of a child. He would say real excitedly, "Ice Cream, we're gonna have Ice Cream, Oh boy, oh boy,"
Years ago, Ice Cream was a treat. Now, we seem to think it should be our daily fare.

When I got tired of the little skimpy meals, and when I got tired of absolutely no more progress past 180-pounds, I thought I should go into maintenance mode.

Along with my new outlook with the maintenance mode came some daring and careless behavior that began to unravel my weight lose progress very rapidly.

When I had reached the 180-target, and sat there with no more progress, some things went through my mind.
I thought this is it. I won't be able to lose anymore.
I thought, I am tired of skimpy meals.
I thought, oh how nice it would be to be able to eat until I am satisfied.
I thought, it would be nice to eat desserts more often.
I thought, I am here, I don't have to calculate those calories any more.
I thought, I can push a little past this 2,000 calories. It won't matter.
I thought a lot of things that would get monotonous here.

The bottom-line was; I wasn't nearly as cautious as I have been over the past months.

My lack of caution caught me fast. Yes, my body has been deprived of the things that got it over weight in the beginning. Large portions of food was my fare. Sweets, like Ice Cream, and donuts were my daily fare. Then when I had even a small window of time consuming more of those things, my body kicked into gear.

Here is my realization from all this: I can't let my guard down.

Now, for you. This is probably true as well. I hate to write it here; but you may not be able to eat a dessert everyday. You may not be able to consume those little before meal delicacies. You may have to leave the Doritos alone.

You may not like it. It may be time for you to face the reality.

What is your option? If you are tipping the weight scale in the wrong direction what options do you have? Are you going to eat only ice cream and forget the meals?

Yesterday I went to lunch with another friend. We went to a place that has really good fast food. I usually order a Gyro Sandwich, and French Fries. Or, maybe I would order a chicken sandwich, and some fries. Yesterday, instead, I ate a chicken salad.

My friend on the other hand ordered a Gyro Sandwich, and French Fries. I told him that's all you can eat for the rest of the day. That's all he can eat if he wants to maintain his weight. If he wanted to lose weight then he would have to toss the fries. That's right, he had too much food for him to lose weight.

Just the French Fries alone were over 600 calories. That's a lot of calories. I'm not worried if he was eating fried food. I was concerned that he was consuming a large calorie count in one meal. These large meals compound themselves through out the day.

I ate the chicken salad. I had Italian Dressing on it. I told my friend that I have a desire to lose more weight. I am determined to bust that 178-pounds this Monday. I don't ever want to see that 180-pounds again when I step up onto the scale at my daily weigh-in.

He thought that I would have lost enough weight at 175-pounds. OK...

Hmmm, I see this big fat belly on the man. I see the double chin. I remember seeing pictures of him being thinner. Does he sound like the person I should listen to about weight?

Again, who's doing the weight losing, Me, or him?

Over and over again I write, don't listen to the one's who don't practice what they preach. I have a friend who exercises a lot. He can run. I can't run. My knees still can't handle it. I can do other exercise. About that he's right.

He is far more credible.

You have to put down that jelly donut. You have to avoid the appetizer, and eat the main meal only. You have to be the judge of what's going into your mouth.

No one, absolutely no one, can decide for you to lose weight. No one, no one, will suffer the feelings of deprivation, and loss for you. No one, is going to get those pounds off of you, except you.

I had to face a reality. The reality was: "I ate too much food." The reality was: "I ate the wrong food." The reality was:"No, one could lose weight for me."

I have to suffer the hunger. I have to suffer the feelings of being deprived. I have to navigate the turbulent waters of food choices. I have to struggle, and face the loss.

I hate to have written this. Gee wouldn't it be nice to write it's fun losing weight? Oh, you can exercise, and eat a little of this, and a little of that, and oooh, you can smile while you lose the weight.

Nope, you can't. Nope, you have to forfeit something you like. You have to give up some of the goodies. In your case it may be a lot of goodies.

My friend told me try to put a positive spin on something I was going to write today.

How? Here's something positive. Face the reality. You're fat. You have to get the pounds off. You have to sacrifice. Here is the positive part. Don't make everyone around you miserable while you are doing what you are trying to do.

I try not to make other people suffer. I try to smile while I am dieing inside. My stomach has ripped me up in the past. I have looked at my log for the day, and said, "Yep, I ate food today."
Now live with this.

I don't know how to share how absolutely different I feel having gotten off this weight. I don't know how to convince you that it's worth it.

I did it for me. Yes, I did it for no one but me. I didn't think oh some one's going to benefit. I didn't even do it for my faith. I did it because I was tired of suffering under excessive immobilizing weight.

I was tired of being fat. I was sick, sick, sick and tired of being fat. I was fed up with how I looked. I was fed up with how I felt. I was sick of feeling tired all the time.

Here is the reality. I am better off for it. I feel much better having lost 60-pounds. Me, I feel better. Me I look a little better. Me, I sleep better. Me, even when I am stinking hungry, I feel better than I did.

How's that for positive?

Number counter when I finished posting today: 4058

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Monday, July 14, 2008

Will I Show Will Power When I Am Tempted?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 179-pounds. That's the same as yesterday.

Don't Lose Anymore Weight You're Skinny Enough
Today I ran into someone else who told me that I am getting too skinny. She said that I am way too skinny and that I shouldn't lose anymore weight.

Then when I went with another friend to lunch, he said; that I should stop losing weight at 175-pounds. Everyone seems to think that I am losing more weight than I should.

Even though I look at the height and weight charts that say I should be anywhere from 145-pounds up to 160-pounds. See the height weight chart I used. I'm 5' 10".

This is a puzzle for me. I can pinch on my tummy a good chunk of lose fat. This is not loose skin. This is fat. I can't exercise off fat. I can only burn it off.

I know that I am looking thinner. But, I don't care what anyone seems to think.

I've wanted to remain at a normal weight for years. Only, I missed several critical things. I wasn't monitoring my weight every day. Some large weight losing organizations say weigh in only once a week, or even once a month. They seem to treat losing weight like it's something that's just too harsh psychologically for people.

I wasn't keeping records of what I was eating. I had no idea what I was putting in my mouth day-to-day.

Here's an interesting thought. I went to a dairy to see how it runs it's operations. The dairy monitors very carefully how much food each cow eats. It measures the nutrients the cows eat.
This is so the cows will get as much milk production as possible, and that they remain healthy. Not only do they measure their food consumption, but they measure and record the amount of milk each cow produces.

If a dairy farm measures, then records the food each of it's cows consumes, then why can't we measure our food? Aren't we far more important than a bunch of cows? We sure seem to eat like them.

I wasn't being carefully with my food consumption over the years. I gained excessive poundage because of it.

Now, I am back on track. I will have to keep at this the rest of my life.

I don't think that many people are willing to do the things they must to lose weight. If they did, then we would see more people trying to lose weight.

It's not a one-two-three and it's off of you kind of thing losing weight. It's actually very difficult.

I've overcome many hurdles doing this. I still have a few more to go.

My Gauntlet Is Coming This Week
I am going with family to Oklahoma for my niece's wedding. We are going to be driving out there in a caravan. We will be spending the nights in hotels. This is going to put a strain on my will to eat like I have been by myself. I will be with people who don't exercise restraint when it comes to their food consumption.

Not only this, but there will be lots of food to consume during my niece's wedding. The temptation to over eat on this one day will be strong.

It only takes messing up one day to blow the show. Yes, If I over eat one day, then I can add back on poundage. It may not be permanent. It may just be waste products. But, that extra food will surely show over the following days on my scale.

I will carry my food log with me. And, I will carry my scale.

I am not leaving until Wednesday. Then I will be out in the gauntlet for seven full days. Let's see how I do.

Counter when I when I posted this blog today: 4032

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Your Scale Doesn't Lie, And Only You Know About You

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 179-pounds. That's down from yesterday. And I've slipped below 180-pounds again.
All I can say is, "It's about time." Phew...

When I went to worship services this morning I ran into two people who knew me back when I was much heavier, and had a larger girth around my mid-section. The one guy was commenting about how much skinnier I am. Then the other man commented; I look good where I am now. He said; he doesn't think that I should lose more weight.

Neither of these guys knew me back when I served in the U.S. Army, and the Reserves. They never saw me when I was around 160-pounds, and I was a lean-fighting-machine.

If they had then their comments might be different. They might say things like, "You aren't like you were." And, I'm not. My waist today is around 39-40 inches. My waist back when I was 160-pounds was a 32 inch waist-line. My waist-line when I was at 240-pounds-plus, was 48 inches. Yes, I have lost over eight inches on my waist.

Their perception of me is what I was when I was obese. People who knew me before, to include my family, saw me when I was lean.

No one knows for sure what or where I should be at concerning my weight. Only I know. I am the one who has looked at the charts. I am the one who keeps the records. They don't. Most people see me in little pictures for a snap shot of the day. I am the one who wakes up in the morning and stares into the mirror at my nude body. I am the one who steps onto the weight scale. I am the one who has to put on his clothes.

All the people's comments are subjective. Mine are objective. I am the one who is in the know about me.

Since I am the one who is in the know about me, I am the one who makes the decisions about the kind of food I am going to eat, and how much I am going to eat. Since I am the one who is in the know, I am the one who writes down the food that I eat, and my drinks.
Since I am the one in the know, then I am the one that faces the scale in the morning when I step onto it.

The scale doesn't lie. Oh, I can fudge the numbers on my food log. I can skip putting something down. I can tell you that I am eating like and angel, when I may be eating like a pig. But, when the numbers tick over on my digital scale, there it is, the truth.

Yep, the truth is the truth. No one can be around me for 24 hours in a day. No one can be there to be my conscience when it comes to my food consumption. No one can be your conscience when it comes to your food consumption.

Your scale won't lie to you like everyone else will. Your weight scale is an instrument, a tool, for you and I to gage our progress.

I love my scale, and I hate my scale all at the same time. Yes, when I am getting the results that I want, I love my scale. When I get the results that I don't want, there might be a flicker of disappointment there, and a curse word for this little short machine that's just doing it's job.

Here is what my scale may be thinking, "Hey, it's nothing personal. I'm just doing my job. It is what it is. Deal with it."

Back to my friends from church. They only see me on a Sunday most of the time. My one friend sees me more than that. Sometimes I go with him to exercise, or on an errand. But, even he only sees me once in a while.

They have no way of knowing what it is that I eat. Why then should I even consider their comments to me as something that will completely effect my performance with my weight?
I shouldn't, and I don't.

I look at the weight scale. It ticks out the numbers, and it's comments are completely objective.
It can't lie to me. Unless of course it's damaged, then I might get an erroneous reading.

I look at the charts. I've looked at many charts. The charts are the charts. They are based on the averages of hundreds, if not thousands of people. The charts are the charts. And, do I fit the charts? When I step onto the scale, do the numbers on the scale match the charts?

Today I weighed in at 179-pounds. That's what my scale read. The charts say that for my build, and my height, I should be at 145-160-pounds. That's what the charts say. I am off by almost 20-pounds.

I can see the bulge of fat around my mid-section. It's there even though I practice sucking it in. It's 20-pounds of fat that should go.

My objective is to get rid of that 20-pounds. My objective is to step on the scale and read 160-pounds. That's what will be normal for someone of my stature.

I have to consume the amounts of food that I need to sustain my life. I have to eat just the right amount of food to just burn enough calories a day to lose weight. It's a balancing act of calories.

This morning I woke up at 3 AM. I couldn't sleep. My stomach was killing me with incredible hunger pains. I was tempted to get out of bed and eat something, anything so I could kill that hunger. I felt like someone was pushing a dull knife into my side. My stomach was groaning.
I rode out the pain and finally fell back to sleep.

I had to keep thinking to myself that I ate yesterday. I had to keep thinking that I had enough food to live yesterday. I had to keep thinking that I am not going to die from this. I had to keep thinking about my objective. My directive, was to break through the 179-pounds by Monday, like I had predicted.

I am determined to bust 178 by next week. I am determined to stay below 180-pounds. That's the last I want to see of the 180-pounds on my scale.

OH, and it sucks. What? You read it right. It sucks. I want to eat jelly donuts. I want to eat that Cream-De-Mint. I want to eat that chocolate ice cream. I want to eat that cheese cake. I want those large helpings of French Fries. I want that 12 inch long sub sandwich.

I feel like a little child sometimes. I want it too. Why can't I have it? Why can't I put heaps of sugar in my coffee like so many people? Why can't I have that big beef sandwich?

Why do I have to eat these little slabs of meat? Why do I have to avoid all of the snacks? Why, do I have to give up all the food? Why....?????

Why do I have to write every blinking thing I drink or eat down? Why can't I eat with absolute abandon? Why can't I eat intuitively like some people? Why...?

Why did I get fat? Why...????

It sucks. Well, David just grow up.

Yeah, from the looks of it many people have grown up, and out. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...
Yeah, look at all the round bellies on the men. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...
Yeah, look at all the pear shaped woman with their big thighs... Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha....

Yeah, David just grow up and deal with it. OK...

Let's see you deal with gnawing hunger. Let's see you give up that big hamburger. Let's just see you lose 60-pounds. Hey, let's see you even lose 20-pounds.

Oh, you're some hot shot executive with money ha? You can afford a gym. Well, I can't. I am just some ordinary Joe.

Yeah, let's see if you can even lose 10-pounds...

By the looks of things, many people are like me. They love to eat. They love to keep eating until they are full. It doesn't work that way. We can't eat until we're full. We can't eat until we're satisfied. By that time, it's too late. We will have over eaten.

This is my curse. Or, it's my blessing. I must eat "Less Food." I must eat much less food than I think I can. You will find out, that if you are going to lose weight; "You must eat less food."

I hate it...

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Saturday, July 12, 2008

If It's Green; You'll Be Lean

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 179.6-pounds. This is better than yesterday.

Yesterday I was unable to post. I weighed in at 182.2-pounds. The same as the day before.

If you'll look at the side panel, you'll discover that I haven't been at this weight since November 9, 2007. This was a full eight months ago. The time has flown.

Last night I got off of work and came home to step up onto the scale at 178.8-pounds. I knew that the odds were good today I would slip back under 180-pounds.

When I came home, I had not eaten since the morning. I was famished and dehydrated. This wasn't intentional, but I wasn't able to get to the kind of food that I wanted to eat yesterday during the day. I didn't bring any food with me either.

If I am expecting a long day, I usually prepare some kind of food to bring with me to eat at work.
Well, I misjudged and didn't bring anything. When I got home I whipped up a cup of milk and a scoop of chocolate protein powder (270 calories). Then I drank a can of slim fast (190 calories).

What you saw on the scale this morning was the re-hydration of my body from those fluids. Not only that but there was enough sugar (corn syrup) in the slim fast to put a halt to my calorie burning for the night. I know because my test strip went from purple at night, to beige by the morning.

My new objective for Monday it to see if I slip below 179-pounds, and then stay there. I've completely eliminated the carbohydrates from things like potatoes, and breads, or wheat products from my diet.

Instead I am consuming meats like chicken, some bacon, bologna (which has starch fillers), ground hamburger, and off course my protein powder.

Along with this I am using a lot of different vegetables to bulk up my food intake. For instance this morning I was getting ready to go to work. I ate the remaining salad that was in a bag in the refrigerator. I ate the last bit of a head of lettuce as well. So, this was all bulk.

I made myself a chicken stir-fry. I cooked two strips of bacon in some oil. Then I cooked three small pieces of chicken in that fat. I pulled the bacon and chicken out of the oil and left them to sit while I fried in spinach, carrots, celery, and frozen green beans.
I tossed in a table spoon of peanut butter with paprika, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, and salt. Then I mixed this whole mess together and sat down for a hot lunch.

One of the things that bothers me about losing weight so much is my constant hunger. Someone wrote that you can eat intuitively by gaging your hunger. I can't do that. I have to look at the food that I am going to eat and determine ahead of time if it's a starch, protein, vegetable, or a fruit. I have to determine the calorie count and determine if it will cause me to exceed my calorie count for the day.

One of the things that I use to cut hunger is bulk from green vegetables. I have a saying, "If it's green, you'll be lean."

Green vegetables like green beans, lettuce, spinach, kale, brocolli, and other green vegetables, for their weight don't have as many calories as other foods. They don't have a lot of fruit sugar in them, they aren't really a starch, so they pound-for-pound have a lot less calories.

On the other side, many green vegetables pound-for-pound are loaded with nutrients as compared to other foods.

This makes them a valuable food to be consuming for anyone's diet. They can be used to help bulk up and fill up the stomach without sacrificing those precious calories.

I use green vegetables in my stir-fries. I use them to add bulk to my food, so that my stomach perceives that full feeling.

As a result you can see that my weight has been going down. Remember: "If it's green; you'll be lean."

The problems with greens is many people don't like the taste. This is why I spice them so heavily when I am cooking them. Also, I don't boil my green vegetables, I fry them. That's right, when I pull the meat that I cooked out of the pan, then I leave the fat up on high heat. Next I toss in the raw, or frozen greens. Then I use the high heat to braze the vegetables, and lock in the flavors, along with seasonings.

I think this is why people appreciate Chinese food. They do the same thing. They don't boil their vegetables. They fry their vegetables. Try it, you'll taste the difference.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Might Drop Below 180-Pounds Real Soon

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 182.2-pounds. That's more than yesterday.
I am not fretting this gain either. I ate late yesterday evening. And, I surely kept myself within 80 calories of my calorie count for the day. In other words, it's only fluids.

I am making a prediction. Yesterday before I left for work in the afternoon, I stepped up onto the scale weighing in at 181-pounds. When I went to work I ate something before I came home. This explains today's weight.

Because I was at that 181 weight later in the day after eating lunch, and breakfast, it means that I was actually down below the 180-target. So, here is me prediction for Monday, I will be at 179-pounds or less.

Let's see if I am making an accurate prediction.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You've Got To Give Up: To Get Something Back

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 181-pounds. That's up some, but not much.

I held the calorie-count-line yesterday. So I am not worried.

Today I was talking with a friend of mine on the telephone. He has an interesting occupation. He's a word smith. What? Yes, he works writing material for companies. He puts into words what others seem unable to do.

It's safe to say, to him words mean something.

I wrote yesterday that words by themselves can't get that extra poundage off of you. I wasn't knocking the importance of using words. I was saying, you have the idea in your head, the words describe the idea, or the action to be taken.

Now, I can offend someone with words. I can build someone up with words, and I can try to tear someone down with words. This is because those words go inside of us. They go into our minds and do something up there in our brains.

We have to have words to communicate to other people. The words describe our ideas, our imagery, our thoughts, our intentions. I could go on and on.

What words would you use to describe your physical condition? Are the words you are using accurate?

For example, I know someone who is large. He says, "He's in good shape." Yet, when he puts on his bathing suit to go swimming, my eyes perceive flaps of fat that hang over the brim of his swimsuit. I can see that a shirt he used to put on now stretches and bulges. Yet in his mind he's OK.

Hmmm, there's something wrong with his words, and the mental picture in his mind about what constitutes normal. A while ago the doctors discovered that he had varying levels of elevated sugar. They discovered that on the one day they decided to test him the sugar in his system was way higher than what was average for a given population of people.

Was there something wrong with the doctors? Or was there something wrong with his words?

I can look at historical pictures of this person and see he used to be leaner. Even then he was strong like a bull. I mean he was unbelievably powerful for his size. I know, I watched him pick up a blade for a tractor and move it over 25 feet. I tried, and couldn't drag that blade. This was remarkable power at the time. However, if he remains in the condition I see, that power will ebb away. He will become sickly.

Granted he is a moose for his size. What happened to his chin line? Why are his shirts stretching, or are they shrinking in the laundry? Why is his sugar so out of whack?

Are "his" words that describe his current situation accurate? I don't think so.

Let's just say he wakes today and repeats: "I am thin, I am thin, I am thin." Will he immediately be thin? Well, I would be surprised if he was thin instantly when he said so.

Nope, it's going to take time and action to make those words, "I am thin" come true.

I am not against mental image building. Our words describe those images. Only, what is that action that you or I will take to make those images real, and tangible.

Let's just say you wake up and realize: "Hey, I must be fat." "Hey, I look different than all of these people around me." "Oh no, someone called me fatso." "Could it be true."

Can anything be done about your condition? I am here to say that with about 80-90 percent of the people it can. The rest are either mentally ill, or physical anomalies. Mind you, I have no scientific data to back up my statements here. It's conjecture on my part.

I will say this: You can do something about it.

You may not like the solution to your problem called fat.
Nope, you may not like the idea that you will have to give up something, to get something back.
You may not like the idea that you are going to have to give up super sized McDonald's.
You may not like the idea you have to give up those big chocolate donuts for breakfast every morning.
You may not like the idea that you'll have to give up those mid-day binges, and those late night snacks.
You may not like the idea you'll have to limit yourself to one beer after dinner at night.
You may not like the idea you should eat a four ounce steak instead of an eight ounce steak.
You many not like the idea you'll have to eat smaller portions of just about everything.

Yes, you may not like the idea, you'll have to give up something, to get something back.

What will you get back? Well, for me let me give you a list:

  1. I feel better than I did.
  2. I look better than I did.
  3. My heart rate dropped from almost 100 beats per minute, to around 60-65 beats per minute.
  4. My blood pressure dropped.
  5. My clothes that I wore years ago are like bags on me now. I will eventually have to buy new clothes. For the ladies that's a thrill.
  6. My sugar levels dropped.
  7. I sleep better at night.
  8. I have more energy.
  9. My outlook on life seems to be improving.
  10. I am no longer selfconscious about being overweight.
  11. I am now writing a weigh loss blog (Thanks to a very persistent friend.)
  12. I have had an impact on some of the people around me. A woman I work with went on a diet and lost weight because she saw me do it.
  13. One of the fat guys at work lost 30-pounds because he saw me lose weight.
  14. The girls stare. Yes, I have seen them when I look in the windows. I can see them looking.

Will you become the next super model when you lose all the weight? I doubt it. Will you end up being on some talk show like Oprah? I doubt it.

You losing weight shouldn't be about that anyway. Fame and fortune, can come and go like the morning dew.

What will you get? Perhaps you'll get a better quality of life. Maybe you'll have more oportunity as your health improves, and you become more mobile.

You will have to give up all that food though. Yep, just forget about those real big portions of food everyday. You'll have to give up that security blanket called food.

You have to find different words to describe your new situation: "Sacrifice."

Take heart, it will be worth it. I am here to write, it will surely be worth it.

Break the old paradigm. Fix a new image of yourself. Quit using words that aren't true. In other words make the words true to your situation. If you aren't happy with the image you see, get ready: You've got to give up something: To get something back.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Those Transforming Words; Do They Really Get Results?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 180.2-pounds.

Didn't I write that it was just fluids? I thought I did. That's what it was. Here is why I knew that was the problem; I have been very careful with my calorie counting. I have been watching what I eat much more carefully than when I was trying to maintain my current weight. I have had to watch the demarcation line very carefully these last few weeks.

I have made a real big effort to avoid foods that have sugar, corn syrup, and sugary substances. I've absolutely avoided any candy, even pieces that I could suck on. I had a few small slices of pie over the Fourth of July Holiday, but that has been pretty much it for sugary products the last couple of weeks. I even left those cinnamon sugar rolls alone that are sitting inside of my refrigerator. Shucks, I did have a small piece of chocolate on the Fourth. (I'm such a good boy.)

Yes, I have had some bread, perhaps a slice per meal. I have had some potatoes and French Fries. I went to Wendy's the other day and gave half of my French Fries to my friend that was sitting with me. I have had some carbohydrates, only in smaller portions per meal.

I've been doing things like: If I've been served a baked potato with my meal, then I'll cut it in half and toss away that half I don't eat, or give it to someone. I have sliced the mashed potatoes in half and left half of them behind. I have been doing stuff like that.

As you can see the results are showing themselves.

The only thing about this that has me just a bit miffed is: Had I followed this pattern all along, I wouldn't have regained that 10-pounds. As a result, I would probably be down to around 170-pounds right now. Oh well, we live and we learn. Hopefully we do.

My Transformation Process Is Guaranteed To Solve All Behavioral Problems
I am going to get rich. I have a guaranteed Word Transformation Program that will help you lose weight.

Today I was listening to the radio and a commercial came on. The commercial was developed by a Behavior Transformation Therapist.

In the commercial the announcer asked something like this: "Is your child acting out with defiant behavior? I'll give you the words that will end this defiant behavior." (Oh really?) This is of course an abbreviated version. But, this is the sum and substance of what this character is saying.

Gee I would love to know the words to say to that teenager that tells you to "F..... Off and Die."

I can only imagine the amount of money that is wasted by parents that are pushed to the brink of desperation by that child, or children and they then purchase this program. Their hope being they will get those key words that will immediately stop that child in his tracks.

I certainly hope they are words like, "Now you're going to die you punk."

Now, I am highly critical of this nonsensical commercial because words by themselves don't do anything. This is contrary to what the charlatans in the spiritual movements and self help movements would have anyone believe. Words don't do anything unless they are followed up by appropriate action. The words describe the action, and the action produces the results.

And, of course unless you are God, you can't do anything just by saying it. The last time I checked only God could say let there be light, and then there was light. When I say let there be light, I had better flip the light switch on the wall, or I'll be sitting in the dark.

Try it. Say, I am thin, I am thin, I am thin. I wish I were thin, I wish I were thin. Unless you take the steps that being thin describes, you aren't going to get thin. Your words are only a step in the initiation process that describe what the results will ultimately be. That is given the processes and appropriate action is taken.

Words + Actions = Results
And, actions done to you, like getting locked in a room and fed under the door = results. You can say I don't want to, but if you're taken away against your will, you still get results. Although they might not be what you hoped for.

I'm going to give you words that are gauranteed to get you results. Yes, you better write them down now and remember them. This is a one time free offer that's absoulutely gauranteed to get you those results.

Commercial Break: Are you having problems with excesive body fat? Are you standing up in front of the mirror and seeing a few extra bulges in your dress? Is your body not cooperating with you and making you fat?
I'm David Dane, and I am a Behavior Expert. I'll give you the words that will totally transform your life. You won't have any more problems with excessive body fat. When I give you these words, your body will immediately respond with the results you want.

Are you Ready? Here they are: "Eat Less Food."

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Monday, July 7, 2008

If You Are Changing For The Better: You May Not Be Accepted Anymore

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 182.6-pounds. That's better than yesterday. I wrote that I was retaining fluids.

Well the Fourth Of July Weekend is past, and we're half way through the summer. Honestly, it hasn't felt like summer. The temperatures around here in Illinois are unseasonably low. Gee, it's that darned "Global Warming." NOT...

Here's my commentary on that: If all you fat people would just eat normally we could save the planet 100 trillion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year. Aren't you preponderants the least bit concerned about saving the environment and keeping that CO2 from rising into the air? And you are a moron if you believe that. And, you are a sucker for the con-artists like Al Gore, and even our president George Bush.
Nut bags...and scientific Charlatans is what I think.

Did you enjoy the Fourth Of July? Did you go out there to a picnic and eat like there is no more tomorrow? Good, I am glad that you did. Now, it's back to the grind. I told you celebrate.

Did you compliment the chef who dutifully stood over the grill cooking for you? Did you say thank you God for giving me this incredible food? Seriously don't you think he deserves the credit?

Thank you God for this giant hamburger. Thank you God for the wife or husband that prepared it. Thank you God for this big ear of corn. Thank you God for all that I do have.

I said thank you. I even said thank you for the time I could spend with some of my family up in a cabin in Savanna, Illinois. And, of course, as is usual, someone decided he was going to unload on me his frustration at my behavior over the weekend.

Did you know that I am a Narcissist? Yes, I am completely unaware of what people think about me, and how they view me (Whoopee). I don't smile enough. I don't interact enough. I am not socially acceptable. And, my God, I have this overwhelming smelly attitude? Did you know that?

OK... Well, now that we've established that, what's the answer to my so called problem? Did you know that I never was offered a solution. I was threatened with a physical beating though. Yeah, that would fix everything wouldn't it?

I did make it clear that if anything got physical, I would promptly retaliate with unquenchable physical beatings of my own. I made sure this bully knew that he would get his in return if the attempt was made. Of course he did change course, and denied he made any threats at all. And his family backed him up. (All this from close family members.)

How many of us have family like this? I do. And it makes me wonder, how many of us go through life like this? It makes me dread being around certain people. Even though I may have a strong sense of love for certain people, I still dread being around them.

And, don't think this doesn't have an effect on our mental well being. It does. We've become conditioned to crazy behavior and think we are normal.

My family member declared himself very normal, and socially acceptable. Mean while, every turn-of-the-hour he was consuming more and more food, laden with sugar, and carbohydrates. He's a type-two diabetic. He's on medication. They've had to increase his medication. He's rapidly gaining weight. But, I am the one who's a narcissist, and completely self indulgent. Yes, that's so I guess.

Did you want the truth? I am self consumed in a way. You bet I am paying attention to myself. You bet, I am seeking my own satisfaction. I am seeking to lose weight. I am seeking to feel better. I do make an effort to withdraw from certain people even though I may be in the room with them. I do mentally disengage.

Yet, I am paying attention. I am watching, yet not responding. If you had someone probing you all the time with the most obvious questions. If you had someone around you that behaved like a four year old constantly asking personal questions that are no one's business, you would withdraw too. That is if you are healthy.

I have a book titled, "Who's pulling your strings?" In the book the author says that many times the people who declare themselves the healthiest and most normal are indeed the un-healthiest and abnormal people. There are people out there bent on pulling your strings, when they have no business doing so. This is because they seek personal gratification by upsetting other people. Or, they are ultimately control freaks. I have family like this.

My strings are hard to grab onto. That is for my family they are hard to grab. Although, If I am physically threatened I respond pretty quickly. This is because I have every belief when an unwarranted threat is presented, it may not be long before the action follows. That's a long story in itself.

Well, what's my point? I know that my paragraphs written here are perhaps vague. But, I am getting around to something here. We all live in environments and with people who may not be the most satisfying, and healthy. This effects our minds, and our personalities.

Many people give up and go along with what is going on around them. Many times we have family members who have terrible habits. It could be over eating, over smoking, self loathing behavior that is destructive. When one of us preponderant-ones tries to break away from the crowd, we become the objects of unnecessary criticism. I am that object of criticism for some of my family.

I try not to intrude on other peoples space. I make an effort to avoid squabbling. I make an effort to avoid complaining, even though I feel inconvenienced. I make an effort to avoid depression. I make an effort to control my eating habits. This makes certain family members very uncomfortable.

I am a witness to careful eating, and constructive food consumption, and it pricks people's consciences. I am not perfect, and I don't put on airs that I am. But, I draw fire from the one's who think things ought to be different.

What If You Were Like Me?
Hypothetically: Let's just say you were like me. You were overweight. I don't mean by a few pounds, I mean grossly over weight. I mean you were obese. Now, imagine most everyone in your family has the same problem.

Also, let's throw in some mental disorders, like struggling with depression, and rejection. Let's toss this into the mix a list of bad behaviors, and just poor nonconstructive thinking. Now, let's put a spin on top of these characteristics, "You think you are OK, normal, and you fit just fine into the rest of the world." Let's also put in there that you aren't self critical, nothing has to change, it's everyone around that has the problems.

This was me. And, that's the environment that I was dealing with inside my family with some members.

Suddenly something happens and you begin to awaken. You start moving towards behaviors that are better. You begin to work on your depression. You begin to work on some of your bad habits. You decide to lose weight. Meanwhile the rest of the crowd that you hang out with is stuck in the old way of being.

What do you suppose will happen to you, if suddenly you awaken and make a sincere effort to lose weight? I mean you aren't wishing you can eat better, and you aren't thinking you'll eat better. I mean you are eating better, and the results show dramatically.

Let's just say you are making an effort to shift your thinking. You are dog tired of having a dark cloud hanging over you. So you decide to eliminate thoughts that bring the dark clouds of depression. Let's say you aren't perfect at it, but you are working on eliminating them.

What do you suppose is going to happen? Well, if you are like me, you'll be like an enemy ship that's lost it's way inside enemy territory. Every enemy battle ship, cruiser, and destroyer will open fire on you. Even though you mean no harm. You will get fired upon.

It will come from the people closest to you. They will see the changes, and you'll be pricking their consciences. They won't like it, and they'll fire up on you. You'll be accused of being selfish, and abnormal. You'll be accused of everything that you can be accused of. I kid you not, it will come.

You may only have shifted a little bit away from your old pattern of being. Only, like crabs in a bucket, you're family and friends will reach out to pull you down. Then they'll have the unmitigated gall to say they are normal.

Be warned fatso, when you try to fix this problem called being fat, and out of control, you'll meet stubborn resistance. But we love you just the way you are... they will say.

This has been my experience. I wish I could say that I respond perfectly. But, to my own shame, I don't. I have a lot of growing up to do myself.

Take heart though. You can change for the better. I spend a great deal of time praying about it. Yes, I admit to my Father in heaven that I am just one wigged out, wacky, neurotic, sinful creature. I am a snot for sure.

My family member was very close to the truth. I am self seeking. Only, the benefits of this weight loss effort will make it better for anyone else around me. Mostly because I will be healthier. My minding my own business, and making an effort not to stir the pot full of ........, will make life better eventually for everyone.

You can hang with the crowd. Don't do anything about your weight. Let's see what it ultimately does for you in the future. It won't be good. Hey, but you can sit around and pontificate about how normal you are. Yeah, that will be so good for the rest of the crowd, or your family.

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Bye for now...

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Up Some, It's Not The Fourth Of July Over Eating

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 185.2. Yes, this is up. Whew...

Now, I couldn't post on the Fourth of July, but that morning I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 181.2-pounds. Yes, I was pleased.

Yesterday morning I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183.4-pounds.

Then this morning that weight is posted up above.

Hmmm, is something wrong? Not really, I didn't go whole hog on the fourth of July. I didn't go whole hog, yesterday either. So, I thing this is a fluid issue.

Hey, I have to get going...

Bye for now....

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July: Steady As She Goes With The Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 182-pounds. That's way down from yesterday. It's getting nearer to that 180-pound target that I was supposed to be maintaining. Ahem...

I did write yesterday the 185 that showed up was just me retaining fluids.

OK, I don't have lot of time to post right now. I am on my way to work. I will attempt to write later today. If I can't, you all have a "Blessed And Safe Fourth Of July." Remember this was a day celebrating our independence away from a tyrannical king and a system of government that wanted to put it's finger on top of our God Given Rights.

Praise God for men and women who had the courage to fight, and die so we could live relatively free.

Maybe I will write later today...Maybe...

Part Two For Today
Hey we're heading into another one of those favored days when we break out the barbecue grill, and cook up some steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. Then we break out the baked beans, the potato salad, and the chips. The bottom line is there are usually plenty of goodies available to many of us to chow down on.

I say go for it. I mean it. Celebrate this 4th of July with gusto. It's a day of remembrance for our Independence.

Why not have a day where you eat like a ......... ! ? (You fill that in.)

When you're done, just remember that if you've upset the apple cart, and undone all your hard work, that this was the day that did it.

No problem though, just get back at it on July 5, 2008. No cheating from there. Make sure you stay on the straight and narrow. Eat those little bitty meals, and be grateful you have them. Oh, I make myself laugh.

Watching The Fat Men Eat
Earlier Today I posted in a hurry. I pulled into the parking lot and was getting out of my car. Before I did though I saw about 8 guys sitting around on benches next to a construction site. They were taking their lunch break.

I couldn't help but notice what some of them were eating. One guy had a sausage in a bun that must have been 12 inches long. The bun was large, and the sausage stuck way out from the end of the bun. It was an odd sight for sure.

Me being the curious sort, sat for a few moments watching these guys. The guy with the big long sausage grabbed this thing with two hands and opened wide to take a bite out of this monster sandwich.

The guy across from him had two large pepperoni pizza slices. The one he had in his hand he had to grab with both hands. The other large slice sat on a plate on his semi-reclining legs.

Another guy had a large sub sandwich. He too had to grab onto this monster and grip it as he chomped down onto it.

I couldn't make out what the other men were eating. Although, I could see that all of these men had extra girth around their mid-sections. Yes, everyone of these guys had a weight problem.
It's no wonder if they eat like I saw them eating today.

I know these guys are construction workers, and they need all the energy they can get. I am sure they work hard. Even so, it's obvious they eat more food than they can burn in a days worth of work.

Their calories they burn from excerpting energy on the job, at play, and rest, don't exceed the total calories they consume. How do I know? Well, they are all large gutted. Yep, they are fatties.

Why would I mention something like this? Look around, doesn't it seem like there are more fat (preponderant) people than ever? Why does it matter? Well, it matters if you and I are one of them.

It matters because more and more people are risking their health. What, how do you know? Well, experience told me this. I have three immediate family members who have developed type-two-diabetes. I have another friend that has developed hypo-glycemia. (However that's spelled.)

My one family member is in such bad shape he can't walk anymore.

Well, so? Well, so, just imagine in the future more and more people getting sick because they eat more than they should. Can you just imagine the problems this may cause. Believe me, I'm not for the Government sticking it's two cents in on this matter.

If I can though, I am going to try to be an encouragement to people. I know most of the time my words fall on dead ears.

But, if you have read this far, maybe you'll be convinced to change.

Eat Less Food. Eat Less Food. Eat Less Food.

How else can I put it. Reduce down your portions sizes. Substitute a goody for a meal. What? Yes, if you must eat that big apple fritter for breakfast, then don't eat anything else until lunch. Then consider eating some tuna fish on a salad. Then eat light for dinner. Count your calories, and keep them at a steady intake, and you ought to be OK.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Doctor Scolded His Patient, Will It Matter?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 185.4-pounds.
That's up from yesterday by about two pounds.

All I can say is I am retaining fluids for some reason. I only ate about 1,600 calories of food yesterday.

The Doctor Scolded His Patient
Yesterday my employer sent me for a physical. I was in the clinic waiting to do a test when I heard a conversation between a doctor and one of the people he was examining.

I had seen this man earlier in the waiting room. He was obviously younger than me. He came into the waiting room after I did. He was there for a follow up visit for an injury.

When I sat in the waiting room I noticed something; everyone was fat. I mean real fat. The woman clerking as the receptionist was over weight. The men that were sitting around in the waiting room were real over weight. The technician who did my physical tests was real over weight.

Now, as I stood there waiting to do this test I heard the doctor tell his patient, "Listen you aren't going to get any better if you don't start losing some weight." He said, "Part of your problem with your body healing is you are at least 60-pounds heavier than you should be." He said, "You are over stressing your frame and your back carrying around all this extra poundage." He said you are way too young to be this weight, and you won't live long if you keep this up."

Whoa Doc, talk about politically incorrect. How dare you tell anyone to lose weight? Don't you know that it's our right to keep eating until we look like balloons? Who are you Doc?

He's right! And I applaud the man for having the courage to tell it straight to someone. More people need to hear they are over weight. More people need to realize they are slowly destroying themselves by eating to the point of obesity.

Here is the problem: We know we are over weight. We feel a sense of quilt because of it. But, we feel overwhelmed and helpless to do anything about it.

We eventually give up even thinking about it. But, like a snake in the grass that's loaded with venom, our neglect eventually uncoils and bites us. We start developing illnesses that are related to obesity. One of which is adult-onset-diabetes.

We develop other problems as well. We over stress our digestive tracts by keeping them working 24 hours a day digesting food. We over stress our adrenal glands by pumping into our systems sugars in the form of donuts, soda, and processed juices.

All the time we believe nothing wrong can happen. Then when we least expect it, we go to the doctor and get the bad news, you're now a diabetic. You now have heart disease. You now have serious digestive trouble.

All this may have been avoided if when we were younger we looked at food as a source for energy, instead of as a source for personal pleasure.

If when we opened that package of Twinkies and were getting ready to stuff them into our mouths we asked, "Hey, is this any good?"

What if when we went to McDonald's we asked, "Do I need these French Fries?"

McDonald's may not like this line of thinking. The cup cake makers may not like this line of thinking. The food processors may not like this line of thinking. But, do we ask am I eating for my health, or am I eating for my pleasure?

I am convinced that part of the problem with people is they can't resist hunger. They can't endure physical pain. I am convinced.

I was reading one blog not so long ago where someone lost a tremendous amount of weight. He was the pride of all the bloggers because he had achieved so much. He was now the go to guy. Well, even he started losing it and regained weight. Even he admitted not so long ago that he began binging on food.
Even he admitted that he blew his weight goal.

I am not happy he had the problem. What I am writing is; did he get so full of himself that he thought he could do anything he wanted, and not have it sneak up on him? Did he forget where he came from?

This doctor that I mentioned earlier had the courage to tell someone he was fat. Do we have the courage to admit to ourselves that we are fat? Have we preoccupied ourselves so much with other distractions that we're blind to the obvious?

How about you? Assuming you have read this far, are you going to admit you are fat? Are you going to admit that you have to lose weight? Are you going to take the steps you need to?

It's this way, let's make it easy: Eat Less Food. That's right, cut down the portions. Eat less of the French Fries, forget the chocolate shakes, give up the chocolate cherries, throw half of your hamburger bun out. Give it up.

What? How Dare you tell me this! I am outraged! Let's see how outraged you are when you have to be wheeled around in a wheel chair. Let's see how outraged you are when you lose energy. Let's see how outraged you are when you develop some illness related to obesity. Let's see your outrage at that.

Don't blame the Doctor bud for telling you the truth. Don't blame me for writing this blog. Hey, I've been there. And, I suffered for my neglect. What about you?

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Learn To Walk Away

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 183.2-pounds. That's up from yesterday.

I was reading on another blog how long it took someone to lose 1 pound. She hit a new record for her weight loss. She lost one more pound after working at it for what seemed like months.

This can happen to anyone. Our bodies are stubborn. Throughout life we have developed eating habits that have caused us to gain weight. Usually it's because of an inordinate intake of carbohydrates like sugar, and flour products. Our body gets overwhelmed trying to process the glucose in our system, and we develop a thing called hyper-insulinism.

The long of the short is we begin gaining fat. We are conditioned to eat every time we get hungry. Then we develop eating habits that are deconstructive.

I can't speak for this woman. I can speak for myself. I have developed habits that were deconstructive. I developed the habit that when I was hungry, I ate until I was full. I had to make sure when I ate, I didn't walk away hungry.

Well, that's too much food. It's not even enough to say that I will walk away from food when I am just a little hungry. It's too late to walk away when only just a little hungry. Find your calorie count for the food you are going to consume, and then when you hit the numbers of calories you have allocated for the day, then walk away from your meal.

I couldn't rely on a feeling to walk away from food. I could only depend on a preset calorie count. When that calorie count was reached, I had to put down my spoon and fork. It was over. Some times that may have been early in the day.

I might have eaten a large breakfast that used up most of my 1,500 calories. It's easy to do while eating at a breakfast buffet. If this was so then I had to walk away. That was it.

I didn't like those terms, but if I wanted to lose weight, then I had to give up my food. I don't like it still.

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Bye for now....

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

Hello Weight Losing Fans... Today I stepped on the digital scale weighing 183-pounds. Take a look at thus photo of me at my nephew's...