Monday, July 30, 2007

Don't Deceive Yourself

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the scale weighing in at 189.2-pounds.

This morning I went out for a jog. It was a slow deliberate jog around the college track on its outer ring. I went eight laps which took about 1/2 hour. I wrote it was a slow deliberate jog.
I had a fat man, and an old guy whizz past me. I even had two slugs, a ground snail with a large shell and an earth worm slither on by me.

As you can see I have hit a new low for this weight losing season. I just got a call from my boss while I was here blogging. I have to go to work early. So I must be on my way.

I had some thought to share with you. I guess I will hold on them.

I will write this for now: If by chance you should happen upon my blog and start to read it, I hope you will know that I am a real person. This is not a made up story about my weight loss progress. It's real.

I keep running into fat people that I talk to who are lying to me, and to themselves. If you are fat, and getting fatter, you aren't hurting me. You are hurting you. You are endangering your health, your quality of life, and your personal productivity by continuously gaining weight.

You also have to realize something, people are judging you by how much you weigh. If you look fat, then people assume the worst about you. It may not be true, but they do.

I lost fifty pounds only by cutting back on the size of the portions that I ate, and by counting calories for just about everything I ate. I had a calorie window that I stick to most of the time. On some days I go past it.

The overall trend for my weight is down. You can see that on the right panel.

It has not been easy. In the very beginning I was hungry, dizzy, frustrated, angry, and sorely unhappy with having to do without food. I had food but not like I used to.

Now some people say I have actually gotten more pleasant since I started this. Well, believe me, they weren't in my skin. I am not in your skin.

Quit lying to yourself like one of my close family members. He's a big guy, and he needs to cut off about 100 pounds. He thinks he's OK. He has a flap of belly skin that hangs about two inches. He's fat, and getting fatter. I hope he doesn't end up in intensive care with heart failure.

I am not writing that anyone should suddenly go on a fast and deprive themselves of food. I am writing that it is time to cut down those portion sizes. I am writing don't lie to yourself anymore and say to yourself everything is OK, when it's not.

If you need to lose weight, you can. But, you have to be ready to give up something to get off those pounds. I am so sorry that you will have to. But, we over eat in America. We are spoiled.

Our country is suffering for it.

Bye for now....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Quick Blog

I don't have much time to write so here goes. Today I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 190.8-pounds.

I am up from yesterday. I have been a real good boy and held to my 1,500 calorie target. (Well, up until today I have.)

Today I had:

  • Slim Breakfast drink (380 calories)
  • Chocolate protein bar (200 calories)
  • Choline Cocktail (130 calories)
  • Large six inch long breaded chicken cutlet on a French bread roll (900-1000 calories)
  • French Fries (400 calories)
  • Whole Milk-four eight ounce glasses (600 calories)

Today I went over board. It was so good.

Well I gotta go.

Bye for now...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Weight Loss Diatribe

Hello weight losing fans...

I know that you have been sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting to find out what the weight loss guru has been consuming, so read the post after this one. There you will find all the magical mystical foods that I consume that are helping me to get so slender.

Oh, I make myself laugh.

Today I stepped onto the magical-digital-scale to see those numbers tick down to: 189.6-pounds. Ding, Ding, Ding, I've have hit 189.6-pounds twice.

Does this mean that the 190-pounds have been shattered for good? I don't know. I am not worried about it.

I don't sit there thinking, "Oh, I gotta hit 160-pounds by September 30, 2007. If I don't then I'll just completely quit this stupid weight loss thing."

Come on, lighten up. This is the, "Battle Of The Bulge." Get it straight. It's a LIFE LONG BATTLE. It never, ever, no not ever, ends. It goes on and on as long as I have breath and my wits about me.

Maybe when I have lost my sense of self awareness and am sitting there drooling on myself is the time when I will no longer have the will to fight this battle. But before that time I must fight this battle. I must never quit.

So, do I have an exact window of time when I will hit 160-pounds? NO, I don't. That's because I have been so fat up to now, what does it matter? It only matters that I get there.

I have been reading this one blog where the person has set these strategic weight loss goals. What is he ......... nut's? What is that? (I would put my explicative in their, but it's not nice.)

All this time someone spends getting fat and fatter then suddenly he/she decides that they want to lose weight. Now, we have to strategize the weight loss process. IDIOT that is what I think.

Let me give you a strategy for losing weight. Are you ready? Shut your mouth and don't put anything else in it. How is that?

Blah, Blah, Blah, I read. Let's have a special recipe here. Let's exchange this carb for that carb. Let's count the numbers, then invert them, then divide them by six, and we'll figure out what food we should eat.

Let's eat this expensive food here that costs a fortune, and then convince ourselves we will magically lose weight.

Let's get on the telephone to our friend, who by the way is just as neurotic and prone to overeat, and get some weight loss advice.

Hey, Moron, food is food. EAT LESS FOOD.

Don't try to convince me that somehow you have magically found the way to the "Holy Grail" of weight loss.

Here's What's Hard
Dealing with the hunger is hard. Yep, when it comes down to it, it's the hunger that drives us.
When the food is on the table and that's all you can eat, finally the reality sinks in that you are hungry.

Sometimes I look at that TV dinner and see that little patty of meat, that 1/2 cup of potatoes, and that 1/2 cup of corn and whine, "That's it, that's 360 calories of food?"

I carefully gobble up every bit of food in that premade tray of food and I want to cry like a baby. It's because I am still hungry, and I want more. But, I can't have more.

Sometimes when I eat my last bit of food or consume that last ounce of drink I find that I am now at the 1,500 calories. Then I want to cry. It's because I am still hungry.

I am a man, but I am still human. I don't like to have to sacrifice. I want to eat until my hearts content.

I want to sit at the baseball game and eat a big bag of Cheetos, or a big bag of potato chips. I want to do this everyday.

Here is the problem, I will get fat again if I do. I don't like it. It makes me frustrated, but I am learning to deal with it.

OH, buy some food with Pixie dust on it here. It's name brand, and of the highest quality. Now, go tell all the other dumb sheep out there how this has helped you to lose weight.

Then they will pay big bucks for our special weight loss program here and we'll get rich off of your stupidity. "We helped you lose weight." Yeah right. It's coming to your senses and eating right that helps you lose weight.

Yes I am being harsh. You bet I am. I am telling you how it is. Does it make sense to pour money into a hole that will never fill up?

Face up to the harsh reality that losing weight means giving up something that we all charish, and that's food. It's only because we eat way more food than we need to survive.

Quit believing that lie some of these weight loss gurus are tossing out there. There is no magic formula for weight loss. I have tried many of them. I have tried diet liquids with Ephedra, and that African one, and many others. They don't work in the long run.

Don't believe this lie either: "That you can't lose weight." Yes you can. Quit eating so much food. That's it.

Count those calories. Write them down. Weigh yourself everyday. Write that down. And for goodness sakes eat less food. That means size your portions down.

Bye for now.

What Do I Eat?

Let me clarify something here. I was reading about all this sugar free stuff, and the fat free stuff and the sugar free sodas, etc...

I drink sugar free soda. I have for many years. Now, I am making an effort to drink mostly water. I don't like the way I feel after I drink diet soda anymore. I guess my body is getting sensitive here or something. I get achy after I drink the diet soda. I am turning to water.

I have a cabinet full of diet sweeteners. I am not going to name the brands but they come in pink, blue, and yellow packets. These products are not calorie free. (Oh the packet has zero calories on it.) Here is what I mean. They do have calories, but the body cannot in most circumstances absorb those calories. It's because they have a chemical composition the body cannot make a fat chain from.

The body makes fat by linking together sugar chains. Those sugar chains can come from many sources. They come from sugar, like sucrose, fructose, maltose, and glucose. I may have missed some fancy scientific term for sugar there but you, I think, are getting the idea about what I am writing.

The other sources of sugar are from fats that we consume. The body does it's one two magic of digestion and breaks the fat up, then re-links it into fat that our body absorbs. It's complicated and really more than I can get into here in this post.

We use proteins that the body breaks down into amino acids. These amino acids are used to form ATP which is an energy source.

One of the artificial sweeteners I have used and now am reducing the use of is a reversed sugar molecule. Because it's a reversed sugar molecule the human body cannot link it into a fat chain. This is why the maker can legally put onto the packet the words zero calories. The body cannot as far as is known now build this molecule into a fat chain.

That said, do remember something, it is a chemical anyway. Just because the body can't turn it into fat does not mean it can't link something else to it. The molecule after all is a reverse molecule, it is still reactive. It still can have molecules attach to is. I just don't know what. I am trying to research that now.

I have been finding some problems with my consuming so many artificial sweeteners. One, I have been feeling yucky afterward. I don't know why but my joints hurt in my arms and shoulders after I drink a two liter of diet soda. I have been experimenting with drinking a lot more water lately, and consuming more honey when I get a sweet tooth.

The reason I wrote this is because years ago we did not have artificial sweeteners available. These are inventions that have come along over the last 50 or so years. I think just around World War Two was the first discovery, so that would make it 60 years.

If you turn heavily to artificial sweeteners, you may find some consequences we don't know about yet. I think my knees are blowing out because of heavy use of artificial sweeteners. I can't prove it. But they were fine up until about five years ago when I switched from sugar sodas to diet sodas.

Now, I can't prove this. I cannot. But, I am not going to keep consuming these things with such gusto as I have in the past. I, like the rest of the goodies that I consume, will treat them with care.

What Do I Eat?_______________________________________________

Today is Saturday:

  • Coffee (0 calories) No sweetener
  • Chocolate Protein bar (200 calories)


Friday, July 27, 2007

At 3 AM:

  • Two cups of herbal tea with honey (60 calories)

At 9:30 AM:

  • Lean Body Breakfast Drink (360 calories)
  • Chocolate Protein Bar (200 calories)
  • Choline Cocktail Drink (130 calories)

Before I jogged at night I consumed a Sport Drink (120 calories)

At night around 10 PM:

  • Banquet Chicken Fried Chicken TV Dinner (380 calories)
  • Whole Milk-8 ounces (150 calories)


Thursday, July 26, 2007:


  • Pancakes-three pre-made CD sized pancakes (270 calories)
  • Butter-real butter (100 calories)
  • Syrup-made with corn syrup but labeled maple syrup-1/8 cup (105 calories)
  • Choline Cocktail (130 calories)


  • McDonald's Premium Chicken Crispy Sandwich (500 calories)
  • Water

Night time:

  • Chocolate Protein Bar (200 calories)
  • Whole Milk (150 calories)
  • Grapefruit Juice - seven ounces (80 calories)


Wednesday, July 25, 2007:

  • Lean Body Breakfast Drink (360 calories)
  • Choline Drink (130 calories)
  • Chocolate Protein Bar (200 calories)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (600 calories)
  • Grapefruit Juice (90 calories)

Evening while at work:

  • McDonald's Cheeseburger (300 calories)

Before bed:

  • Whole Milk (150 calories)


Tuesday, July 24, 2007 :

  • Instant Breakfast Drink-Blueberries & Cream Flavor (360 calories)
  • Chocolate Protein Bar (200 calories)


  • Sandwich-chicken on cheese (470 calories) It may be more.
  • Grapes-bundle-one cup (80 calories)
  • Apple (100 calories)
  • Banana (100 calories)
  • Potato Salad (100 calories)
  • Small Tortellinis Salad (100 calories)


Monday, July 23, 2007

  • Egg Sandwich and cheese (380 calories)
  • Toaster Pop Egg Sandwiches-two pop sandwiches (320 calories)
  • Protein Bar (200 calories)

Night time at work:

  • Meat Ball Sandwich-three large meatballs, six inch french roll, cheese (1000 calories)
  • French Fries (300 calories)

It's safe to say that this is the day I went way over the 1,500 calorie mark. That meatball sandwich was so good.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

I woke up late in the day because I worked all night. My meal time actually started at 4:00 PM.

  • Instant Breakfast Drink (360 calories)
  • Slim fast shake (190 calories)
  • Protein Bar (200 calories)

Nighttime, 8:30 PM:

  • Fettuccine Alfredo-Marie Calender's TV Dinner (670 calories)
  • Ice Cream-one cup (200 calories)

My total calories for this day were 1,620 calories.


You may be wondering why I eat so late. It's because of my work schedule. I start my calorie-counting-clock inside of a 24 hour window. I go from Midnight-to-Midnight with my written journal. I keep myself inside that 1,500 calorie zone inside of a 24 hour time period.

Well, that about does it for this particular post.

Bye for now...

Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Hovering Just Over 190-pounds

Hello weight losing fans...

This morning I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 191.4-pounds.
That's up from yesterday.

Now, I have been hovering over 190-pounds for a couple of weeks now. I did get below 190-pounds one day. Note: I haven't been up over 195-pounds in a weeks time.

So maybe, just maybe that 190-pound window is about to collapse and I will be below 190-pounds.

I have been careful with the food consumption. I have been keeping my total calories around 1,500 calories. That's just enough calories for a slow deliberate burn of the body fat.

I haven't been shedding the pounds as quickly as I did when I started many months ago. This is OK. I wish I could go faster because 160-pounds seems like a long way to go from here.

I have a friend who is giving me pointers about my blogging. He is concerned that I may get down in the dumps for some reason and throw this weight loss thing out. Well, I am already depressed, so there isn't anything that's going to make me blow my target. Besides, it's been hard, why would I want to go through this again?

Last night I awoke at 2:00 AM. I was trying to fall back to sleep. I couldn't I was so hungry. My stomack was growling so loud and it felt like someone was pulling my sides in from the inside.

I got out of bed and made myself a cup of herbal tea, and put a teaspoon of honey in it. I was still rumbly-in-my-tumbly so I made a second cup of tea with honey in it. It was a total of 60 calories and I wrote that in my food journal.

I went to bed and fell back to sleep. I woke up at 9:30 and immediately made something to eat. I was surprised to see my weight jumped up a little bit. I must have had something left inside.

This is the way it is when trying to lose weight. I struggle with terrific hunger sometimes. I don't do anything lately to assuage that hunger. Well, I do use honey. But I haven't been binging.

I am too determined to get to 160-pounds. I want to be lighter than I already am. I jump around now, and even run some. I am just feeling a whole lot better having lost this weight.

Bye for now...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Still Hungry After Eating

Hello weight losing fans...

I am writing my second post for today. I wanted to share a thought that has been popping into my head all day. I have written about this before. I am sure I will write about it in the future.

Today I ate breakfast. I had three small pancakes. After I had consumed nearly 600 calories for breakfast I was still hungry.

In the afternoon I stopped and purchased a McDonald's Crispy Chicken Sandwich. This little guy came in at 500 calories.

After I had eaten that meal and drank a bottle of water I was still hungry. I have been hungry most of the day.

Why am I writing these things? Well, it's like this, if you have eaten properly and consumed a carefully measured amount of food afterward you may still be hungry. This doesn't mean you can go eat more food.

This is part of the problem with people today; they think that they can eat until they are satisfied. Uh Uh, it doesn't work like that if you are determined to lose weight. You are going to feel hungry many times after you have eaten a meal.

This is the big lie that I am discovering about many of these dieting companies. They want you to believe that their food is the best for losing weight. It's just food for goodness sake.

If you overeat anything you will get fat or fatter than you are.

There is no magic bullet for losing weight. There is no magic formula in food. There is no consuming until your hearts content anything you want.

I have eaten plenty of goodies along the weight loss path. But, when it boils down to one theme that I have been living by it's this: EAT LESS FOOD.

You have to give up feeding your face until you blow up. You have to give up feeding your face until you are satisfied. Then you have to accept and live with the consequences that go with losing weight. That's hunger and the frustration that accompanies that hunger.

I am heading home to find something to eat. I may jog before hand. I still have about 400 calories left today. So I can go eat a PBJ. Yes!

Bye for now....

I Am Still Losing Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 190.8-pounds.

This morning I had breakfast. I ate a stack of pancakes. This stack had three pancakes that were the size of a CD. That stack without syrup was 280 calories. When I added in syrup and butter that stack of pancakes turned into 485 calories.
Then I had my Choline Cocktail that added in another 130 calories.

The choline is to help boost memory. I purchase this product hoping it will help me be more alert without resorting to caffeine when I need a boost. The product uses sugar to sweeten it up. That sugar adds 130 calories to my total calories for the day.

Every little thing that I eat or drink that can add extra calories to my calorie total for the day I write down.

I am careful what I eat and as you can see I am getting results. I am slowly, methodically losing weight. I am not killing myself to get there.

I have to get going. I wish I had the time to write more.

Bye for now...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Losing Weight Is An Act Of Will

Losing weight takes an act of our will power. With that will we must resolve to deny ourselves. We must resolve to battle with the God given nature to survive, and to seek personal comfort. We must learn to suffer when those around us won't suffer. We must learn to say no when those around us say yes. We must struggle and wrestle with our very will.
It is not an easy struggle. No and during many hours of the day our thoughts will be consumed with the struggle. But, for our very health, and better existence in the future we must resolve to struggle, to suffer, and to bend our will. We fight the "Battle Of The Bulge."

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 192.8-pounds.
Yesterday (Tuesday) I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 194.4-pounds.

I wasn't able to blog yesterday. I know my fans are hanging on my every written word. So I let you down. Sorry, I just couldn't get to the computer yesterday. I work way to much. No, I am not rich because of it.

Well, perhaps you are wondering why I wrote that in the opening of this post. It's because I want to encourage anyone who is like me who has to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I have officially lost 50-pounds since December of 2006. If you will look at my Driver's License on the side panel you will see where I was at.

It wasn't easy to get here to the weight that I am at now. I had to struggle with my will to get this far. I still wrestle with my will to continue on.

I have gone through all the mental anxiety that one goes through when he/she decides to deny oneself. I have had incredible hunger. It felt like cats scratching my insides. I have had the light headed dizzies when I get hungry. I have had the binges where I stuff myself. Have I missed anything.

Listen, I am just as nutty as the next person. I am just willing to admit it. Admitting that I have a problem is the beginning of the cure.

When we fail to see ourselves as we really are, (Oh I have my areas of denial still.) but being fat isn't one of them. Because we refuse to see ourselves we miss the chance to change. I don't know how to word this.

Yesterday I was talking with someone about all the fat people in this country now. The conclusion of the conversation was, "People don't care."
I imagine for many people this is true. Then for some people they just are ignorant. They don't know what to do.

I was one of the ignorant ones. Although some people consider me to be bright, I was ignorant about how to get this weight off and keep it off.
It took an "awakening" brought on by a shear disgust with the physical condition that I was in. I was OBESE. I was almost 100 pounds over where I should be.

When I woke up and really started searching for a lasting solution to my problem and prayed for wisdom from God, that's the day I got my answer. EAT LESS FOOD !

Then I got my resolve to get this fat off.

Bye for now....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Don't Do That Stomach Surgery

Good morning weight losing fans...

Today I did not have a chance to weigh on my digital scale. I am sure that I am probably hovering in around 193-pounds.

I didn't go overboard when I woke up yesterday afternoon.

I am sitting here this morning at a family members home drinking coffee and typing on the computer.

I remembered something else about that radio show I was listening to yesterday: Forbes Magazine on the radio.

Another big thing that is coming is STOMACH BYPASS surgery. The guest was talking about how it is virtually impossible for someone who is 100 pounds or more to lose weight. As a result more and more doctors are insisting on stomach bypass surgery as a solution.


When I finish with my weight reduction and I reach my target I will have lost 90-pounds. That's only a difference of 10-pounds.

The only thing that stomach bypass surgery does is force someone to eat smaller meals. If that person doesn't then he/she spits up all over themselves like a baby with indigestion.

Someone who has had stomach bypass surgery must put together smaller portions of food. They can't eat a lot and should eat less food. The stomach is no longer able to hold large portions of food after this surgery.

Nothing is solved by bypass surgery that self discipline and determination can't fix by itself. I suffer with hunger. I deal with it.

I remember what it was like to be overweight. I remember how I suffered. It was hard to be overweight. And having lost so much weight is very freeing to me.

Anyway there are doctors and companies out there that are going to be pushing the stomach bypass surgery and offering stock holders big dollars to support it. There will be clinics opening that will advertise stomach bypass surgery.

Don't do it. Tell your friends not to do it. Don't do the stomach bypass surgery thing. You'll be sorry if you do. I kid you not.

Well then what is someone who is overweight to do?

EAT LESS FOOD. That's it. Eat smaller portions of food. You will lose weight.
Take honey for your hunger. Eat some flax seed oil off the tablespoon.

Keep a food record of everything that you consume that has calorie consequences.

Oh preponderant one be wise and help those who are like us. We suffer with being overweight.
Encourage those who are struggling.

Bye for now...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

American Companies And Investors Celebrate You Being Fat

Hello weight losing fans...

This is my second post for today.

As I was coming over to a family members house I was listening to the stock report on the radio. It was Forbes Magazine on the radio.

The host and his guest were talking about companies that are exploiting the trends in America today. One of the trends is the obesity epidemic today in America. According to statics over 50 percent of Americans are overweight. Over seven million Americans are considered obese. They suffer with 100 or more pounds over a normal body weight.

One company that banks on the obesity epidemic and is reported to be making record profits is NutriSystem Company.

The NutriSystem sells over priced bland food products that their clients swear by. The idea behind NutriSystem is that if someone follows the system, he/she will lose weight. I ran into a man that swears by this system. He claimed that he lost almost twenty pounds using Nutisytem.

I am not bothered by the idea that a company like NutriSystem is helping people lose weight. I am bothered by two things that this company exploits. One: They rely on people's ignorance about food portioning and calorie reduction. Two: They make money when people fail the NutriSystem.

Yes they make money when people start and stop the NutriSystem. They sell all kinds of products that are supposed to systematize the weight loss process. This NutriSystem includes food products that are portioned.

The quest speaker on the radio show mentioned that NutriSystem and weight loss companies like this make money from people and their lack of discipline.

I think this is a terrible problem. If what I heard is true then the very same companies that claim to be there to help people lose weight have an incentive to build in a system to fail. This is because they make money when people pay huge up front costs and fees.

I don't claim to know all about NutriSytem. But I know what I heard. I heard NutriSystem is making record profits. And that NutriSytem is the darling of the obesity investment sector.

Let me save you some money. Let me tell you how I lost a lot of weight. I initially found Lean Cuisines on sale at a local discount store. They were less than half what they can be found for now. I purchased a whole freezer full.

I ate Lean Cuisines morning, noon and night for as long as they lasted. With just that I lost nine pounds.

Soon after that I purchased TV dinners for less than the Lean Cuisines. I ate those morning, noon, and night. I lost another nine pounds.

After that I experimented with calorie counting and found that 1,500 calories was my magic number.

Since that time I have officially lost 50 pounds. This is how I did it.

I didn't by some expensive system of food. I don't pay a monthly fee to go to a weight club. I don't have someone that I can call on the telephone that I can get counseling from.

I by the Grace Of God did it with my own wit and will power. You can too!
Bye for now...
Hello weight losing fans...

I am slogging around this afternoon. I was out late last night and then I had to turn around and go back to work. It's a hard life right now. There is no regularity in my work schedule.

When I got out of bed around 3:45 PM I weighed in at 193.4-pounds. I am up from yesterday's weight.

I ate very well yesterday. I even got carried away snacking on potato chips and stuff like that.

I was at someones home and was invited in to eat. This was after I had just eaten a Wendy's Single Cheese Burger. I ate another hamburger, and 32 boiled shrimp.

I ate all of that and less than two hours later I was hungry again.

This is the most frustrating part of losing weight and that's the hunger. I am sitting here blogging now, and I am feeling hungry. I ate and now I am hungry again.

If you are like me you are going to struggle with this primary motivation to survive. That is to eat to survive is built into everyone of us. It's hard to say no. It's hard to deny self.

I like you have to continuously think about what I want to achieve with my weight loss. Sometimes the temptation brought on by hunger overwhelms me and I give in to my temptation.

It's just part of living to struggle. And I struggle.

Bye for now....

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Going, Going, Going; The Fat Is Still Coming Off

Hello weight losing fans...

I was perplexed at what I should title today's posting on the blog. I have so much to write, but I have so little time to write it. I have only so much time before I have to head home and get ready for work. It's going to be another late night out, and then I will be back to work within hours. If I had not lost so much weight, I think my schedule would have killed me by now.

Today I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 189.6-pounds.

How did I do it? I ATE LESS FOOD.
TA DA, that's my big revelation.

Here is the really cool thing. I am not killing myself with over exercising, I am not living in total denial of every tasty little treat I could put my mouth on.

I live in the world of moderation. That is part of the key to losing weight. I have some little tasty treats along the way, but not every single day like we in America are in the habit of doing.

Over the last two days, (yesterday and the day before) I actually ate some deli-sandwiches that were to die for. These were large bread sandwiches with ham, cheese, spices, and hot chili peppers packed on top. I absolutely loved them. Ummm, yum, yum, yum...

After I ate them that was the end of the day for me. I couldn't even eat dinner. It's because these sandwiches were two meals in one sandwich. I knew that before I ate them.

Here is my point, I am not living in this world where I have to deny every single food that I could eat. I am not on a low carb diet. I am not on a high vegetable diet. I am just cutting back on my total food consumption.

I have a general idea what kind of food I am consuming. And since I have been doing this for seven months plus I have an idea what my calorie count is. Then again I may not, but I write down what I ate anyway.

If I write down what I ate from day to day I will get an idea what I have been eating. I have a historical record of what I ate. I can troubleshoot my weight gains or losses using that food consumption record.

If I don't write down what I ate, then many months from now I won't remember what I ate. If I can't remember what I ate then I may not have any idea why I am losing or gaining weight.

In the business world companies keep all kinds of records. For some reason in our personal lives we don't think is is necessary to keep any records. Some of the great historical figures from the past kept diaries. They jotted down their thoughts.

We should have a food diary. It the very least that we can do to provide a historical food record of our consumption.

Health Food Store Owner Had No Answers
Yesterday I stopped in at a discount health food store. I asked the owner if he has any idea what to tell someone when asked how to lose weight.

The owner answered me, "Well, there are many different variations of diets that any individual can use to lose weight. It just depends on the person." What?

I asked him, "Do you want to hear my solution to losing weight?" He said, "Sure." I said, "It's simple, EAT LESS FOOD."

He looked stunded at my statement. He said, "You know that's true."

Of course it's true. It's the most obvious solution to get the pounds off. We over look it because we know deep inside our hearts we are going to have to give up eating food anytime, and everywhere we eat.

It takes sacrifice to lose weight. Losing weight means learning to deny yourself, and it means suffering throught those nagging times of hunger.

Sometimes the hunger in me is so strong it feels like cats are scratching at the sides of my stomach. I can hear the groaning of my stomach as it gnaws away. I get light headed sometimes. It's because I am hungry.

Here is the thing. I may have only eaten a meal just a short time before the hunger starts. I don't care what the diet gurus say. I don't care about the high density foods. I don't care.
I get hungry. And I know, that I know I shouldn't eat.

Last night I visited a friend. My friend was eating a chocolate bar. It was one of the hard carmel twist bars with chocolate coating it. It was 240 calories in this little chocolate bar.

My friend offered me a candy bar. I said, "No, most of the time I avoid those, but I do usually eat a protein bar." My friend offered me a protein bar. Again I declined the offer.

I was very hungry and I turned it down. I wanted to see where I would end up with my weight this morning. I came in low because I turned down something that would have stopped my fat burning.

I was already at my calorie limit for the day. I knew I had to avoid more food. If nothing else then I could have taken a little honey, or something more healthy than a caramel chocolate bar.

This is what you have to put up with when you are losing weight. You have to sacrifice when everyone around you is eating until their hearts content. It takes an act of will to say, "No I have had enough."

It's not easy to lose weight. It's just worth it though. It's worth living healthier. It's worth having more energy. It's worth being able to sleep better at night. It's worth looking better. It's worth all the struggle and the sacrifice.

Bye for now...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Goodies Along The Way And Still Losing Weight

Hello weight losing fans...

I guess I lost everyone else with my commentary on Tuesday about being positive.

I haven't been able to blog the last two days. I have been up early to go to work, and then getting off too late to go blog.

This morning I weighed in at 192.2-pounds.

Yesterday I was at 193-pounds, and the day before I was up at 196.4-pounds.

I haven't been exceeding my daily limit of 1,500 calories.

Do you want to hear something real fun. Tuesday I went to an ice cream manufacturer for a tour. They were giving out free ice cream. I had a Snickers Brownie Ice Cream Bar. It came in at 300 calories. Ooh it was delicious.

That Tuesday night I went to a friends house. I had two pieces of chocolate cream cake. That was another 300 calories.

How could I get away with that? I had enough calories left over from the day that I could splurge on 600 calories. I planned some of it. The rest was that I couldn't get any lunch. So I had to skip. Not on purpose mind you.

Yesterday I had a large fried donut. Yep, it was almost 400 calories. So I didn't eat anything later in the evening because I hit 1,500 calories.

Today I awoke and weighed in at 192.2-pounds. I haven't really gained. And I lost what I had three days ago.

Here is my point. If you are careful, you can have goodies along the way and still hit those weight loss targets.

Today I jogged around the track for 1/2 hour. I did eight laps around the outer ring of the track.

Well I haven't much to say today. I am pooped from my jog, so I am going home to bathe, and play with the parakeet. That's a bird that a friend is having me baby sit.

Bye for now.


Today I consumed:
  • Eggs-four hard boiled (280 calories)
  • Bread-two slices (200 calories)
  • Italian ham (150 calories)
  • Cheese (100 calories)
  • Small brownie (50 calories)
  • Apple (100 calories)
  • Orange (80 calories)
  • Sport drink (120 calories)
  • Energy drink (130 calories)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Postive Attitude Nonsense

Hello weight losing fans....

I haven't weighed myself today yet. So I don't have any idea where I am with the weight.

I am heading home from work and decided to pop into the local library.

I was reading something yesterday about having a positive mental attitude and how this applies to losing weight.

Listen, I am not into the positive mental attitude stuff. I think some one's idea of a positive attitude is totally subjective. In others words the people who have the positive mental attitudes think they are positive. And I may find that I just don't like that person very much.

I can have a so called "positive mental outlook", but if I eat like a hog, I am still going to get fat as one.

Your body doesn't care if you are happy or sad when you finally cut back on the food consumption. When someone cuts back far enough the body will do it's job and burn extra calories.

Look at the people that were thrown in the prison camps in Germany. That wasn't a very good situation, but those people lost weight. Why? It's because the Germans starved them.

How many times have we heard about people who go into depression and then refuse to eat? They don't eat, and the body loses weight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not writing either of these situations is good. I am just writing the body doesn't care if you are happy or sad when you finally decide to control your food intake. It will do it's job, if you'll do yours.

I don't believe any more these master manipulators that pump out the positivism junk. Most of the time they are just bullies who want their way.

If you are going to lose weight then start reducing your total food intake. Eat just enough food to live and not hurt yourself. Forget the positive mental attitude crap. It's usless.

It's your actions that make a difference, not how you think about it. Be positive all day, but let's see how positive you are when you have to deny yourself.

Bye for now...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Proof About What I Am Writing: My Driver's License

Hello weight losing fans...

Take a look at the weight written on this Driver's License of mine.

See the 250-pounds.

Everywhere I Look I See Fat Men And Women

Hello weight losing fans...

I didn't weigh myself today yet. I don't have my digital scale with me.

Yesterday I ate more than 1,500 calories. Oh well...

I am visiting a family member. Last night I was sitting watching a survivalist show and there was some Ghirardalli Dark Chocolate in a bag next to me. I ate two of them. Each candy has a calorie count of 55 calories. That's four pieces that equal 220 calories. This means that eight pieces of this chocolate would be one meals worth of calories.

Now am I feeling guilty because I ate two pieces of chocolate. Not at all.

My point is though most people do this everyday and then wonder why they are getting fat.

Speaking of fat people: I was looking at a video of military personnel and was surprised to see how many fat men are now in the military. Everywhere I go I see more and more fat people. Now I am seeing more fat people in the military.

When I was in the military fat people got barred from re-enlistment and getting promoted. Now I guess with our modern military it doesn't matter anymore.

I am telling you fat is becoming an epidemic in this country.

Let me tell you what losing 49 pounds has done for me.
  • I look better. My face has really leaned out. I lost six inches on my waist.
  • I feel better.
  • I sleep like a baby. (That is when I can sleep at night and not in the day)
  • I have more energy. I don't take midday naps as often as I did.
  • My clothes fit better.
  • My system is better. My heart beats at 70 beats per minute. And my blood pressure is down.
  • I am now jogging every three days. I couldn't before. It was too painful.
  • My joints aren't as stressed from the extra weight.
  • The women are doing double takes when they look at me. (Sometimes they even stare when they think I am not looking. Cool...)
  • I walk faster.
  • Going up the stairs and down the stairs is much easier.
  • I am just feeling overall better about everything.

There are tremendous benefits to getting off those unwanted pounds. It's just better.

It's so hard to lose weight. It's hard to fight those urges. It's hard.

Feeling Hungry Is Hard To Deal With
Two days ago I finished my slow jog around the track. I was at home getting ready for work for the second time in the day. Anyway, I couldn't help but feel this incredible hunger. My sides were aching. I actually heard the groan of my stomach gnawing on itself. My stomach growled so loudly while I was taking my bath.

Yesterday at work I was waiting for some people. As I was waiting I could not help but feel this gnawing feeling of hunger. I had eaten breakfast already too. So, I went out and got a large beef sandwich. A friend was sitting next to me and eating a large bag of popcorn that had Carmel corn and cheese in the mix. I had four fists of that.

This guy next to me was telling me how he shouldn't be eating the popcorn. So he kept offering it to me. Now, here is a guy who is a type-two diabetic and is on medication for it. He is fat and getting fatter. He can't control himself so he wants me to become the same way.

I did have some of the popcorn, but I did cut it off. Later I had some French fries.

Now, did I go whole hog with the wrong kind of food? No, I did cut it off. Even though he kept offering me more.

There comes a point in time when I have to say no more. I can't eat that. No I won't eat that. This may be a time when the hunger is gnawing my guts out.

If I do eat then I try to find something that is real food, not junk.

Last night I went to a relatives home. There was homemade chicken soup there. I ate that.

I didn't go for the junk even when I was hungry.

The only reason I has the chocolate is because it was there and it's sweet. I didn't think that it would hurt anything anyway. I didn't eat the bag, and I sure could have.

Eat Soup Early In The Day For Better Weight Loss
Source: Barbara Rolls, PhD, professor and Guthrie Chair in Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University, University Park >Booklet: Bottom Lines "Wacky" Remedies Proven To Work

In a study of 147 men and women who ate a reduced calorie diet for one year, those who consumed 10.5 fluid ounces of low-fat, low-calorie soup twice a day lost 50% more weight than those who ate healthful but carbohydrate rich snacks, such as baked chips or pretzels.
Theory: Although the soup had the same number of calories as the other snacks, the soup's greater weight and volume made study participants feel full enough to eat less for the rest of the day.
Self-Defense: Consume a large mugful of a broth-based, low-fat, low-calorie, low-sodium soup rich in vegetables and/ or beans as a first course twice daily.

Bye for now....

This is a life long commitment to lose weight not a one day commitment.


Today I consumed:

  • English Muffin (120 calories)
  • Scrambled egg with cheese (60 calories)
  • Chicken Soup (350 calories)
  • Chicken Soup (350 calories)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eat Less By Counting Calories

Hello weight losing fans...

After a long day of work (10 hours) I am finally taking the time to blog.

This morning I weighed in at 193.4-pounds. Even with the jogging and the very precise food consumption, I am still up over 190-pounds. Maybe now I am adding a bit of muscle. Yesterday after the run I suspect the sudden drop in weight was dehydration.

Yesterday I kept to the target of consuming 1,500 calories.

Today I managed to go over that calorie count. I haven't calculated by how much.

I ate more today than I usually do. I was really hungry today. I am not so worried. However I fully expect to see an increase in weight over the next couple of days. Oh well...

I am expecting to land at around 195-pounds.

This morning when I woke up I ate a left over McDonald's cheese burger, and a granola bar.
Then while at work I ate a Large beef sandwich, and later a small french fry. Along with four fist fulls of flavored popcorn. After work I had two bowls of chicken soup with pasta and macaroni in the soup.

So I have busted the 1,500 calories for today.

Yesterday I heard someone on the radio talking about weight loss. The man was saying that we gain weight because we eat more calories than we need throughout the day. He was critical of fad diets, and diets that specify a certain parameter of food consumption.

He has basically reconfirmed everything that I have been writing. It's not what we eat, it's how much we eat that gets us into trouble with our weight.

I feel vindicated.

Eat Less, Eat Less, and you will lose weight.

Bye for now.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Many Days Since I Was At Two Hundred Pounds

Hello weight losing fans.

Today I weighed in at 194.6-pounds.

I went to the College of Dupage Track and jogged for 1/2 hour. I did eight laps around the outer ring of the track and then cooled down. Then I went back to my apartment and jumped into the pool for about 10 minutes. Oh that was so refreshing. And it pulled the heat out of my sore legs.

After my work out and cooling down I stepped back onto my scale. I weighed in at 191.4-pounds.

Today I ate one egg breakfast sandwich (340 calories), one granola bar (120 calories), Marie Callender's Herb Roasted Chicken Dinner (460 calories), one teaspoon of honey (30 calories).

I don't have much time to share my thoughts with you. I have heard some interesting things and talked to some interesting people. However I am working a split today and must be on my way.

One thing that I will share: I was looking back on my food log. It's been 24 days since I went back up to 200-pounds.

Bye for now...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Hey weight losing fans. Yesterday I didn't have time to blog.
I weighed in yesterday morning at 194.2-pounds.

This morning I weighed in at 192.2-pounds. That's down a little from yesterday morning.

I don't have time to put out my thoughts for today and yesterday. So you will have to wait for the exciting insights. Yeah right...

Oh, come on, I know you hang on my every word.

Yesterday I ate about 1,750 calories of food. No time to say what though.

Today I ate about 1,490 calories of food. Well, I have to split...

Bye for now.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Trying To Kick In The Fat Burners With Excercise

I blogged this morning and had time to get out and blog a little bit more tonight.

I decided to do some excercise. I need a little bit more boost to burn off calories and fat. I have really slowed down trying to get off these pounds. I haven't been eating too many calories over the 1,500 calorie limit that I set.

For one half hour I went jogging around the College Of Dupage track. I did eight laps around the outer ring. I don't know how far that is. But I got my heart rate up and broke a little sweat.

My friend has been urging me to get out and excercise. His theory is that I should be light enough now to be able to do something. We'll see how my knees feel in the next few days.


I haven't totaled my calories consumed for today but here is what I ate:

  • Eggs-seven hard boiled (490 calories)
  • Fried Chicken-eight wing pieces
  • Macaroni salad
  • Bread Roll

Oh My Aching Heart-A Cold Dose Of Reality

We are the Preponderant ones.
We are the ones who struggle with our weight.
We are the ones who over eat.
We are the ones who have let ourselves go.
We walk the earth and consume all that we see.
We are the Preponderant ones.

This morning I stepped onto my scale weighing in at 194.8-pounds.
I am not panicing here. I know that my weight will go up and down. I haven't been eating so far over my total 1,500 calorie target.

Two nights ago I was looking for some different blue jeans that I could wear that were smaller than what I am now wearing. The pants that I am using now are slipping off of me. Yeah!

I have a collection of pants that range from size 34 in the waist up to 44 in the waist. I even have some size 46 dress pants. Yes, I was that large.

Out of the pile of blue jeans fell a pair of size 36 waist blue jean shorts. I used to wear these many years ago.

I tried on the shorts and was surprised to find that the legs still don't slip up onto my legs comfortatbly. The legs are tight on the tops of my thighs. (And I though my legs were getting so skinny.)

I tried to button up the shorts. I couldn't button them, even when I blew out all of the air in my lungs and sucked in my tummy. Then it really hit me. I am still so large. And I shutter to think how large I was.
I have lost over six inches on my waist.

My heart began to sink. I really got a good hard cold dose of reality with that. I wondered how, how did this happen to me? How did I get so far off of my weight from years ago? I have gotten so large. I can't button my old shorts. I can't even put them on.

My heart ached for a moment there.

I put the shorts back up onto the shelve and made a new resolve in my mind. I will put those shorts on again some day. I will put my military uniform coat on again someday. I will.

Here is the thing I must write. I am not going to damage myself to do it. I am not going to ruin my body by fasting away like some people do. I will do it sensibly. But I will get back down to where I was. If I live that long, and with God's help.

Bye for now....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello weight losing fans...

This morning I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 194.4-pounds.
I do believe it's just food that is waiting to leave. That's all.


My food consumption for today:
  • Eggs-four hard boiled (280 calories)
  • Chocolate Slim Fast Shake (190 calories)
  • Buttered Popcorn (500 calories)
  • Chicken Queso Wrap (600 calories)
  • Corn Chips (150 calories)
  • Diet Soda (0 calories)
  • Grapefruit Juice (90 calories)
  • Total calories 1,810 calories

Total calories over my target 210 calories

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hello weight losing fans.

This morning I stepped onto the scale and weighed 191.8-pounds. That's up slightly from yesterday (0.6-pounds). I have a good explanation for it. It's just food from last night still waiting to make it's exit.

I am so happy that more people seem to be popping in on my blog and reading bits of it. I know because they leave comments behind.

It's my hope that someone who is really struggling with being over weight will read some of my blog and get some kind of encouragement from it. I am a real live person who fights "The Battle of The Bulge" everyday.

I am one of the preponderant ones. Maybe you are a preponderant one. This means you are tipping the scales.

Maybe your scale runs and hides itself under the bed because you break it's back everytime you step up onto it. If your scale could speak would it say, "Ugh, get off of me?"

I wake up in the morning and have to decide what I will eat and when I will eat. I have to excercise caution that I won't over eat.

So if you are one of those who comes across my blog, I certainly hope it encourages you.

I know how difficult it is to sacrifice for this cause, "The Battle of The Bulge."

I know how hard it is to go to a party and see all that food on the table. I swear I hear every bit of food saying, "Bite me,""No, bite me."

Yes cookies, candy bars, fruit drinks, and French rolls, call my name when I pass through the supermarket aisles. Don't you hear them too? They say, "David come and eat me."

I hear voices in my head that speak things like, "Oh, you can eat that, and that, and that. Oh have some of that too."

I have another voice in my head that says, "No you can't eat that." Did you want to know what's really scary? One of the voices that's tempting me sounds like Jack Nicholson. Aah...

And don't think that I don't get strange looks from people when I sit in a restaurant with a pen and paper in my hand writing everything that I am eating.

People don't understand, but I certainly do.

It's tough to lose weight. It's tough to keep that weight off once you have lost it. I can pass you onto a blog where one man lost 130-pounds. He's now striving to keep off that extra poundage.
He too is in "The Battle of The Bulge."

It never ends. It never ever will end. We, you, and anyone else in this battle will have to remain ever vigilant to keep off the extra pounds.

Sometimes I feel like an absolute neurotic. Maybe I have turned normal now that I am taking personal interest in my welfare. Maybe it's the one's who don't do anything who aren't normal.

I don't know. But, if you struggle, and you are at the beginning of your quest; just remember, we too are in the battle for our lives.

We fight, "The Battle of The Bulge."

I Will Beat This Drum Over And Over
You and I are overweight because we over eat. That's it. We ate more than we needed to survive and remain healthy.

It's time to cut back on those serving sizes. It's time to give up those chocolate shakes everyday. It's time to give up those bags of cookies, and bags of chips, and the cans of what ever you eat.

It's time to face the hunger. I do.

It's time to face the music and the truth. You have to EAT LESS FOOD.

There is no magic formula in that. It's not rocket science. It's the truth. And it is truly difficult to implement.

I love all the diet books that have formulas for eating a certain way. I love all the promises that the weight lose gurus promise. I have read them and I have tried much of the mumbo jumbo out there.

The simplest thing I can write is: EAT LESS and you will eventually lose weight. That's it.

Well how much less? Hmmm, try eating half of that McDonald's Big Mac. Maybe eat just a cheese burger. Maybe you should eat a child's happy meal. Then forget the chocolate shake.

Maybe you should start counting calories and writing them down like I do. I think that this is the absolute most efficient way to lose weight.

Honestly, that's all that I do. I EAT LESS FOOD. I have smaller portions of food than I did in the past. That's all that I have done to shed almost 49 pounds.

I didn't go out and run, bike, or exercise like a fiend to lose this weight. I ate smaller portions of food. That's it.

The Time Is Now For All Preponderant People To Make The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Bye for now...


Today so far I consumed:

  • Stir fried steak and baby vegetables-12 ounces total weight
    Chunks of Sirloin Tip Steak (418 calories)
    Vegetables-baby carrots, baby corn, and pea pods (100 calories)
    Honey-teaspoonful (30 calories)
  • Broccoli soup-two bowls full (200 calories)
  • Bratwurst-two links (270 x 2=540 calories)
  • Diet Soda
  • Diet Snapple
  • Lean Cuisine-Grilled Chicken Pimavera (250 calories)
  • Banana-small (60 calories)
  • Grapefruit juice (90 calories)
  • Total calories for today 1,650

Well that's all I can eat for today.

This makes it about 150 calories over my target of 1,500 calories


Yesterday Sunday July 8, 2007 I consumed

  • Oatmeal-one cup dry-two cups cooked (300 calories)
  • Syrup-1/4 cup (210 calories)
  • Milk (150 calories)
  • Chicken Patties-two breaded patties (440 calories)
  • Steak Chunks (418 calories)
  • Vegetables (100 calories)
  • Honey-one teaspoon (30 calories)
  • Diet Soda-44 ounce coke (0 calories)
  • Diet Snapple (0 calories)
  • Grapefruit juice-8 ounces (90 calories)
  • Total calories 1,738 calories

This leaves me with approximately 238 calories over my target of 1,500 calories.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, I quess I Am Full Of It...

What is 5 foot 10 inches, has blue eyes, and is now 191.2-pounds? Yep, it's ME!

Hello weight losing fans. Are you surprised?
I was and delighted too.

I stepped onto the scale and did a double take. It was surrealistic to see those digits on my scale tick down to 191.2-pounds.

I Was Full Of It...
Yesterday I posted that I wasn't going to panic because I stepped onto the scale weighing in at 197-pounds.

Well, how did I suddenly drop almost six pounds?

I went to the bathroom that's all.

Yep, I was full of it. Six pounds of it.

Believe it or not, I had been eating pretty well since July 3 of 2007. I certainly haven't been starving myself to death. And, I wasn't DEPRIVING myself. I had some tasty treats along the way.

In fact someone served me a stack of pancakes and two strips of bacon at 10 O'clock at night on July 4, 2007.

So, am I magical? NO, I just stick to the program. I eat around 1,500 calories a day. That's about all I do. On some days I go up a little higher. Then on some day's I come in a little lower.
It all averages out to about 1,500 calories a day over the week.

Dealing With Those Cravings
When a can of frosting shouldn't do, eat some honey. Yep it's God's natures way of curbing the appetite.

I'm serious here. When I know for sure that I am going out to eat, I hunt down that bottle of honey and eat a teaspoonful. It's 30 calories of pure energy and it's certainly better than sugar.
Eating honey spikes up the sugar level in the blood.

If you are a type-one diabetic, I do recommend serious caution with that advice.

One of the things that many people are looking for when they eat is that full feeling. That full feeling comes when the body has a sufficient amount of food in it to press out the stomach. It also happens when the sugar level is sufficiently high and the body no longer seeks another source of energy, thus the full feeling.

Now, for many people that full feeling comes way too far after the amount of food consumed that is sufficient to sustain life. I know for myself, in the past I could easily pack away two plates of food at a buffet. (Oh, and I still can)

That's just too much food.

If you are having cravings, then you need to think about what it is that is prompting those cravings. At night consider drinking a hot spice tea with a teaspoon of honey stirred in. Consider maybe two cups. That would be one tablespoon of honey for 60 calories.

Here is another alternative. Try eating a packet of instant oatmeal. What, eat instant oat meal late at night? Yes, eat late at night. What? That's dieting blasphemy.

Hey, with my work schedule I do it all of the time.

Get out your little food log and write down what you ate and that calorie count. If by chance you exceed your calories for the day consider cutting a little the next day. Maybe you won't have to.

Since July 2nd I have had many days that I zipped by my 1,500 calorie window. I was wondering if I would see a movement in the up direction that would last for many days, or weeks.

Here is another alternative, have some nice juicy fruit on hand and eat that. That sure beats eating some of the other stuff I have heard people eat late at night. For instance I wrote about my friend who ate four Hostess Cup Cakes while watching TV a few nights ago.

Phew, do want to talk about sugar addiction? She has it bad.

As for me, I like sweets too. I am like anyone else. However, I don't like the feeling I get when I eat too much sugar to quickly. It actually makes me feel yucky.
Besides I don't want to decimate my weight reduction progress. So, I make an effort to avoid them in large quantities.

You should too. They really don't help but add empty calories to your total intake for the day.

Hunger Never Goes Away
I have written this many times. I will write it again. If you are consuming less calories a day so that you can lose weight then you are going to feel hungry. You are going to get cravings. You have to figure out what to eat that won't wreck your diet that's all.

My hunger never completely goes away. I have moments where I will feel better after eating but in a matter of an hour or so I am back to feeling hungry. I do all sorts of things like eating huge amounts of vegetables, and meat, etc.

I still have to remain in that calorie window, or I won't lose weight. This may be some one's problem. He/she isn't used to being hungry. It takes getting used to.

I hate it. I truly hate it. I wish with all my heart that it wasn't this way. But, it is what it is. For you it may be the same.

Bye for now...


Today so far I have consumed:

  • Oatmeal-one cup dry-two cups cooked (300 calories)
  • Maple Syrup-1/4 cup added in for flavor (210 calories)
  • Breaded Chicken-two patties (440 calories)
  • Milk-whole milk-eight ounces (150 calories)


Saturday July 7, 2007 I consumed:

  • Eggs-four large (280 calories)
  • Chocolate Protein Shake (190 calories)
  • Breaded Chicken Patties-two (440 calories)
  • Milk-whole milk-more than eight ounces (200 calories)
  • Sausage-four one inch pieces (200 calories)
  • Steak-four bite size pieces (100 calories)
  • vegetables (100 calories)


Friday July 6, 2007

  • Coffee (0 calories)
  • Eggs-four large (280 calories)
  • Slim fast bar (220 calories)
  • Slim fast shake (190 calories)
  • Subway sub sandwich-six inch cold cut (410 calories)
  • Clam Chowder Soup-one can (380 calories)


Thursday July 5, 2007 I consumed:

  • Bacon Strips-four (160 calories)
  • Cookies-nine bite size (360 calories)
  • Pan Fried Catfish (400 calories)
  • Soup (200 calories)
  • Salad (100 calories)


Wednesday July 4, 2007 I consumed:

  • McDonald's sausage patty
  • McDonald's Scrambled eggs
  • McDonald's Cheese Burger
  • Ritz Crackers-12 crackers
  • Potato Chips-large bag
  • Tostitos-large bag
  • Cheese from the can
  • Salsa
  • Chex Mix-three large fistfuls
  • Bacon-2 strips
  • Pancakes-four
  • Syrup


Tusday July 3, 2007 I consumed:

  • Eggs-four hardboiled (280 calories)
  • Milk (150 calories)
  • Coffee (0 calories)
  • Plain Yogurt (110 calories)
  • Breaded Chicken Patties (440 calories)
  • Milk-two more glasses (300 calories)
  • Cheese Chunks (211 calories)
  • Apple (100 calories)
  • Chocholate Protein Drink (160 calories)

At night when I got to my cousins I ate:

  • Hamburger Patty (220 calories)
  • Hamburger Bun (110 calories)
  • Mosticolli with cheese (300 calories)
  • Rice (200 calories)
  • Deviled Eggs (70 calories)
  • German Chocolate Cake-1/6 part of the cake (600 calories)

All this was consumed in one day. Whew... It was very yummy

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weight Losing Is Knowing When Not To Panic

Hello weight losing fans. Yes, hello to all one of you. I had more fans but someone is upset with me. Now I have a new one. I might have two now.

Well, I weighed in this morning at 3:15 at 197-pounds. Well, come on what's wrong David?
I am not panicing here. Last night when I got off work I was 194.2 pounds.

I went to work again this morning. (Yep I have a crazy schedule.) When I got home I weighed 196.4 pounds.

Well, why is there such a big difference? What happened. Last night I got off work, weighed myself and then ate a can of clam chowder soup. That was 360 calories. The can of food weighed about one pound. I also had a lot of fluid like water, and sugar less soda.

Here is my conclusion all this extra weight is food that had not made it's exit yet. That's all.

Just remember something; I am not in some sort of race here to get off those unwanted pounds. I decided to eat last night because I was hungry and I had lots of calories to spare from my 1,500 calorie count. I came in yesterday under 1,500 calories. And the day before I came in just over 1,500 calories.

I tell people don't skip meals. I could have not eaten last night. I would have deprived myself of needed food. So what if I see a pound or two more? I am not killing myself to shed those pounds.
I don't encourage anyone to skip meals and fast to get off the weight.

I am not able to finish my post on this blog right now. Maybe when I get to where I am going I will add my thoughts if I can get to a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Bye for now...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Losing Weight Is Becoming Contagious

This morning I weighed in at 196 pounds. Oops...Oh well...

I have a woman friend. I see her once in a blue moon. She is in her sixties and is a preponderant like me. (Don't forget: once a preponderant, always a preponderant.) Albeit she is a very pretty woman with silver hair. She has facial skin that would make any woman jealous. She has creamy smooth, clear facial skin. Her neckline and her shoulders are nice to. She's also a very classy dresser. She has class for sure.

Yet, she has this tummy. And since I have known her that little tummy has gotten a little bit bigger. She hadn't seen me in a while and was surprised to see how different I look now.
She also told me that I am a very good looking guy. Well, that's two woman complimenting me in a week here. Can I get any more?

Go ahead, say it. Come on, say it. Ladies you think that I am adorable. (Oh, no pictures to see me.) Well, then take my word for it. Oh, and a lot of good it's done me in the past. NOT!

Anyway, she finally lost that man I told her to chuck many months ago. She finally realized she was running around a tree with him and going no where very quickly.

Well, now that she has seen me, she says, "She feels inspired to lose weight." She wants to become presentable to some eligible man out there.

We were discussing her eating habits. Now, many months ago she told me that she doesn't eat very much. OK, what does that mean, "I don't eat that much?"
She doesn't eat that much of what?

Well, she told me what she eats. She told me that she ate a bag of cookies the other night while watching TV. Then she told me there was another night when she ate four Hostess Cupcakes.

Hello, can you say worthless calories here? And so many of them as well. Oh my...

She also told me she doesn't eat breakfast. Well, don't expect to lose weight sensibly here dear. You are going at this the wrong way.

She like so many people skip breakfast. She doesn't eat until well into the afternoon. Then when she eats she goes for the food that just puts on those pounds; cup cakes and cookies.

I am truly surprised she has that pretty face, and isn't a type-two-diabetic.

My point of all this is that someone else has seen what I am doing and it has inspired an attempt at change. Please note I said an attempt at change.

Thinking about losing weight is a lot different than getting really serious about losing weight and then implementing behavior that brings about consistent weight loss.

There is an old saying that rings so true: "Talk is cheap."

Just because she says, or you say, that you are going to lose weight doesn't mean you will.

Just like so many people out there who make New Years Resolutions, losing weight is the same condition. It's so easy to say I will, but oh so hard to do what I will to do.

She has to find a stronger motive to get off those pounds than getting ready to display herself out on the dating market.

I had a list of reasons and the list is getting longer as I progress here. The benefits are really beginning to show in the way I feel. This alone has made it all worth it.

What other reasons can she think of? How about this one. She is taking medication for water retention. Her ankles swell because of it. Are there any ladies that will take my bet that if she sheds forty pounds, she will have less of a problem with that water retention?

She is on sleep medication. Hey, I sleep like a baby now, and when I wake up , most often, it is without a clock to scare me half witless in the wee hours of the morning.

I don't know what else is wrong with her physically, but I bet half the problems will go away if she sheds forty pounds.

How about you? What health problems are happening in your life because you wield around more pounds than you should? Isn't it high time you figure out how to fix the weight problem?

Bye for now...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

That Damage Was Minimized: I Am In The Zone And Under 195-Pounds

Well weight losing fans. Oh, and I just lost one. I'm back and writing about my progress. Yippie Skiddly Do.
Hey, I stepped onto the scale this morning weighing in at (Are you ready?) 210-pounds.
No, I am just kidding there, I weighed this morning 203.6-pounds.

Apparently my over consumption of food, wine, and song had not caught me. Oh if I kept at it I would see a persistent weight gain. I probably would be down to 192 if I hadn't eaten last night when I came home from work. Last night I got off work and weighed in at 194.2-pounds.

If I had skipped eating then I know I would have been below 193-pounds today. But, I am telling people don't skip meals, and don't fast to lose weight. Let the natural course of things work in your favor.

Correction About My Weight At The Doctor's Office
Yesterday I blogged that I was 198 pounds at the doctor's office. Well, I am correcting that 198-pounds to 196-pounds.
Here is why; I usually weigh myself without my clothing on. She weighed me with clothing on. I weighed the clothes today and found with the clothing I had it was an additional three pounds. I thought my clothing weighed less than it did. Here is my point, I weighed 196-pounds.

Last year when I was weighed they weighed me at 238 pounds. I showed a significant weight reduction from last year.

My blood pressure dropped way down from last year. My heart rate came down 20 points from last year. This with just losing weight by reducing food portions by calorie counting.

My Friend And I Were Talking About Why People Over Eat
I have a real good friend who likes to check in on my blog from time to time. He is responsible for me doing this blogging thing. Thanks...

He and I were discussing why people over eat. He told me an interesting phrase that he and his wife have, "My mouth is bored." I think that's so cute. It could explain a lot about many people.

He was telling me that it's an issue of trying to figure out what to eat just because he/she wants to eat something. It may not necessarily be because he/she is hungry.

If this were true for me, I would lose weight very easily. I eat because I am hungry. I nibble because I am trying to cut hunger. (Maybe I have a tapeworm...) I consume beverages because I have a thirst, and I usually go for something that is sweet. That I could say is for a different reason than just being hungry.

I could be honest and say I drink the beer and wine because I like that little buzz I get from it. Not only that, but a glass of wine usually knocks me out.

You critics out there don't have my insane work schedule so spare me the judgementalism here. I have days when I have to be up at 2:00 in the morning when most people are tucked away in bed. Then I have days when I am out until 2:00 in the morning and back at work eight hours later. I don't live a normal life.

Talk about helping to add disfunctionality to a regular eating schedule, my work schedule is the pits.

Am I asking you to give me a pitty party? NO! I don't want your pity. If you have a better job to offer maybe I'll take it.

Our Reasons For Over Eating
Some friend of mine got highly offended when I wrote something in my blog a few days ago.
This friend gave me a list of reasons people over eat. I have addressed similar issues in my past postings on this blog.

Let's go through the list:

  • Boredom: someone who eats because he/she is bored.
  • Lonely: someone who eats because he/she is lonely.
  • Angry: someone who eats because he/she is angry, and angry, and angry. OK!
  • Frustrated: someone who eats because he/she is frustrated.
  • Sinful: someone who eats because he/she is a glutton. (How do you like that one?)
    I am going to add to this one, how about just selfish and self centered glutton.
  • Ignorant: someone who doesn't know what he/she is doing.
  • Lazy: someone who doesn't care what he/she is doing.
  • Belligerent: Someone who is deliberately destroying himself/herself.
  • Defiant: Someone who is being deliberately disobedient.
  • Mentally Disabled: Someone who hasn't got the mental capacity to make sound judgements. These are the people who have to have someone feed them.

Have I missed any reasons for over eating? Should I send up some black balloons? 99 Black balloons... What sarcasm?

What ever the reason is that I was preponderant, (fat, over weight, chubby, obese, etc.) I had to quit and get straight about my problem. I was over weight. I had to get that weight off.

Here Is Your Reality Check
My one friend says he's over eating because he's bored. OK...
He has a really good solution for his over eating. He runs his little legs off. (Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter...)
He actually exercises by running so much his body is displacing fat. He's burning off that fat.
It's great. I used to do a similar thing in the U.S. Army.
And because I was in the U.S. Army Reserves for a long time, I ran for many years.

Now, I don't have that luxury. My work schedule is terrible. I am out away from home most of the time. I blog at local libraries all over the country. I find a library in the town I am in and use their Internet. That's how I post many of my blogs.

My body is falling apart. Well, it feels like it is. I have a problem with my knee and my hip joint. I am not able to run like I used to. I do walk. But, then I have to pop those Tylenol, or some other pain reliever.

My friend has a distinct advantage there. And, I am sure if I could run like the little whirl wind he is, I would be better off. At this time I am not able to.

So, what is my solution? I EAT LESS FOOD!

What ever the reason is that you are preponderant you have to get it fixed. If you don't you will suffer for it like have.

I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, physician, or a nutritionist. I don't have a handle on your life. You have a handle on your life, and you are the one living inside that skin of yours. Not me.

You are the one (if you have read this far) who has to get that weight off if you have a problem.

This blog is there to encourage you. I can't fix you. I do have my thoughts, and so far I have a couple people who don't appreciate those thoughts. OK...

So You Have Your Reason For Over Eating
OK, you have done your mental self diagnosis. You figured out why you over eat. In my case I was hungry. I am hungry now.

You have set your target weight. Now, you are determined to fix that mental, emotional problem. Let's say you eat just because you are bored. Oh, I am so bored.

What's the solution? What are you going to have to do? EAT LESS FOOD.

With that reduction in food consumption there is going to be a new problem. It's called, "I am hungry." Yes, it's that gnawing little feeling when the body is saying, "Feed me Seymour." (That's a little reference to, "Little House of Horrors.")

You are going to get, "Rumbly in your Tumbly." Yes you are.

You'll be sitting at work and food will pop into your head. There will be that subtle feeling of emptiness that starts you thinking about heading to the cafeteria, or makes you pull out that brown bag with the sandwich in it.

You are going to have to become self aware and self conscious about the food that you are eating. I hate it. I would rather just eat and eat to my little hearts content.

That's right. You are now going to have to become fixated on the challenge to lose weight. It's an all consuming thought process. I kid you not it is.

Here is why. In America we have developed the habit of feeding ourselves anytime, anywhere we feel like it. We eat at the gas station, we eat in the train, we eat on an airplane. We eat, and we eat, and we eat. Then we get fat.

Am I so far off here? I don't think so. Those old habits have to get broken. It takes changing the behavior that made those habits. This behavior change consumes our thoughts.

This girl who's blog I read is in the "Battle of The Bulge." She has her reasons for over eating. Here is one. She likes sweets. We all like sweets. We like snacks, and sweets, and food. We like how it tastes. So we eat, eat, and eat. Then we blow up like balloons, get high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, bad joints, and can't put on our clothes.

Please don't get all bent out of shape because what I wrote here or anywhere hit a bad chord with you.

I hate the "Battle Of The Bulge."

Maybe I should blow 200 dollars a year in some club and buy expensive food that has pixy dust sprinkled on it. Maybe I should call my friends and say save me from my terrible evil self that can't get the fat off here. Maybe I should...

Or, I can go to the public library and see the hundreds of dieting books on the shelves. I could save myself some money and read those books to get some idea about what to do.

In the end it comes down to one thing, and one thing only: EAT LESS FOOD.

I'm fat and You're fat because we eat more than we need to survive. That's the bottom line. Now, you can also eat smarter by avoiding all that sugar, and starch. But some days ya just gotta break the bank. I do. I love it when I do.

Bye for now...


Today I ate so far:

  • Chocolate Protein Drink (160 calories)
  • Two Eggs (140 calories)
  • Coffee-black (0 calories)
  • Plain Yogurt (110 calories)
  • Milk-whole white (150 calories)


Yesterday which was Monday I ate:

  • Oatmeal-Two Maple (320 calories)
  • Plain Yogurt (110 calories)
  • Milk-Two Eight Ounce Glasses (300 calories)
  • Eggs-Two (140 calories)
  • Slim Fast Shake (190 calories)
  • Total calories 1,060

Monday, July 2, 2007

What Causes Over Eating?

I weighed in at the doctor's office at 198-pounds. Yeah.

This is certainly less than they weighed me there last year. It's not the 193 I was at last week, but it's way better than last year. Oh, and the nurse says I am cute. So there.

Well, I have more thoughts about what causes someone to over eat. But, now, I can't finish. With these thoughts I will raise up that IRE.

Here is why. Try to lose weight and not feel hungry. It can't be done. I don't care what kind of food you are packing into yourself. I will finish this another day.

Bye for now...

Losing Weight Takes An Act Of Will

I stand corrected about something. Someone weighed in and took very personally something that I wrote. Umm, I didn't mention any names. I didn't aim the blog.

I gave my thoughts. I haven't been able to get rid of hunger. I have eaten large volumes of vegetables, and all kinds of stuff. The problem comes in that I still get hungry. It doesn't take long after I consume a meal that I get hungry. I have to fight that hunger.

This is my primary reason I eat. I don't battle the other things that seem to be connected with food. Now, on the other hand, I do like beers, and wine. I seem to miss having those from time to time. They contribute to the weight gain if they are over done.

I have mentioned before that there are reasons we over eat. My primary reason is I am hungry. It almost never goes away. I do things to cut the hunger, for instance taking a teaspoon of honey before I go out to eat.

When I went to the buffet last night I could have continued to go back until I was just stuffed full and bloated. Now, that would have been an issue of just wanting to have something tasty to eat, for example the sweets.

However, most of the time. I am eating because I am hungry. I want something to cut the hunger.

I don't care what kind of food gets prepared for me, an hour of so later I am hungry again. I don't get this tidy little feeling of fullness that lasts for hours.

I have talked to many people who have told me the same thing. I have friends who complain about hunger.

You may very well have a compulsion to eat for other reasons. But, I eat to get fed.

I wish I had a magic bullet to fix the compulsions that are related to the over consumption of food. I really wish I did. But I don't.

It comes down to one thing and one thing only. EAT LESS FOOD. That's it. How plain can it be made?

When I am out and about I don't have the big choices of foods that I can readily pick from. I try to eat fruits and vegetables. I eat different proteins. I take vitamins.

People have jeered at me, "let's see if you can keep that weight off." Let's see if you will keep it up is what people are thinking. Well, maybe I can, and maybe I can't. Let's see.

I don't face anyone but myself when this battle is over. No physician, psychiatrist, nutritionist, or any fancy organization can help you develop your will to get that fat off.

It takes a gut check to find that will. My gut check was I was sick and tired of huffing and puffing. I couldn't put my pants on anymore. I couldn't clime the stairs. And I got tired of hearing your fat from certain people.

It comes down to you. What are you going to do? What will you do that will get you where you should be? It's not my job. I am hear to tell you that there is someone else out there going through hell to get to a measly 160 pounds. It sucks. Don't you kid yourself.

Oh, hears a nice tray of noodles, and some broccoli, and a little piece of meat for you Mr. Dane. Now do you feel satisfied with these little entrees. OH hell no. But, I know that's all that I should eat. That's all I get.

Man, I hate to go into a diatribe. But, let me tell you how it stinks to be preponderant. Oh, how I wish the fat would melt off like some woman told me. I wish it were true. It's not.

Just look at how quickly I have jumped from 193 back up to 198. It just took some beer, wine and a bottle of fruit juice. That's all it took and my body started turning that sugar into fat. Boom, and it's up, up and over. The scale tips the wrong way.

Hidden Calories; A Stumbling Block To Weight Loss

It's very early in the morning. I don't have any idea what the damage for eating was from last night. Let's say this: Oh that food was so, so good.

Now, what will I have to do? I will have to go back to reduced calories. That's right, I am going back to 1,500 calories.

Now, do I need to starve? NO! I do very nicely on 1,500 calories. You can too.

Last night I wrote down every little thing that I ate. I had a piece of paper with me. You know what? I could have eaten more than I did. I actually stopped myself where I did. I could have kept going back for more dessert than I did. I could have eaten more of other things than I did.
I could have eaten more.

Last Night Hasn't Been My Problem With The Weight Gain
My going from 193 up to 198 wasn't because of what I ate last night. No, I'll see that in a couple of days. I may zoom over 200 pounds for what I ate last night.

My problem was wine, beer, and fruit juice. About five nights ago I purchased a twelve pack of beer. By the third night that beer was gone. Yep I consumed four beers a day.

I then went to a popular store and purchased two bottles of red wine, along with a large bottle of cherry juice. I was mixing the two together to make punch. That's all gone too.

There were thousands of extra non calculated calories in those liquids. The cherry punch alone came up to be over 1000 calories a bottle. That's a lot of calories in a liquid that people just swig down without thought. It's because it's refreshing and tasty.

So What Do You Do When You Fall Off The Wagon?
What do you do when you fall off the food wagon like I did the last week? Well, you get back up onto the wagon. (So to speak...)

This weight loss thing is a life long process. It didn't stop at one week of over indulging myself. I still can continue "The Battle of the Bulge."

The problem with most people is they quit. They give up. They forget why they are suffering eating less food.

Someone told me that he doesn't suffer with the nagging hunger. Well, he doesn't suffer with temptation and hunger, but I certainly do.

If he had been full from a large meal do you think he would want another bite? NO!

Get it straight. Hunger is what drives us to over eat. We never leaned how to deal with our hunger. Then we over eat. We all do.

Why do you think food buffets are filling up with people? It's because they are hungry. That's right. It's the hunger that drives us ultimately.

When I started to cut back on my calories I began to suffer with hunger.

If scientists could invent a way to keep the hunger away permanently they would. But, so far science hasn't got anything. Oh, they do, but it will kill you eventually. There is always cocaine. That's a great appetite suppressant. Then you'll destroy yourself trying to get the cocaine.

But, I am not here to discuss drugs. I am here to discuss getting off the pounds. You will have to learn to consistently eat less. EAT LESS FOOD.

I will keep beating that drum. Oh, and don't worry about me. Because God willing I live many more days, I will get down to 160 pounds. And I won't kill myself to get there. I promise I won't kill myself.

Oh, and don't be envious of my progress. I did it by sacrificing and being careful with the food that I consumed. I did have to suffer hunger, hunger, and more hunger.

Don't feed me that garbage that you won't have hunger. If you didn't have hunger then you wouldn't over eat. It's that easy.

I learned to say no to the hunger, and the urges, that's it in a nut shell. I hated it. I still hate it. But I live with it. Oh, I feel so much better for it too.

Bye for now...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Up, Up, And Away: Gaining In A Hurry

198-pounds when I weighed in this morning.

Well, what can I say? GOOD FOOD!

I went to work this morning and then came home in the afternoon to weigh in at 196-pounds.

Then I went to the buffet for dinner with some family members.

Let's see how to destroy a diet:
  • Dinner roll
  • Dinner roll
  • Honey butter for the dinner rolls
  • Stuffing
  • Barbecue Pork
  • Steak-4 ounces
  • Steak-2 ounces
  • Chicken Breast
  • Boiled Mushrooms in butter
  • Salad w/ Thousand Island dressing
  • Ice Cream-bowl full
  • Chocolate brownie w/frosting
  • Cheese cake-small piece

Well, congratulations David you blew away 1,500 calories. I blew away 1,500 calories and then blew them away some more. Sure beats getting my stomach dissected and then pinned.

So if you think I am feeling bad, I'm not.

This is another day I let the vagaries of hunger and temptation carry me away.

It's so much fun. Oh, and so delicious.

One more thing: When I went to the buffet most of the people there were very preponderant (fat). They all over eat. Many, many people have got to learn to eat less food than they do.
Their lives will depend on it.

Bye for now...

Hello Weight Losing Fans... Today I stepped on the digital scale weighing 183-pounds. Take a look at thus photo of me at my nephew's...