Thursday, March 30, 2017

Insulin Resistance Is The Problem

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the Scale weighing in at 199-Pounds.

That's up... However, my waist line is still shrinking. Go figure.

Anyway, I don't post a whole lot anymore mostly now because I just don't have the time.

I heard the news today another friend of mine is taking insulin because he has adult onset diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes must take insulin because they can not produce insulin.

However, most adults who get adult onset diabetes don't have a problem with not making enough insulin. The problem is they make too much insulin, and their bodies develop a resistance to it. When their is too much sugar in the system, the body excretes insulin. This insulin is supposed to scrub the body of the sugar. What it usually does is stores the excessive sugar as body fat. Too much sugar though also becomes a problem with the insulin levels being so high for so long, the body loses it's ability to process sugar. In essence the body becomes immune or resistant to it's own insulin. The result is a decease called adult onset diabetes.

There are other factors involved with this as well. A lack of minerals such as magnesium, vanadium, chromium, copper, iodine and nutrients like vitamin C, cause the body to not function as it should.

But, the biggest problem is too much insulin for too long in the system. The body can only store 4-grams of glucose at any one time (That is about a teaspoon of sugar). If there is excessive glucose the body must store it or excrete it. This is where insulin works. Insulin takes the sugar converts it to fat and stores it. The body also dumps sugar out of the body, and this is why sugar can be detected in the urine with a test strip.

These days when doctors see this in tests they react by prescribing medications. Instead they should say to the patient, it's time for you to give up sugar, and quit eating so many carbohydrates.
My friends blood sugar must have gotten so high the doctor gave him insulin. On his FACEBOOK page he was talking about passing out from an insulin overdose. Well, yeah dude you already have insulin in your system. Your problem isn't too much Insulin. Your problem is the body can't use what it has anymore.

Can it be fixed. Most of the times it can be fixed. But, it will take a strict diet of getting off sugar, and carbohydrates. It will also mean fasting between meals and letting the insulin levels drop back to normal.

I don't have time to go into more details about this. However, go look up insulin Resistance. Take a look at the videos I posted in the past.

If you are overweight, and you have body fat, then the odds are real good you are becoming a victim of insulin resistance...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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