Friday, February 27, 2015

David Dane here...

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 206.8-Pounds... Don't ask me why because I surely don't know. I had a real big lunch yesterday. I didn't eat anything all day after that. And, I didn't eat anything before that.

So what's up with my weight... I don't know.

This afternoon I opened up the statistics for the number of page views today... There must be a glitch in bloggers computers. The stats say today I have had 522 views of my blog... Really, really?  Come on I average about 30-40 views a day if that. I have only gotten up to a 100 viewer ship maybe, maybe 3 times in all the years I have been writing this blog.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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Hello weight losing fans... Today I stepped up onto the scale at about 173.6-pounds.