Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the Scale weighing in at just over 194-Pounds.

I thought I would check out the blog and see where the stats were for readers. Wow, I am all the way down to zero...

That's Okay.. It's hard to post, and post on a blog everyday.

Well, I replaced my scale that broke with a new one... That new scale got fried with water over flow from the tub. Oops...

I purchased an inexpensive scale that only measures the weight.

So for now, it's no longer the magical mystical digital scale. It is just a scale.

Today I weighed in at just over 194-Pounds. Last May of 2016 I was 214-Pounds...
January of 2016 I was 225-Pounds.

I was down recently as low as 191.4-Pounds.

I have lost 5-inches off my stomach and off my chest.

I am back to doing some exercises each day with the hope of increasing the regimen.

I am not planning on writing on this everyday. A year ago I just ran out of things to write.

I will tell you this, I have changed my mind about some things. Weight doesn't matter near as much as the lose of inches on the waist and chest. I have lost many inches on both areas.

Now, does weight and inches correspond? Well, yeah.  Only that doesn't reflect the actual condition of the body, or it's real muscle structure verses the fat content. I haven't lost many pounds over this last year. I have lost many inches.  I am pretty sure I am holding on to much of my muscle mass.

In the beginning of my writing my blog I was losing weight because I restricted my calories. Well, now I don't restrict calories. I eat what I eat. Much of what I eat is FAT.

That's all for now...... !

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