Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the scale weighing in at 198-pounds + ... Yep that's an increase. Last night I ate after 8-PM which is very unusual for me. So that was on the scale early this morning.

I had a talk with a friend yesterday. He seems to think that I am starving myself to death. This is because I have noticeably trimmed down. Now, I am not bent out of shape with this weight gain. He complains that he must lose weight .... Will he take the steps. ? NO.... I tell him that I eat a lot of butter. In fact I actually eat at least one stick a day. I also take the fat from my hamburgers and pour it into the vegetables. Fat suppresses appetite. It actually helps to control the amount of food someone wants to eat. It has for me. I am not actually losing the inches more than I am losing the pounds.

Now, would I like to get my weight down? Yeah... At what expense my actual muscle. And, I had written for years my frustration with never ending hunger. Butter, and fat help me want less. It still takes will power to leave sweets alone. However, I can eat a lot of fat, and then actually increase my fat and proteins. Which helps with hunger.

That's all for now.... I'm David Dane

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