Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Denounce You Michelle Obama, And Your Weight Control Agenda

Hello weight losing fans...
Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 200.8-pounds.

Well, that's what stress will do for you. It's been hard for me the last week with the sleepless nights, and the feelings of sadness.

I have eaten more food per day than my caloric allotment. However, because of personal distress my body consumed more energy. So here I am back at 200.8-pounds with little effort.

Since there's nothing I can do about my mother dieing and you can't either, it's back to my messages on the blog.

Michelle Obama SCREW YOU And Your Fascist Agenda To Stop Obesity In Children
During the 2010 State of the Union Address, President Barack Huessein Obama designated Michelle Obama at the New National Chairperson for controlling Obesity in Children....
In other words she's another one of his unelected czars of whom no one knows her salary, or her benefits package.

I will tell you up front why he did this: It's called follow the money. Obama is a greedy jerk who wants money and power. In giving Michelle Obama this Chairmanship she now has the ability to collect a salary and all the benefits that would be given to a government employee...

Not only did he give her a salary, but he gave to her an immense amount of power to manipulate and control the gullible, stupid masses of people who would follow her.

See this Article written by David Horowitz's
Along with Michelle's unknown salary, goes all the benefits, perks, and authority she will need to travel across the country and around the world to announce her agenda to fight obesity in children. She will be given staff members, all of whom will draw salaries and benefits, as they serve the Queen Michelle Obama...
Meanwhile the taxpayers will take it in the shorts as another government control program gets underway... Forget terrorism; Childhood Obesity is far more dangerous, and demands the immediate attention of Michelle Obama, and the government control freaks.
It's not enough that we have had a surgeon general for years in the President's Cabinet that could have been given the designation. No the power had to be given to Michelle, a woman who doesn't know the first thing about helping children lose weight.
Of course like all power grabbing elitists, Michelle had to declare that Childhood Obesity is an epidemic, even though it's not. And because she now has the authority to set the rules, all we Americans will have to bow down to her agenda.
Well, I say F...... K YOU Michelle Obama, and that husband of yours Barack Hussein Obama.
I like Rush Limbaugh hope that all your initiatives fail miserably.
I don't want to see fat children, but it's not the federal government's job to control children.
You have no business telling anyone how to raise their children when it comes to the choices of food they will eat.....
And I darn sure don't want you Michelle telling me anything.... Go to hell Michelle. Go back to the Loins of Satan where you were spawned from; YOU WITCH !
That's what I think....
Bye for now...
And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

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