Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Third Year Weight Losing Anniversary Is Rapidly Approaching.

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 189.2-pounds.

I was looking at the left side of my blog page and it dawned on me that my effort to conquer my obesity has now been almost three years in the works. The Anniversary date is rapidly approaching.

My first year began in the fall of 2006 when I found myself desperately wanting to lose weight, and rid myself of this unwieldy body of fat. At that time I was tipping the weight scale at around 240 pounds. I had actually lost weight in prior years and then regained all but 20 of those lost pounds.

I like so many people have in the past lost weight only to regain that weight. Therefore I have found myself more frustrated than I was before.

This weight loss season has been different. In my first year that started in 2006, I managed to lose 60-pounds. I managed to keep that weight off for about another year when I began to regain pounds.

My year of doom began in 2009. (I think it's the direct result of my mental anguish over having seen this nation elect President Barack Hussein Obama, who is a pure Marxist, as the President of the United States.)

I started losing it in the summer of 2009. When having wanted to push for my last 20-pounds of weight loss, I began to experiment with my diet. I started trying again the Doctor Atkins' Diet.
Oh boy, was that a mistake.

As a result I began to crave sweets like crazy. This of course is contrary to what they say. GEE, I must be abnormal, or something. Oh, yes let's not forget the real crux of the problem; Exercise !
At the insistence of someone I began a regular regiment of jogging. I actually stuck with it for about a month until I got a back spasm that laid me up for half a day in bed trying to recover.

As a result of my increased excursion, and diet change my appetite became overwhelming. I was hungry all of the time. I found myself wanting to eat more. Now, I did not go out and binge my food. But, I did add in enough calories so that my weight began to rise.

Well, my weight climbed throughout the summer, 185, 190, 198 up to almost 200 pounds. Oh boy, I thought this is ridiculous. (And, contrary to what some friend of mine thought, I did not go into some deep depression over my weight gain.) Now, even though I wasn't dutifully reporting to my blog site my progress, I was still writing all of my food consumption down, and weighing myself just about every day.

Well, I wrote all that to conclude with this. I never did give up my "Battle With The Bulge." I am still aware of what's going on with my weight every day. I am not so deeply depressed about this set back. Whoopee... I say. I did not regain that 60-pounds.

Oh and for those of you who did see some weird stuff on the blog, the person who wrote that is dead now. Ha, Ha, Ha... No, I laughed when I saw it all. It was some one's practical joke.

But, it did get me a Donut Award from a mischievous prankster who was delighting in my failure.

How about you though? What are you going through. I know that I haven't written much lately about my weight. It's mostly because I have run out of things to say. I don't pay much attention to any weight loss sights. That's why I rarely report on them. I think that most weight lose programs are a bunch of Bull S..... !

No one, I mean no one, has to struggle with the cravings that I have. No one, no one, is going to struggle with the cravings that you will. In the end, to lose weight, it takes a sheer will power that most people don't have. It takes even more will power to keep that weight off.

I ate early this morning. I had my bowl of Oatmeal for breakfast. Now, here it is four hours later, and I am absolutely dieing of hunger. I am starved.

But, I know, if I am ever going to get back to 180-pounds. I have to tough it out. Yep, you will too. It's not easy to lose weight, and keep it off. It's just not.

Bye for now....

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane.

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