Friday, January 8, 2010

I Struggle With Hunger... What About You?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 197-pounds.

This is really a challenge...

It's so hard to reverse course when I have gone so far into that wrong direction.

I was reading someone Else's comment on another blog written about me.
I don't think it's understood at all what I have written in the past. I never wrote that losing weight was easy. I never pretended that my will power is any greater than anyone Else's.

I have a question: so what if I regained almost 20-pounds over the last year? Who does that have any effect on but me?

When I started writing this blog over two years ago, it was because I had a pesky friend that kept after me about writing a blog. He was doing it, and he thought I should do it too.
He's the reason I have a FACEBOOK PAGE... And if he didn't sign me up for that, I never would have joined. I am actually very tired of the FACEBOOK... If there wasn't some girl I liked on there so much, I would close the FACEBOOK... But, I look forward to getting a little quip from her here and there......

I don't love being on the computer... To be honest, I don't care if anyone recognizes me either.
I don't crave the attention.

Well, why am I writing this then.... ??????

I am writing this for that one person out there that might benefit from my experience.

If you are overweight like I was, and still am.... I got down to 180-pounds. Now, I am what's up above.....

Food is my downfall.... I am like you, I like to eat. And, I struggle with hunger almost all of the time. I don't care what I eat... I don't care if it's that special Atkins's Diet, the seafood diet, the grapefruit diet... I don't care what it's called, I don't care if I stuffed myself at dinner; because one hour later I am hungry again.....!
Short of using some sort of appetite suppressor, I will always have to wrestle with hunger.

I lost most of my weight being hungry all of the time. That's that Jack.

I resent the smart butts who think I have a weak will. Here is what I think: "Go F..... Yourself."

Oh that's not so nice.

Well, you think you know so much. Leave me alone. You aren't me, and I am not you...

By for now...

And that's the Way it is...I'm David Dane

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Funky White Boy said...

Damn pesky friends. That's how I got started on blogging too. I'm not on Facebook yet.

I like your desire to encourage but I am laughing. I never heard a holy roller say "Go f yourself."

I am trying to get a little better. I don't want to be very hungry. A little hungry is OK. I don't care how long it takes. I have a strong will but I am not steel. Work is slow so I am pumping pushups and situps and pullups on my days off.

It is a new year. By the summer, maybe I wil have lost five pounds.

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