Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 204-pounds.

Yes that's a for real number. My weight jumped 7-pounds.

You might ask, "How is that possible?"

It's easy, last night I went to dinner with my friend. I had 3/4 of a large pizza.

At home I drank 3 beers, and three shots of carmel flavored ligueur.

So there you have it, too many calories, late in the evening, showed up on the scale in the morning.


Am I worried, NO!?

Do I worry what you think, Double NO!?

Why am I telling you? Well because maybe your one of those neurotics that feels guilty when you gain a pound. Those kind of people beat the crap out of themselves when they violate their weight goals...

I know someone like that who feels so quilty and shameful when he hasn't run.... His writing displays that guilt...

OH big deal. Oh, I gained some weight, feel guilty, feel shame, feel discust with myself.

I am still trying to read this weight loss book. I am throwing up reading it. It's all based on emotions. There seems to be a few redeeming things in it.

But, you know what? You won't lose weight if you don't stop stuffing your face. That's it period.

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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