Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Accept This Reality, Dieting Means Always Being Hungry For Something

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto that Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 194.6-pounds (This error was corrected from this mistyped weight of 184.6-pounds.)

OH, ouch..... David you Porky Pig, where did that 180-pounds go that you boasted about....?

Umm, ummm, be honest, are you doing any better? Oh, and you want to be critical of me?

Guilty as charged... I have eaten more than my daily allocation of 1,500 calories which is what got me to the 180-pounds in the first place.

I have a friend who criticized me and said that I have given up. Who said? Who said that I have quit for good trying to get that weight down?

Here is what I told my friend... "I got sick and tired of being hungry all of the time." That's right, I was hungry all of the time. Most people don't understand that. I know he doesn't.

I would eat my measly little 500 calories for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and 30 minutes later I would be starving.

I don't have some internal organism in me that's eating my guts either. I just get hungry. Less than one hour ago I ate a hamburger on a bun. That's all I ate.

Right now, having eaten, I am rip-roaring hungry. I ate breakfast, I ate my measly little hamburger. I was less than 500 calories total. Still I am hungry.....

Now, I am the master when it comes to losing weight. You read that right. I am the master. For over one year I kept my weight at a steady 180-pounds. I went up and down some.

Well, since I am the master, I am going to show you the skeptics, I can get there again. I don't know how many days it will take. I will get back there.

I have decided to stop at 180-pounds. Here is why... I can't stay any lower. My body absolutely refuses to stay below 180-pounds.

I will have to be hungry all of the time...

Here is the hardest thing to accept about any weight loss program: I am going to be hungry.

You will be hungry if you want to lose weight. I don't care what weight loss program you choose. You can't lose weight unless you change your diet. That means you'll have to cut out something.

Accept the inevitable, you'll have to give up something. I don't care what program you pick.
And, you will always, always be hungry.

I told my friend, who is convinced I could lose weight faster if I would exercise, that I was jogging and exercising. He's convinced that I can increase my food consumption accordingly. NO.... I can't. That's not the purpose of exercise.

Exercise is to condition the body. In the long run it might aid in the ability to control one's own weight, but that's all.

I told my friend that I was really, really, getting hungry as a result of exercising. Yep, my appetite actually increased as I exercised. And, it was down-right frustrating.

Think about it... I was burning up more energy. My body started screaming for food.

I told my friend, I got sick of the hunger, and I ate to try to satisfy that raging hunger. It hurts folks. My stomach churns with pain as I wait for my next meal.

This is why so many people fail with their weight losing programs. The liars, and propagandists that want to sell you something tell a different story. They will say that you aren't doing their program properly if you're hungry.... It's a freak lie......

Accept it... If you want to lose weight, cut back, and suffer with that hunger.
I hate it.
So far today I have consumed: 1 hot dog (130 calories), 1 hot dog bun (120 calories), 1 quarter pound hamburger patty (290 calories), 1 hamburger bun (120 calories). I have some calories left for dinner. Here are the numbers for the end of the day, to include what's already there in front of this sentence: Salad with lettuce (50 calories), salad dressing (80 calories), 2 cups grapes (315 calories), 1 hot dog for dinner (130 calories), 1 hot dog bun (120 calories). I changed some of the numbers from earlier in the day upon finding I had underestimated the values. Grand total calories for today equal around 1355 calories.
Also I did some exercise today that used up about 157 calories. I jogged a little and then walked for almost 30 minutes total.
Whoops, it's the next day here, and I am adding to yesterdays numbers: Popcorn (130 calories), 2 small vienna dogs from the can (70 calories), 4 x 12-ounce beers (4 x 150 = 600 calories). This makes the days totals 2155 calories. Whoa....
One final comment for the day: For you who are overly concerned that I am eating the wrong food. What's worse, getting fatter, or having a little extra sodium from the Hot Dogs?

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane.


Jet said...

Hi David,

I stumbled by accident on your blog site and found out that we both have the same problem. I was trying to research what would be the best way to handle hunger pangs while dieting.

I've been doing a lot of research what is the healthiest way and lose weight. Guess what, I got good news for you. When your body says your hungry it just simply means that you have eat. But the big question is "what are you supposed to eat?". The keyword is eat healthy food like whole grain, fruits, veggies and even meat and be well hydrated with water. Then eat in small portions every 3 hrs. Here's a helpful website that might be the answer to your question about hunger pangs.


Here's another article that I stumbled upon about a tutorial on healthy lifestyle.


I hope this information helps.

Hope you reach your goal. =)

A concerned blogger,

Jet =)

Resilient Hawk said...

I don't think execise will replace the need to drop calories, but it can limit the impact of the ones you consume.

You bhave gotten below 190 again. Great victory there.

David Dane said...

Jet, I ate a hamburger, and a bun for lunch, as well as a large green salad. I am hungry anyway. I eat peanuts, and fruit too. It doesn't take away the hunger. I also hydrate myself with a lot of fluids during the day. I make sure I drink plenty of water. None of it fixes that hunger very long.
Nope it's a fact of life. Hunger is the price we pay to lose weight, and to keep the weight off, we will be hungry. So sorry....

David Dane said...

As for you brother of the Eagle, resiliant hawk, flying so high above the trees..... I hate exercising.... I do it begrudgingly. There...

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