Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Friends Don't Always Help That Weight Loss Cause

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 193.4 (This error was corrected from this mistyped weight 183.4-pounds.) That's down from yesterday's total weight.

Today I had to add to my total calories for yesterday. Last night I went out with a friend to the store, and he wanted to stop in and drink a couple beers at the local restaurant. I told him it's too expensive for a glass of beer, and that it's cheaper to get a 12-pack from the local store, and then drink that.
A 12-ounce mug of beer at the Chili's restaurant was around $3.00. For two of us it would have been $6.00 and change for the tax and the tip. For $12.00 I picked up a name brand beer and got 6 times the beer. It was a lot less, and I saved myself that tip to have a bar maid walk to the bar and order a couple of beers. We drank a bottle of beer for about $1.00 a beer. That was a big savings.

When my friend and I went back to his house we had popcorn for a snack. I didn't want to eat it initially but he insisted I have some. He also whipped out some canned sausages, and insisted I chow down on a couple. NO didn't phase him.

Now, I never intended to be adding to my calorie totals for the day because I hit my consumption for the day. Only it just goes to show some friends don't respect my efforts to eat less food, and drink less caloric drinks, such as beer. I was being friendly and went along. Argh...

At the end of the day my totals went from just under 1,400 calories up to 2,155 calories. (I don't want a comment about this.)

So here is a lesson: Be weary of friends who want to eat at all hours of the day. You won't get any help trying to lose weight with them.
So far today I have eaten: 1 hamburger (290 calories), 1 hamburger bun (120 calories), 1 salad with lettuce (50 calories), Italian Dressing (90 calories). Total calories as of 2:41 PM Chicago time 550 calories.
Well, it's the end of the day for me and my ability to get onto the Internet. I am posting the end of the day events. At the end of the day I have eaten: 1 hot dog (130 calories), 1 hot dog bun (120 calories), 1 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bar (130 calories), and to round everything off, 2 Leinenkugel Honey Beers. Succulent beer I might add, yum, yum. The total calories today are around: 1,250 calories.

I went to the prairie path and did a two mile jaunt for approximately 27 minutes. I walked about 3/4 miles, and jogged about 1 1/4 miles total. I built up a real good sweat. My shirt was soaked. I am estimating I burned about 150 calories. I didn't have my walking meter on, so I am not completely sure.
I am not sure I am going to run tomorrow, since I was getting in my car to come post this, my back went into a spasm. Bummer.

That's a rap on the day.
Bye for now....

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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