Friday, August 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Critisized For Losing Weight....

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 193-pounds.
That's even up from yesterday's weight.

Yesterday I wrote about what someone was telling me about dealing with hunger.
I want to clarify something: I do believe we should pray. I do believe we ought to exercise our spiritual muscles and be filled with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit. (I think I am accomplishing about .001 % of that objective.)

It was my prayer that lead me to gain control of myself to lose weight this far. That all said, (written) I think that there is a lot of self sacrifice involved in the discipline to lose excessive weight. I haven't discovered a fool-proof method to lose weight and then not struggle with the appetite, and the bad habits that I learned along the way that got me into trouble.

I am constantly running into people who are eating the very things that I want to eat. I can smell cookies, and cake, and other foods. Sometimes the smell is all it takes for my tummy to begin to rumble. And when the vessel (my tummy) is empty, that makes the temptation all that much worse.

I think hunger is a normal reaction to reducing down the calories and making the sacrifice needed to lose weight. This has been my experience. And, no amount of experimentation over that last two years has given me any solution to my hunger issues. You might be different, but I really doubt it.

Rush Limbaugh Attacked For Losing 85 Pounds
Today I was listening to a radio broadcast on which Rush Limbaugh was saying he lost 85-pounds, and never once felt hunger during the weight loss process. He was saying that he is being verbally attacked as a liar because he lost this weight in less than one year. He is being verbally attacked because he has claimed he doesn't suffer with hunger. He is being verbally attacked because he claims he is not counting calories.

I believe him. From what I hear so far, I think he is practicing a modified version of the Doctor Atkins' Diet. On this weight loss program it's not really necessary to count calories. Instead carbohydrates are counted.

I practiced the Doctor Atkins' Plan. I lost weight. I didn't always struggle with hunger during the initial phases of the plan (Induction as it is called). However, I couldn't keep doing that plan. My body would no longer respond. Not only that, I craved sweets, and carbohydrates.

Now, my experience is: I figured out that I could lose weight at around 1,500 calories a day. Along with that came unbelievable struggles with hunger. To this day, I wrestle with bouts of hunger.

I have tried stuffing my face with large amounts of green vegetables. I have retried the Induction process from the Atkins' Diet. I have done all sorts of things hoping I will find a solution.

I found out that I am human. When I am at a birthday party, and the Ice Cream and Cake is being handed out; I find myself wanting some just like a little child would. When I am at a banquet, and I see that apple pie; I can smell it, and I want it too.

I could go on, but I am going to end this here with this thought: If it were so easy to stop over eating, then we wouldn't have more than one third of the American population walking around obese. If weight wasn't a problem for so many people, then we wouldn't have the do-good-pushy-busy-body-liberals writing articles about our health. It's because they don't have anything better to do (The control freaks).

If losing weight were easy, then we wouldn't have the control freak politicians (who themselves are fat) wanting to enact laws and taxes to control us. Illinois just enacted a Chocolate Tax. You don't hear too much about that in the Liberal Media.

No, it's hard. It's real hard to lose weight. It's hard to change the schedule and do some exercise. It just is.

I was teasing my friend who was telling me how good he feels when he exercises. I was yawning and saying Ho-hum. He doesn't understand, I am 50 and it's hard to get these joints and muscles to move like I was 20 again.

I don't know what he'll be doing when he reaches my age. But, I am telling you when you get older it does seem to get harder.

And, let's not forget that even though the sky line is cloudless and blue out there right now, there is lurking in the air that "Evil, Noxious, Killer Air Pollution." Yes, I heard a report that we shouldn't do vigorous exercise outside right now because the pollution is lurking and we can get an Asthma attack from it. I am serious, that's what's being reported. Check out this non-sense:
Yes it's an orange alert out there and I better be careful.

So there is my excuse for not running, or walking. How about you? Gee, where is that chocolate cake I put inside of the refrigerator? It's here somewhere. It's a shame I don't have some Vanilla Ice Cream for the top. This will do for now.

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane (Cough, Wheeze... Where is my oxygen?)

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