Monday, November 25, 2013

My Weights The Same... Good !!!!

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213.4-Pounds.
That's the same as yesterday.

Yesterday I went to work. I had a can of Sprite sitting in the car when I went to work. I drank it (140-calories of fructose sugar). Then there were some snacks. I had three snack bags of cookies. (The cinnamon cookies were 220-calories, and the small chocolate cookies were 200 calories.) Then I someone offered me a Sierra Mist (140-calories of fructose sugar made from corn syrup). I ate a hot dog and bun, along with a small  yogurt cup.

There you have it.

And my readers spiked up to almost 100 the last two days. Maybe someone is paying attention to the Narcissistic Fat Man... Buah, ha, ha... I make myself laugh...

Just Remember: I screen the comments before I let them post on this blog. If I don't like the comment, then I won't approve it for posting. 

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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