Thursday, November 21, 2013

Okay, Okay, I Cheated Yesterday To Get Here...!

Hello Weight Losing Fans…

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 212.4-Pounds.
Admittedly, I cheated… Yep, I sure did.

Yesterday I was supposed to be up and out for work at 5:15 in the Morning (5:15 A.M.). Now, that was after getting off at 11:30 P.M. You got it; I got home at 12:30 A.M. It’s against the Law, and it’s truly illegal. My boss is so desperate for drivers. He’s willing to break the law, and risk the lives of people. Since things are so slow right now, I decided I’ll do it.
But, this is what I’ve lived with for over 9 years now.
My life has been truly topsy-turvy. Just imagine how hard it is to manage a diet.

Well, back to my point that I cheated. Yesterday I rushed out the door, and didn’t have time to eat. I decided to fast the rest of the day. So there you see up there at the top the results…

Today is my birthday: “Happy Birthday to me…”

Buah, ha, ha… Sometimes I make myself laugh. Look at the Narcissist Fat Guy wishing himself happy birthday…. Buah, ha, ha….

This explains the title of my blog: “Is It Too Late To Lose Those Pounds.”  When I began this project I was rapidly approaching 50 years old. Well, I have gone past those years.

Usually guys my age just let the pot-belly grow and never look back. Well, I did something about it. Now, I am back at it. This time it’s so much harder to do….

I won’t give up.

Please Remember: If you you leave a comment; I screen it first. If I don't like it; I won't post it. This is a blog that encourages a continuous effort to get those pounds off, and then keep them off. I won't put up with Nasty Comments....! 

That’s the way it is… I’m David Dane

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