Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's Not Your Fault

Hello Weight Losing Fans....

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 213-pounds.

Today I titled my post: "It's Not Your Fault."

I mean that. I used to thing that weight gain may be related to a diet of consuming too many calories.
I used to write eat less food. That was because I lost weight "eating less food."
I stood by that thinking that was the solution for losing weight. Since then I am changing my mind.
Yeah, the amount of food we consume has an effect on our weight. The kind of food we eat has an effect on weight too. For example, if you drink a lot of sugary sodas, sooner or later you will gain weight. If you eat a lot of sugary foods, sooner or later you will gain weight.

But, but, but, what if you are like me? You cut back on the sugar. You quit the soda pop. You drink water or milk only? Yet, yet, yet, you can't lose a pound, or your weight fluctuates.

I say, It's probably not your fault, and I mean that.

I tried to lose all that weight like I did before. I went back down to the skimpy meals, I quit soda pops, and sweet drinks. I watched my calories. Yet there it stayed, the fat just stayed.

I listen to a man on the internet called Ted Broer. He is a health nutritionist who has his own show.
He also owns a company called: Health Masters.

As I listened to him he would talk about all the chemicals in plastic bottles, and plastic lining in tin cans.  He said that those plastic release chemicals that mimic estrogen.  He calls them Fido Estrogen, and another man calls them Zeno Estrogen. What ever kind of estrogen it is, it's not good for men or women to consume it. I am not going to get real technical here.

Those estrogens inhibit the body from releasing it's body fat stores. Not only that, they contribute to the likelihood of contracting cancer. For men it actually starts to produce feminine traits, to include impotence, breasts, prostate problems, and mood swings. For women the estrogen mimickers inhibit fat lose, cause breast cancer, and flood the body with and imbalance of hormones that effect thoughts and moods, and mask the natural estrogen, and tiny little bit of testosterone women use.

 That said: It's probably not your fault you can't lose weight.

There is a woman who I follow on her blog. Man, this girl exercises, and she eats right, yet she can't seem to strip off the pounds. Little does she know, she is doing everything right.  She is absolutely amazing. But, she can not lose fat to save her life. In fact she gained weight, and says she has not been disciplined enough. I look at her meals and I see what she eats. I see the amount of exercise she does, and I am amazed.  She doesn't know it's not her... It's something inside of her.  She has stored in her liver, and in the very fat she is trying to lose these Mimicking Estrogens. They are playing havoc on her.

I don't know it she has ever done a body cleanse. But, she must detoxify that liver, and continue on a regimen that will detoxify the body.  Here is what's happening as she burns fat, the estrogen stored away is released and foils her weight loss.  The body sees the estrogen and turns around to make more fat. It's a vicious defeating circle. And it's very frustrating.

It's not her fault, and it's not your fault. I am waking you up here to your problem. Now here is what I am doing, and I will see if I get the results I want. I am drinking when I wake up 1/2 teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, one tablespoon lemon juice, and distilled water. I eat after 1/2 hour to let the juices begin to rev up. At night, I drink the same mixture before going to sleep.  (And, I brush my teeth immediately because real strong lemon juice eats away tooth enamel.)

That's what I do for now... Let's see the results.

My recommendation to all you folks struggling to lose weight is go on a cleansing program that's not too difficult. I even recommend you look them up on the internet. You are probably full of toxins, and you don't know it.  I even recommend using coffee enemas which will really help clean things out. I haven't gotten that far yet, but I might.

So far today I had my Cayenne Pepper Lemon drink, two mugs of coffee with stevia, two tablespoons of coconut oil, along with two tablespoons of MCT oil. I ate three scrambled eggs with cheese melted on top.

That's the way it is .... I'm David Dane

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