Thursday, October 3, 2013

To Late To Be Eating...!

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 216.2-Pounds.

Excuse me for this late post. I went to work this morning so, so early, and then had no access to an online computer. I just put in 16 hours of work and I am heading home.

I don't expect my weight tomorrow to be any better because I didn't eat anything since 5 AM this morning except some granola bars.

My customer handed me some doggie bags of chinese food which I have been snacking on before bringing the bus back to the barn for the night. I have been eating barbeque ribs, and big chunks of stir fried vegetables. It's already past 9:00 PM. I am so hungry though.

My weight today was higher too because last night I was hungry and decided to pound down a couple glasses of milk and some yogurt. I am sure that's why I was over 216-Pounds today.

Like I said tomorrow I don't expect any improvement because it is so late.

That's the way it is, I'm David Dane

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