Thursday, March 27, 2014

Maybe This will help....

David Dane here...

Hello Weight Losing Friends...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 210.8-Pounds.

I wasn't really very hungry this morning again. I ate because I know I should eat something. I had three very small oranges, a slice of bread cut in half with peanut butter folding it into a sandwich, and a quart of water. I had some coffee. That was to give myself a natural zip. But, really my desire for coffee has been going down.

That weigh above is down from yesterday considerably. This lose came after having a large lunch yesterday. I ate a chicken breast, three strips of beef, 2 chunks of bratwurst sausage (not the whole sausage), two polish dumplings, some mashed potatoes, a big pile of fermented cabbage, a cup of mixed vegetables, one large slice of bread, and a small bread roll. Then I ate for desert two cookies, and a small square of cake.  I came home from work and didn't eat anything else the rest of the day. I took the rest of my vitamins later that evening.

Yesterday I was clicking the Next Blog Button up above. I came across a blog about a woman who had GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. As a result she lost 100-pounds. She admitted that she still gets hungry, and can gain weight again if she doesn't watch what she eats. YIKES....... She admitted that she can tell she is gaining weight when her clothes get tight. What?

Let me tell you what I think... It's so darned stupid to get Gastric bypass surgery. It's dangerous and unproductive.

The reasoning behind Gastric Bypass Surgery is "It forces someone to reduce the amount of food consumed." In many cases it reduces the amount of food down to about the size of a baseball, or less. But, did you know that hunger still persists after that? Yeah, I have talked to people who have had the Gastric Bypass. They say they are hungry but, they can't continue eating. But, someone who has the surgery can stretch the stomach again. Someone who has had the surgery still can feel endless hunger. Someone who has had the surgery can still "Eat the wrong foods." Read this article.. It's amazing how people fall for this stupid stuff.

Let me help you out here... If you want to lose weight, you'll have to accept the Idea that you will feel hunger.That said there is a way to help reduce hunger naturally.  Try using 5-HTP ... That's right this supplement is available at the health food store, or anywhere you buy supplements. If you aren't used to 5-HTP start with low doses, (100 mg). Then work up slowly to 1000-MG a day (500 in the morning, 500 in the evening.) The reason you have to work your way up is if you're like me, it makes you sick initially.

5-HTP increases Serotonin levels...

Don't try to lose weight too fast... That's right, taper down your eating... Keep a careful record of what you drink, and eat everyday. Do this for a month. Then begin figuring out just how much you eat by counting your portions. Use size comparison like a golf ball sized portion, or a baseball sized portion, to get an idea what you eat.

Gradually cut out things that cause you to get hungry.... Sugary substances like Soda Pops, and Juice Concentrates, Orange Juice from Concentrate are over kill for drinks. Sugar consumption causes hunger. I am not like the KOOKS who say sugar is a poison. I am someone who knows that a lot of sugar creates insulin resistance.

If you are hungry, eat something that is more protein.... Change your portions gradually... Don't go over board right away... Don't go "Jenny Craig" over night. Don't go "Weight Watchers" over night...

If you will learn to be deliberate. If you will learn to pay attention. (KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, NO ONE REALLY CARES. )  If you will be careful, you will lose weight.

I actually filled my freezer with TV dinners, and ate those three times a day... But, my microwave oven broke, so I don't eat TV dinners as much any more...

I am off track. Pay attention to what you eat. Don't deny yourself a chocolate bar once in a blue moon.. Don't say I can't eat that..... (Especially where someone can hear.)  You can eat it. Only you eat in smaller portions.

Moderate yourself, and learn what works for you.... Don't be impressed with GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY. Don't be impressed with "WEIGHT WATCHERS," or any other weight loss program.

You can lose weight if you pay close attention to what you drink, and eat.

One more thing. If you struggle with DEPRESSION try getting Lithium Orotate at the health food store. I take a small pill in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  (Research the You Tube video Lithium Orotate.)
I can tell you it has change my thinking.

I hope this helps some...

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane


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Dinahsoar said...

Those gastric bypass tips are good for anyone really, as to how not to stretch your stomach with overeating. Good info.

I'd never go that route either.--too scary. I've seen too many people have the procedure and then regain a lot of weight, which imo defeats the purpose of having it. There are too many strategies to help a person eat less without having to resort to such drastic procedures.

I too have found that too much sugar is not helpful, but it is fine to have small treats that are sweet--helps to stay on track and not crave them. And eating less food consistently makes a huge need to jump on some special diet.

My weight has been stable for 3 years now, but I wanted to lose a few more pounds. Also I was eating a lot of sugar each day and wanted to cut back. I've been retraining myself to eat less food and it is working because I've lost 6 pounds to date. Hope to lose another 5.

There is no one size fits all diet out there, but there are strategies everyone can do that will make a big difference.

And the bottom line is always 'eat less food'. That is my mantra.

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