Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

I still don't have a scale... But, I did weight in at just over 208-pounds. So that's down 3-Pounds or so.

I was walking past a large mirror today and noticed my stomach doesn't have a big round bulge anymore. It's actually beginning to flatten out. I take pictures of myself without my shirt everyday, and can see a difference there too with the overlap of fat actually beginning to taper up towards the naval area.

A couple weeks ago I wrote that I had to add two notch holes to my belt. Now, I am hitching at the very last notch. So, It will be soon that I add more holes to the belt.

There is something else I noticed that's really different this year compared to last year. I am perspiring again. Yep, this is a very good sign. Last year when it got warm I was miserable. I couldn't take the heat, and I didn't perspire. (No amount of water seemed to help.) This year it got very warm in my apartment 91-degrees-Fahrenheit. I actually felt comfortable because I was perspiring. In that case I just turn on the fan, and I feel comfortable. Last year I struggled to get cool...  I do believe this means the hormones that regulate my body temperature are kicking in. Remember not long ago I wrote that my metabolism got jacked all around in a bad way on a different diet? I actually had very low thyroid, and my body temperature was low. Well, low body temperature means no perspiration, and no cooling off. So I would get warm and stay warm with no perspiration. I was driving a truck last year that had no AC in it. It was hot, I mean really hot. What made it worse is I wasn't perspiring. If I had, even though the truck was warm, It would have been more bearable with perspiration...

It's taking me a month to get used to the idea that I will have to live without carbohydrates for a while, that is until I can reach that targeted weight. I still struggle with waking up twice at night, but by all reports, someday I will actually adapt and sleep more soundly. Let's see what happens there.

I added this an hour later: When I went on the restricted calories diet of 1,500 calories, I lost weight. I lost 60 pounds in about eight months. There was one problem. I was hungry all the time. I would frequently complain that I was hungry, and at night it felt like cats clawing inside my stomach. On this diet I am not hungry like I used to be. Yeah, I get hungry some. Not like I did. I am doing intermittent fasting now. This means I skip breakfast and eat afternoon. I have a fast when I finish eating at night, and then wait until the next day noon or later to eat. This gives me about a 14-16-hour window that I am fasted. I am not overly hungry, and not tempted to eat like I did that last time.

I will keep you updated...

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