Sunday, May 8, 2016

No Cat Scratching The Stomach Hunger

Hello Weight Losing Fans.....

Today I stepped up to air. I haven't replaced that scale scale yet.

I just finished my fast this morning. It was longer than 36-hours. I felt terrific. Years ago I wrote about my weight loss and I complained about nagging hunger. I said it was like cats were clawing the walls of my stomach. Yeah, I lost a lot of weight. I suffered doing it. I like everyone else couldn't keep it up. I eventually went backwards. With the ketogenic lifestyle change, I am using fat to give me satiety. I went into my fast feeling good. I did not struggle. This morning when I broke it, I didn't want to eat. In fact my stomach kind of rebelled. I had to take HCL betain to get it to settle down. Now I am sitting here watching in the food court as one person after another pounds down giant muffins, and coffee. I have no desire to participate. It is better than the last time I went to lose weight.
And my fast, well I could easily have gone one more day.

That's the way it is...I'm David Dane.

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