Thursday, December 12, 2013

How Did I Know I Would Be Down Today?

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 211.4-Pounds.

This morning for breakfast I had five eggs scrambled and fried in butter. I had a can of cranberry sauce for my daily sweet tooth.

I titled today's post, " how did I know I was going to be down? " The answer is an easy one. I had non-stop hunger. Yesterday in the morning I woke up hungry. I had an ache in my stomach from hunger pain. I had to get ready for work. There was a couple of raisin cookies in the door of the refrigerator someone gave me the day before. As I was preparing my usual scrambled eggs, I ate one of the cookies. Then I ate my scrambled eggs. Before I left for work I ate the last cookie. (I think it was about 80 calories each.)

Before I went into work I stopped at the public library for about forty five minutes. I got to work later and found that my stomach was already gnawing at me with hunger pains. All day after that I had this hunger that just kept gnawing at me.

Later in the day one of my passengers was kind enough to buy me two McDonald's cheese burgers and a small French Fries. When I ate the fries the hunger would not go away. I ate the two cheese burgers and the hunger was still there. When I got home I had roaring hunger. I drank a Coor's Light Beer, and hit the hay. I was hungry.

When I woke up, I had this deep feeling of hunger again. Then I new that I was going to step up on the scale and see some loss of poundage.

Most of the time when I get this hunger that is deep, if I don't eat something, it usually results in some weight loss.

Who would have expected that I would lose weight after eating two cheese burgers and a small French Fry? Well, do the math. A small French Fry is about 250 calories. Two Cheese Burgers is 300 calories, times two for a total of 600 calories. I had no drink with it. So the total for that meal was 850 calories. Now add that to 350 calories for the eggs. That was 1,200 calories there. Toss in two cookies for another 180 calories. That totals up to 1,380 calories. Finally add the big apple I ate in the middle of the day for 100 calories. The grand total all day was 1,480 calories, which came in under 1,500 calories. Oh toss in one late night can of beer.

Now, maybe my math is off some. Even so, there wasn't that many calories above my range of 1,500 calories.

Time and time again I write it is how much we eat of anything that gets us into trouble.

Many times we miss out on counting calories in things like those soda pops, and the sweet drinks. A can of sprite is "140 calories." A 20-ounce Sprite is "200" calories. Eight ounces of Fruit punch (one cup) is 80 calories. Boost that up two a twelve ounce size can, and that punch is as many calories a soda pop. Iced tea in the bottle is "180 calories." It's the sugar that gets us.

Many times it is those unaccounted calories that confound our weight loss.

I have a brother who quit drinking soda, and in a little over one year he came down 100-Pounds. I am sure you'll lose weight just drinking water, and giving up those sodas.

I had this really big, big man telling me...( He's a big fat guy.) "Don't fry yours eggs in butter because of the cholesterol. " I thought, "Really, it looks like you've got bigger problems than Cholesterol." Honestly folks, when you run into a big heavy person don't take their advise about losing weight. Seriously, unless they are consistent and you can see they have results, just humor them when they start telling you how to lose weight.

Years ago I had a woman who was visiting a mutual friend. This lady used to be thinner than she was. She had rolls of fat bulging from her tight tee shirt. She told me don't eat so many eggs because they are bad for me. She told me I would die from cholesterol.

Well, what would she die from? Here she was 60 or so pounds more than she should have been. Then she had the gaul to lecture me?

You may say, "Hey David, why should I listen to you?" Golly I don't know. Why would you listen to me? I am not an expert. However, you can see my results. Well, that is if I am real.

I am ... I am just a preponderant guy trying to get off the pounds again for the second time.

I lost a lot of weight, and regained it. Now, I am back at it. Let's just see my results.

And I am here to tell you, I am not losing it by eating green salads everyday. All I do is cut back on the portion sizes, and try to keep a calorie count each day.

I am not perfect at it either....

Finally, I have written this before, and I'll write it again, "It's not easy." There is that gnawing hunger to deal with. There are the habits we build eating because of a need to feed, or comfort ourselves.

Let's face it. Society doesn't want us to look at food as fuel for our bodies. The food makers do everything they can to make food look attractive and taste good so we'll drink it, or we'll eat it. Who can really blame them? It's how they make there money.

And, I guess it's really Okay. But, just imagine how fast Coke would go out of business if everyone quit drinking Cokes. They have to come up with a saying like, "It's the real thing," to entice us to think about Coke.

Yep, they play with our minds.

You'll have to determine not to let them get to you.

Finally, I amazed that the numbers of viewers each days continues to climb. Wow...

That's all for now.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane



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Dinahsoar said...

Now the experts are saying to eat the whole egg, that it's good for us.

I started eating the whole egg a long time ago because cutting fat out is when I began to gain weight.

When I went fat free I was hungry all the time-- unaware that fat satiates while carbs stimulate hunger.

Our fore mothers knew that. When they wanted to drop some pounds they cut out the starch not the fat. I'd watch them skip the potatoes, rice, bread and sweets.

As well, taking in more calories than we need will result in excess weight, so 'eat less food' always applies.

I use 'eat less food' like a mantra. Living in a country with so much choice it is very easy to over consume.

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