Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Dropped Below 180-Pounds

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 179.6-pounds. That's down from yesterday, and it's back below 180-pounds, which I seem to have been at forever.

No worry, I will get down to that 160-pound target someday. I am not so sure that tomorrow I will step onto the scale below 180 again. It's only because I had this big breakfast while eating with some people from work. I blew out my calorie count, I think. I haven't done the math yet. When I got off work I was eating out of a bag filled with dry cuddle fish. Oh, you should try the stuff. Yummm.....

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

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Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

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