Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eat Something Sweet For Goodness Sakes

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 180.8-pounds.

That's down from yesterday, when I stepped onto the scale just over 181-pounds.

Needless, Senseless Guilt Feelings For Regaining Weight
I have been reading some of these blogs where some people go into this long list of reasons they binge and over eat. Some people write oh I gained all this weight back. Now I feel so guilty.

Feeling guilty for over eating. What for? What good does feeling guilt for over eating and regaining a few pounds do for you? I wrote a few days ago that I ate three donuts in the morning. I ate some candy in the evening. I was speculating that I would see it on the scale in the morning. Well, I didn't.

I didn't see it on the scale the day after that, or even the day after that day. Here is why. I went back to eating like I usually do. My body took care of the rest.

Let me give you a clue about binging. You have to be doing it for a week or so, to see any weight gains. You have to be consuming 3,500 calories over and above your daily calorie consumption to see even one pound of extra fat. If you are an active person that is exercising and has a very physical job, you may not even see a weight gain.

It is the slow, lethargic, non active people who get to see that fat come on and stay on. It is the person who grazes all day log eating fist fulls of potato chips here, and there, every hour of the day that sees the slow increases of body weight. It's the person who walks into the convenience store and buys a 44 ounce soda pop and drinks it, that gets to see that extra fat come on slowly.
It's the guy on the construction site, that eats 12 inch sausages on big bread rolls, that sees that extra fat.

Years ago I actually hit 160-pounds. This was the largest I have ever been. I lost 5-pounds in six months by eliminating sugar soda pop and then substituting in diet soda. When I got onto the Doctor Atkins's Diet, I actually lost another 55-pounds by cutting out most of the carbohydrates.

I slowly regained 40-pounds which put me where I was 2 years ago. But, I tell you, I had to really be eating like a horse to put on that 40-pounds. I was eating whole pizza's by myself, and bags of cookies. I was eating big beef sandwiches, with French Fries. I was eating two eggs with cheese biscuits, along with hash browns for breakfast everyday.

I was reading on one blog where someone thinks they gained 6-pounds in three days by binging. It doesn't work that way. That six pounds was probably crap that should have been passing out. I have written time and time again it's possible to gain 5-pounds in one day just because the plumbing is plugged. In a woman's case she could be retaining water.

Over and over again, I keep writing, "It's not what you eat, it's how much you eat."
We have gained this extra weight over time. We were over eating everyday over many years. Then one day we have awakened and looked in the mirror only to ask, "How did that happen?"

It happened over time, we gained that weight. Don't be surprised to see 20 extra pounds on your gut if you drink soda pop, and high fructose juice everyday. Don't be surprised to see your gut getting bigger if you eat donuts everyday. Don't be surprised if you get fat because you really don't pay close attention to what you eat.

I have a friend who told me yesterday, "He won't be surprised if he sees me fat one day." I asked him why? He said because he never sees me turn down food. I said you're right I don't.

Here is what's wrong this guys thinking. He is not around me 24 hours a day. He doesn't see me writing down all of the food I consume. He doesn't see me step up on the scale every morning. He doesn't see what I eat for breakfast. He doesn't see that I immediately quit eating after I have exceeded my calories for the day. He doesn't have any idea what I am doing.
Yet he can make a careless comment like that. He has no idea.

No one, no one, no one, can be around you or I twenty four hours each day to see what we are eating. It's impossible to do. Therefore it's no one's responsibility to monitor you and get you back slim again.

Even the great and mighty Oprah Winfrey can't keep her weight off. Here's why, she's depending on outside advisers to tell her how to lose weight. She lives a very lavish lifestyle and food is readily accessible to her. She has never learned on her own to fight those cravings that we must fight to avoid eating too much food. Now, this is all speculation on my part. I can't cast my idea's in stone and say this is it.

I can only go by my own experience. I can only share with you my experience. My experience has been this; "Eat Less Food," you will lose weight.

That's is in a nut shell. Quit thinking that you can keep consuming those donuts and soda pops each day. Quit assuming you can keep chowing down at the buffet for lunch everyday. Quit thinking that you can eat all those bags of potato chips. Quit thinking you can get away with out monitoring your weight. Quit thinking you are so special you don't have to cut back on your calories.

You aren't any more special than anyone else. And you will put on the weight if you keep eating and eating.

Finally, I wrote eat something sweet for goodness sakes. The other day I was in the food store. I was hungry and I was buying groceries. I thought I had lots of calories I could use left. I brought a Hershey Chocolate bar. I ate it that night. I didn't over exceed my calorie count for the day.

I didn't eat any dinner after that either. Here is why. It's because I was almost to my limit for the calories that day. I had my chocolate bar, and I satisfied my sweet tooth. I had my goody.

The other night I ate a bunch of Halloween Candy. Even though I did, I only exceeded my calorie consumption for the day by 300 calories. I also ate three donuts that morning. Here I am at 180.8-pounds. Didn't I binge? Shouldn't I be seeing that on me right now?

No, no, no, no I shouldn't. it's because I had been pretty consistent and careful up to that day, and those days following. One day of feasting a diet will not break.

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane

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