Saturday, February 8, 2014

Regained Ground, But Not Ehough

David Dane here...

Hello Weight Losing Fans...

Today I stepped up onto the New Magical Mystical Digital Scale weighing in at 208.4-Pounds.

That's down from yesterday.

This morning I was looking in the mirror with my T-Shirt on. I was thinking, "Oh my I have a long way to go." I might want to throw out some streamers in celebration at 208-Pounds or so. If you ever read the side panel, I did get down to 174-Pounds.

I am trying to remember what caused the turn around before my mother died. I recall that I used to go up to Wisconsin to go fishing at every chance I could. The gas was way cheaper then, and my rent wasn't killing me like it is now.

I would spend the night at my cousin's house. She loved to cook for me. She would stuff me with her delicacies. She would insist I finish what's in the pot on the stove. During those times I wouldn't bring my scale along. I wasn't watching what was going on.

I was also driving out of town more then. I would go to the hotels where they had the "Free Continental Breakfast." Most of the time the cuisine was carbohydrates like waffles, cereal, breads, and muffins. My sweet tooth never disappeared so I would chow down.

I wrote this before about my mom dying four years ago. Well, when she died I went into a depression. My dad had died six years earlier, and I was just beginning to no longer have dreams about him. When mom died, it started all over. I was dreaming about her and talking to her in very vivid dreams, then I would wake up. She was gone.

When mom died I began drinking beer again, and other alcoholic drinks. I had given them up for so long. Again, I was drinking 3-4 bottles of beer a day. That's not good for the liver because the liver helps process out fats, and toxins. I was over loading the poor thing.

Another thing which contributed me regaining the weight is that I quit weighing myself everyday. One day I stepped up onto the "Magical Mystical Digital Scale" with soaking wet feet after a bath. The water got into the electronics somehow and fried the scale. I went a year without a scale. Yep it was that long. And that year was the same year my chip got stolen from my camera.

No scale, no logging in my log, and I began to swirl out of control. I regained another 40-pounds that year. Yep, it only took a year to go back up to 140-Pounds.

One day I woke up and found I couldn't button my pants on the uniform anymore. I went to the closet and tried some dress pants that I fit comfortably the years before. I couldn't get the zipper up and the button closed. There were blue jeans I had worn years before which now couldn't button or zip. I went into the closet to find my fat-pants that I had worn years before, and found those still fit. Only this time. They stayed up without a belt. I knew I was in heaping-big trouble...

I got onto a scale and went into shock. I was at 241-Pounds. OUCH.... I was dumbfounded and disappointed for sure.

I decided to regain control. I decided it's time to get back on track. It sure wasn't easy. I began to realise my slacking up on the logs, and on the weighing in everyday had gone way to long.

I had to go to the store and purchase a new scale. That's the one I call the "New Magical Mystical Digital Scale."

I began saving my weights on paper again. (Now I put them in my computer.) I began writing my weight again on the blog. I began doing what I was doing.

I had gotten into the habit again consuming candy bars... OH THE SHAME... (I told you I had a sweet tooth.) I was eating more bread again, and had to cut back. I was eating meals that satisfied me, and I had to stop that. In other words that was just way too much food.

My protein to carbohydrate ratios were way off. I had to cut those breads, and pastas and begin eating more proteins. Even there I had to be careful, because calories are calories. If I eat to much of any food that is loaded up with calories, (carbohydrates, or proteins) I gain weight.

Now, I have almost completely given up the beer and alcohol. I don't go and buy it. If it's offered, I might drink it.

I sometimes, but not often indulge in some soda pop. I told you the other day I drank a cup of root beer, and had a very sweet slushy.

So here I am. Back down at 208.4-Pounds. This after having a couple scares there at 218-Pounds or so... Yes those were real weights. They were only withing the last few weeks . it happened because I went out the nights before and really chowed down at a buffet.

I have a long way to go. My belly is still to big. I have to get down to at least 180-Pounds. That's 30-Pounds away.

That's the way it is... I'm David Dane

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Dinahsoar said...

Good for you! You are making steady progress. Perhaps not at the pace you wish, but progress none the less. You deserve a lot of credit.

In the face of hurt and loss you've worked through, and are still working through,the grief. Life can be really hard. It may get us down, but we can't let it keep us down. You are moving forward and triumphing over the hard things. I'm sure your mom would be proud of you. Take comfort in that.

And enjoy your current successes. Tomorrow is a new day, a new struggle perhaps, but the grace we need will always be there, freely given by God

Plus wisdom is ours for the asking. All we need do is ask God for wisdom--he will never upbraid us for asking. When I see that word upbraid I think of the show Sanford and Son. God will never say in response to us asking for wisdom 'you big dummy'. So we never need worry--we can ask God for wisdom as often as we need to, and he will never think us dumb or lacking and will dispense wisdom to those who ask in faith.

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