Friday, April 27, 2007

Another jump up in weight

Yesterday morning I was boasting that I stepped on the scale weighing in at 204. 6 pounds. This morning I stepped on the scale weighing in at 206.6 pounds. That's up two pounds from yesterday. Well, I hadn't finished emptying my colon yet.

Yesterday I ate two pot pies, some cottage cheese and a chicken sandwich for dinner. The total calorie intake was just over 1,600 calories. That's 100 over my set daily goal. Did a bunch of fat jump on me because of that. I doubt it.

Remember this is a long term thing losing this weight. The poundage goes up. And it goes down. The overall trend should be down. Don't get discouraged if the pounds vary a little each day. It could be because you haven't had a real good bowel movement yet. That's all.

Women have a tendency to retain fluids. This is what women do. It's in their physical makeup. So, a woman could be holding more water than a man. So to get all bent out of shape from being a few pounds more from the day before is nutty. However, water retention could be a sign of looming ill health. Check with the doctor, because I am not one.

Well, it's nutty if you have been sticking to your food control intake and limiting the calories. If you haven't then get ready to see the pounds come back with a vengeance. It's because the body wants to go back to being what it was. If it was over a normal weight, then that's where it wants to be. You have to say no to your body.

The trend for my weight is down. I have been being a good boy and eating near the 1,500 calorie amount that I set for myself. There is no reason for me to panic.

Today I had a Banquet Chicken Pot Pie before I left for work (420 calories). I got hungry so I stopped at the grocery store and purchased fruit. I ate two apples (100 x 2=200 calories), and a small orange (90 calories). I have to finish here with this blog. Bye for now.

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