Monday, April 30, 2007

Beware of Friendly Ladies With Tempting Treats

Tempting Sweets From a Lady
Today I had a woman bring me some cookies and a brownie. I had to decide if I would eat one of them today. I didn't want to upset the loss that I had today by spiking up my insulin levels with something sweet. So I decided to save the sweets for another day.

I took home that brownie and weighed it on my handy dandy food scale. The brownie was 22 grams. The calorie count for that little brownie was 90 calories. The cookies were about 100 calories each.

Now imagine with me for a moment if I was like what I was seven months ago; I would have eaten down those cookies without a thought. I would have figured I could get away with it because it's not that much food. As would most people.

Those five tasty treats in the plastic box equal over 500 calories. That's one meal right there with those little sweets.

These little delicacies have no real nutritional value. They are just something to eat to satisfy the desire to taste something really sweet. I really could do without them. But, I'm not going to deny myself a little treat here and there.

I thanked the woman for being so kind to remember me. I told her that I would eat one a day until they are gone. Oh, and believe me I will starting tomorrow.

What Did I Eat?
Last Night before I went to bed I weighed 207.2 pounds. I knew that when I woke up this morning I wouldn't be at the 203.8 pounds I was at yesterday morning. Well, what happened?

What happened was yesterday's meals had not left the preponderant man yet.

This morning I woke up at five o'clock and weighed in at 204.8 pounds. What a difference. It was just food and fluids that's all. You'll experience it too.

This evening when I came home from work I weighed 204.2 pounds. This means that more than likely tomorrow morning I will step on the scale at 203 pounds, or maybe even somewhere in the 202 range. Cool. We shall see.

Yesterday I finished off the day with 113 grams of cottage cheese (110 calories). My total calorie intake for yesterday was 1,256 in food. Then I had some Rum which added on a couple hundred more calories.

This morning I ate a...
  • Pepperoni Lean Pocket ( 280 calories),
  • milk (150 calories).
For lunch I carried with me a cold TV dinner
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken meal (600 calories),
  • 2 oranges (2 x 80=160 calories).
I finished off the day when I got home from work with
  • 113 grams of Cottage Cheese (110 calories),
  • and an eight ounce glass of milk (150 calories).
This all totaled 1,550 calories for the day.

Today I Learned How Other People are Fighting "The Battle of The Bulge.
I was talking to a woman today that told me she had lost 26 pounds since January. She told me that she is doing a combination of South Beach Diet and Weight Watchers. One day she will eat meat and no carbs. Then on another day she said she will count points from Weight Watchers.

I asked her if she was writing down what she eats. She said no. I asked if she keeps a daily record of her weight. She said no.

My opinion is this lady will eventually fail. She'll eventually fall off the wagon and go back to eating the way she did before. Here is why. She doesn't have any motivation to continue that comes from looking back on records of what she did, and where she was. She has no way to recall what she weighed from day to day because she is relying on her memory. She will eventually forget all about losing weight.

Of course I didn't tell her this. But, if I didn't record what I am doing, I would have no motivation to continue. I can look back and see what I weighed back in January, February, March, and April. I can see the progress.

When I write down daily what I weigh and what I eat, I can't forget what I am trying to do. The habit of writing down what I am doing is taking over my desire to quit. I am compelled to write down what I am eating. People have criticized me for this compulsion.

They don't do it. Most people don't do it. To them it's crazy. For me it's the way I know what's going on.

Doctors keep charts at the foot of a patients bed that record the vital signs, and medications of the patient. This is so the doctor can come in and see what's being done for the patient, and if he / she is progressing toward wellness.

Aren't we just that patients? We are preponderant, and sick from obesity. Why then is it so strange to keep a chart by our table, or with our person in a restaurant? Doesn't it only make sense to keep a record of what is eaten? Doesn't it make sense to record our weight?

People think they are so smart because they don't keep a record of their food intake. Well, I can self regulate. No you can't. Look around at all the preponderant people. Go to a buffet and see all the over sized people at the buffet table. I went to a popular buffet in Bolingbrook for Easter. It seemed like just about everyone in there was over weight. I am talking about hundreds of people who are over weight under one roof.

Hey, I don't want to stay that way. I want to be thin again. I want to be able to run and jump again. I am sick and tired of being fat. That's right I wrote the F.. word. Aren't you tired of being fat? Why aren't you? Do you like the way that you feel? I didn't. I feel a whole lot better now that I have shed 36 pounds. You can to if you'll do what I tell you.
Bye for now.

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