Tuesday, April 3, 2007

He said I should

He said I should write my own blog. He held a gun to my head and said I better. Up until now I have refused despite continuous blows to the side of my head. I couldn't think of what to blog.

What do I have to write, after all, that anyone would want to know or read? After months of coercion I finally relented to his brutal tactics. I couldn't even remember my password anymore to the blog site. A few more beatings and here I am, my spirit broken and my will gone to resisting his persistence. This is my friend after all. He means well. But, I am stubborn, and reluctant. After all, aren't there millions of blogs out there being written on computers from sea to shining sea?

All those blogs are so much more important to all the rest of the world; so much more than anything that I would write. And the passion that flows from those blogs writers is so much more frothy than anything that I would even try to convey to anyone; least of all to anyone out there who I don't know. But, here I am writing my nonsense, if only to avoid one more blow to the side of my head and the humiliation that I have suffered. Perhaps if I could stir some passion somewhere in this soul of mine someone would dare to read it. Perhaps... But, I must find something inside that stirs my interest. Perhaps I could be like Doogie Howser who was said to be the worlds first blogger. I never read those blogs, but I heard about them. Would anyone dare to read on and on tirelessly about anything that I would write? I don't know.

I could tell you one of my recent passions. Would you like to hear? It's something that millions of Americans struggle with. I am sure that there is at least one more person out there like me who wishes that he or she could find that magic formula to end the misery that I have struggled with. And I am sure that he or she would love to hear it's going to be an easy fix. It's not. It won't be. But, if you'll do what I tell you then you will succeed. And I won't charge you for the knowledge that I have, although many do.

I have a family member who actually joined a club to do what I am doing. She pays a monthly fee. But, the oohs and awes of her fellow club members wouldn't inspire me. Besides, I wouldn't want to pay anyone for the motivation that comes from inside a place that's full of being sick and tired. That's right a place where I'm sick and tired inside. I'm sick and tired of huffing and puffing going up and down the stairs. I'm sick and tired of joints in my knees hurting day in and day out. I'm tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a bloated face. I'm tired of not being able to button my pants.

By now surely you have figured out what I am writing about. That's right. I am writing about losing weight, losing those excess pounds, fighting the bulge, tight fitting clothes, and day after day clothes that keep getting tighter. That's right I am talking about losing weight.

I have read the books. And believe me some of the solutions make me shutter. I know a man who had his stomach stapled. Now that poor soul is miserable. Oh he lost the weight that's for sure. But, if he eats more than a thimble full of food or drink he belches up his food like a new born baby spitting up sour milk. For me that would be a lousy way to live. Not only so, but never again will this guy ever be able to experience one of those days like a Thanksgiving Day when you just have to go overboard and enjoy oneself. I can. So will you be able to if you will read and do what I say. For now I must go, I will continue. This will get you wondering what am I talking about. But, I promise, I am successful this far. I will tell you more.

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Resilient Hawk said...

Brilliant! Quite good reasoning I see here - blog or die!

Watch out, blogging becomes addicting.

Good luck witb your weight loss effort.

R. Hawk

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