Monday, April 16, 2007

Weight Loss

Today I woke up and weighed myself. I weighed 208 pounds. Could this be the breakthrough that I have been working toward? I don't know. This is 3.2 pounds less than I weighed yesterday. It's what I wrote before, up, and down the weight goes until suddenly there is a drop. That is the next plateau.

Then from there I'll struggle for a day or two to see the weight drop again. I was looking at my past log sheets. There were days when suddenly I dropped 2 or 3 pounds. Then I would sit there for days weighing in the same or maybe gaining. Then I would suddenly drop more weight again. It goes like that.

The game is to be persistent at regimenting the food intake, the keeping of records, and constant monitoring looking for the results. It's damned inconvenient. I am getting used to it.

Today I saw a woman who couldn't have been more than 25 years old. She was working at a gas station. She was huge. She had so much fat on her face it rolled on her chin. She wasn't ugly, but she was way way out of her body fat index. If only she knew she doesn't have to stay that way. She doesn't. Who will tell her that there is hope?

I can only hope someone will read this blog and start believing he /she can cut off the extra pounds. I could only wish that someone would wake up after reading what it is that I am writing. Maybe someone will realize that this weight loss things not easy, but it can be done.

When I was at a funeral dinner this past weekend I was talking to a woman who really wanted to know how I lost 30 pounds. I told her what I was going through. She has more physical issues to deal with than I do.

However, it's how many calories are going in that matters. If anyone exceeds the amount of calories needed for the day, eventually it starts showing up on the body. I told her to keep a food diary and to weigh herself at least once per day. She said she would try it.

My dad was always thin. He very rarely ate three meals in a day. He almost never ate breakfast. Instead he would put three teaspoons of sugar in his coffee. He usually had two cups of coffee. So he would consume 6 teaspoons of sugar. That was his breakfast. Then at lunch if he was hungry he would eat a rolled up piece of bread. Then at night he would eat some dinner. Then he would binge on chocolate. This is how he ate. It was like this for years until he died 3 years ago. I don't recommend this type of diet. But if someone examined the total calories he would consume in a day, I doubt that he ever would exceed 1000 calories with all the sugar and candy he would eat. He had an automatic cut off point that the sugar would activate. He wasn't diabetic either.

He was very much like his dad, who ate the same way. My twin brother eats very similarly. He is very thin. He lives on a can of coke and a sandwich. Isn't that amazing?

I am not like that. For one thing, I see what it does to the teeth. Second, I need bulk in my stomach. Besides too much sugar makes me loopy. I had about ten different cookies the other night at a wake. I went on a sugar buzz that gave me a head ache. It was too much sugar all at once. I had a devil of a time staying asleep all night long after that.

Here is what happened. I just came from work. It was at least 5 hours since I had eaten anything. I was very hungry. The cookies were there and so on impulse I ate them.
The result was I went on a sugar high. I could feel it.

Now, I am not diabetic. I am not hypoglycemic either. It's just I was very, very hungry, and there wasn't anything else there to eat except some small pieces of meat. The cookies were a quick snack. Well after not eating a lot of sweets as of late it had an almost instantaneous impact on me. The next morning I woke up with a headache and I was absolutely ravenous.

This is what happens when I impulse eat. I am aware of this. My insulin levels spiked when I had that much sugar. I could feel it.

I am tuning into what my body does when I am hungry. I have to be weary of what I eat when I feel like that. Here is why. What the body doesn't break down with insulin and metabolize, it stores as fat. If I kept this up day after day I would rapidly put back on the fat that I have already gotten rid of.

You have to tune into your body too. If you don't then like so many others you will go along blindly until one day you look into the mirror and see you are a preponderant person. Then you will be in the "battle of the bulge" like I am and so many others are too.

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