Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Weight Breakthrough: The 210 pound barrier is broken

And now for a word from the U.S. government:

Flash, I have broken through another weight loss barrier. The third plateau has been shattered and I am on my way down from here. Hurray !

This morning I woke up and weighed myself in at 207.8 pounds. The 210 pound barrier is shattered. This is at least three days in a row that I have weighed in at below 210 pounds.

I was just showing a friend of mine my food journal. This is a legal pad that I have been writing on since January 29, 2007. On that day I was 229. I am now down 21 pounds from that date. When I started on this anti-preponderance course I was at 240 pounds.

I have shaved three inches off my waist.

Why does it matter? Who cares? I care. Me, it's me that cares. I have to live with this body of mine. You have to live with that body of yours. Does it make any sense to live day in and day out being preponderant?

Yesterday I was out from 5:45 in the morning until midnight. I was gone from home and I didn't bring my lunch with me. Fortunately there was plenty of free food along the way. However, I had to be very selective.

I have trained myself to judge a basic calorie intake for different kinds of foods. I know that for instance if I eat at a fast food restaurant there are lots and lots of calories in a hamburger, French fries, and a coke.

I woke up yesterday and weighed in at 209.6 pounds.

Here is my menu for yesterday. For breakfast I ate two CD sized frozen waffles (190 calories), butter and syrup (100 calories) and a glass of milk(150 calories). Later I ate at McDonald's a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit (440 calories YEOW!), and a hash brown (140 calories).

I had a little cookie. It was a lemon cookie dipped in chocolate. It was 50 calories. I had a little piece of chocolate. It was oh so small. It was 50 calories.

For dinner I had a complimentary Wendy's crispy chicken sandwich (510 calories YEOW!). That was it, no fried potatoes.

Of course I had my usual coffee and diet cokes along the way. I came in at just over 1,500 calories total intake for the day.

This morning I was in a hurry to get out so I had one slice of pepperoni pizza. It weighed 4.4 ounces and had a calorie count 313 calories. Just think I used to sit down and eat a whole frozen pizza in one meal. It's no wonder I was beginning to billow like a beach ball.

Let's examine this pizza thing for a moment. When I cut up this pizza I cut it into six individual slices. I froze what I didn't eat that day. Each slice was around 313 calories each. If I divide 313 calories by 4.4 ounces I get 71.13 calories per ounce of pizza. That's a lot of calories in one ounce of food. If I had eaten those six slices in one sitting (which is what I used to do), I would have consumed 1878 calories. That is way over what I should have eaten in any one meal. That is one days worth of calories.

Is it any wonder I was beginning to rapidly expand? I can only imagine what I was doing to my poor little heart. Argh...

Yesterday I was talking to a woman who told me that she was trying to lose weight. I was around her all day, so I could see what she was eating. She was very conscientious about what she had for dinner. She had a salad with some taco beans on top. For breakfast she had a large cup of coffee. She was so proud that she had the will power to not eat breakfast. OH NUTS !!!!!!

I am sure she thinks she is being careful about what she is eating. I watched her though. She had four red swizzle sticks. She sat and ate half of a large bag of potato chips. She ate some cookies that some children gave her. And then she wonders why on her short little frame her hips hang like bull dogs fighting inside a burlap sack.

Come on folks, wake up and smell the coffee ! Every single thing and every piece of food that goes into your mouth has to monitored. Every drink you slurp has to be counted in the food register, unless of course it's water that you drink all day long. Every little thing that gets eaten or drunk has to be looked on with suspicion. I am not kidding.

Do I like it? NO I don't like it. I hate the idea that from now until they put me down in the ground I have to look at food as if it's my mortal enemy; unless of course I no longer have my mental sensibilities, and then it won't matter. I hate having to look at food as if it's just waiting to climb on board my body and hang there for the whole world to look critically at.

We eat too much to sustain ourselves. We eat all the wrong stuff, and then we wonder why the fat police are coming to tax everything we eat.

It's up to you. And it's up to me to monitor our own food consumption. It's not so Miss Suzy can look at me in a thong. It's so I can feel better and look better for me.

I am down three inches on my waist. I already look better than I did four months ago.

It's hard. In the beginning every single day I was chewing my finger tips off from unbelievable hunger pains. I was nauseous and dizzy. I had dizzy spells from sugar lows. I know what it's like.
But, I had to do something or be like so many people in America that's living like a preponderant person.

I do this for me. It's time that you do it for you. You can lose the weight. It takes time, lot's and lots of time. It takes patience and persistence. It can be done. If I can do it, then so can you.

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