Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Will I Do When I am Hungry?

This morning I stepped onto the scale at 204. 6 pounds. Yippee Skittley Do! That's almost one pound under yesterday's weigh in.

I told you yesterday that the extra weight was all the water I drank a couple of days before. Plus I had eaten this mammoth Reuben sandwich a couple of days ago. OH, it was so delicious. And that big fried potato pancake was good too. Yummy!

Now, I am not dehydrated with this weight loss. I have drank plenty of fluids over the last few days.

I drink lots of different fluids to hydrate myself. I don't drink anything I know has sugar in it. Not unless I have a calorie count so I can add it to the days totals.

A couple of days ago this woman asked me what do I do if I get hungry? Well, I go hungry I told her. She seemed horrified that I would say something like that. She couldn't believe that anyone would consider going hungry. Well, she doesn't have to go hungry all of the time. She can eat. Then she can become preponderant like so many other people. She already is by the way.
She is very pretty though.

I don't like it when I am hungry. I wish there was a quick fix. There isn't. You can try doing the Atkins diet. It works. That is until you get sick and tired of eating meat all of the time. It gets old. And when you consume a lot of any kind of calories the body assimilates that food. I know I have been there.

So here is what I do. I bulk up on food that doesn't have a lot of calories in it. I eat a lot of frozen vegetables. Two cups of frozen mixed vegetables is about 80 calories. If I eat those with a TV dinner it seems to satisfy me for a while. I eat cottage cheese and yogurt. For some reason they seem to help cut hunger. At night I will measure out a table spoon full of peanut butter and eat it. That seems to cut hunger.

Eat an Apple or an orange as a snack. The sugar in them is complex sugar and there is fiber. The body will use that sugar to assuage the appetite.

You Still Have To Sacrifice
It still comes down to sacrificing for a higher cause. I don't like being hungry either. I know when and what I have eaten because I wrote it down. I know that I am not starving to death. My body has to learn to adjust. That takes time. Right now it's adjusting to being hungry. My body is figuring out if it needs any more energy, it will have to go after the fat reserves. It does that. This is why I am losing weight.

Am I losing muscle mass? No, it's because I have protein in my diet. This protein provides my body with the amino acids, and proteins it needs so that my body doesn't deconstruct my muscle.

Last night when I finished work I went home and had two cups of tea. I didn't eat anything. My last meal was in the middle of the day. That's all in yesterday's blog.

Today I had a chicken pot pie. This was 280 calories. I will eat when I go home before I go to work. But that will pretty much be it for the rest of the day.

What's in your stomach? Did you write it down? Did you weigh yourself today? Where should you be at weight wise?

For you own sake, you better get there. Do you have ten pounds to lose? Well, lose it. You'll feel better. If you have 100 pounds to lose, you better get ready mentally to do it. If someone has 100 pounds to lose, he/she will need at least one year to lose that much poundage. It may even be a two year ordeal.

I have lost 35 pounds since December of 2006. That's less than ten pounds per month. There were times when I would go two weeks and not lose one pound. But, I hung in there. I keep at it. This is a life long thing. It can't stop once I hit my goal. I have to keep watching and monitoring. You will too.

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