Monday, April 23, 2007

Be careful eating bite size bits of candy

This morning I stepped on the scale and weighed 205.6 pounds. I am going down little by little each day.

Yesterday I had written a continuation of a blog that I started two days ago. It was about how precious life is and your potential energy. Well, I hit the wrong key and then wiped out all that I had written.

Listen, I don't know who will read my blog. It's an excercise for me. I am learning to blog and put my ideas out there. I am not going to try and rewrite what I wrote. If you don't care enough about the quality of life you are living then there really isn't anything that I can do about it.

Being overweight and straining your body is not a good quality of life in my opinion. There are lots of problems that go along with being overweight. I am not going to list them now.

Somehow, someway you have to find the long lasting motivation that you need to lose the weight. I can't do it for you. Judging from the number of people I see stretching their pants and shirts into tight fitting rolls, I would say a big number of people need to go on some sort of a diet.

I have been working at weight loss since I was in the army. I was 5 foot 8 inches and 180 pounds when I went into the army at 19 years old. Even then I was overweight. I was a late bloomer and my body shot up three inches by the time I hit 21 years old.

When I left basic training I was at 160 pounds. I averaged 170 pounds throughout most of my three years in the army except when my mouth was wired shut for a month after surgery. Then I dropped down to 150 pounds. I was thin. But, I was fit as could be.

Well, 30 years later my body has settled to 5 foot 10 inches. But, I am way over what I should be weight wise. I should be around 175 pounds or a little less. That's where I ought to be. I doubt I will get there. We'll see. I don't exactly like the idea of being 175 pounds. I think I would look too thin. That's my opinion. We'll see.

Today I had someone offer me some candy pieces out of a bag. I thought initially I would just say no. But, I took four pieces of candy thinking well it won't hurt.

I mean it. I took out a small butterfinger bar. It was just a little bite sized square. I went to the store and found the bag with the same product. That little square was 45 calories. Wow! I also ate two little sugar coated jelly pieces. I found the product. Those two pieces were 40 calories each. Two times 40 is 80 calories. I had a little piece of hard candy. This little guy wasn't any bigger in diameter than a nickle. It was 20 calories.

In less than one minute I ate four small pieces of candy that totaled 145 calories. WOW! Folks this is what millions of americans do every single day. They eat these little bits of candy or food here and there. Then out of the blue they become preponderant.

Every single bite of food I eat gets recorded. Today I had a reuben sandwich. I didn't have a side panel to look at to give me a calorie count. I am going to write down that I ate this big fat Reuben sandwich. At least I will know what I ate today in case something goes wrong tomorrow.

I also ate with that sandwich a fried potato pancake. The guy behind the counter said well there goes your diet with all of that food. He didn't know that I was on any diet. He just knew that was a lot of food for anyone to eat in one sitting.

That potato pancake was probably 300 calories just by itself. I had a beef lean pocket for breakfast (280 calories). This added to the candy and lunch wipes out any calories that I may have had to eat tonight. I am done for the day. I was done at 1 PM when I ate all that food.

It doesn't take much to hit 1,500 calories. I know better than to even consider eating anything else toninght, no matter how hungry I get.

I am not starving to death. I am not putting my body at great risk here. I am just keeping the calorie count at a manageable level so I will lose the weight that I want to lose.

I am getting used to being hungry. It's taken me months to get used to be hungry again. I have to play mental gymnastics to remember what I ate in a day. I have to talk to myself all of the time. It's not easy.

You will never learn to lose weight if you don't learn to go hungry. That's it. I am not one of these supercharged skinny people who can eat anything he / she wants any time of the day. I have to sacrifice to lose weight. If in the unlikely event you are reading this blog then you do too.
If you are like me you have to cut way back on the amount of food you eat.

I don't like it. I get pissy with myself sometimes when I have too. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for myself because I can't eat just anything that I want. I am human. So are you.

I have a better future in my head. It's a future being thinner and more agile than I am now. It's a future being able to look better than I did these last couple of years.

It's only when you find that motivation in your heart and your mind that you will decide to follow what it is that I am telling you in this blog. And folks, this is a life long committement. YOU CAN'T STOP IF YOU REACH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS GOAL. You can never ever quit and take down your guard. You will always have to weigh yourself. You will always have to write down your food consumption. You will always forever have to monitor yourself. FOREVER until you die.

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