Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Told You That Weight Jumps Happen

This morning I stepped on the scale at 205.4 pounds again. Hurray! This is back where I was two days ago. It was all that food and water that I ate and drank that I had to leave behind in the porcelain bowl. Now I am back down.

Where do I go from here? I am going down, down, down. I am not going to give up. I have a desire to be back down below 200 pounds and I am going to get there. Just to let you know some people have noticed my progress and complimented me on my looks.

I am not doing this to get compliments. I would do it even if no one said anything. I got tired of being bigger than I should be. I prayed, God help me lose this weight. I kid you not. That was last year.

I had dieted before. I actually lost 60 pounds doing the Atkins diet about 4 years ago. But, I regained 40 pounds. I tried the Atkins diet again. This time my body said not so fast buster. You tried that before, and this time I am not going to let it work.

What do I mean? In the Atkins diet there is a process called induction. This a two week period where all someone does is eat meat and fat. The body doesn't get any carbohydrates during that time period. The total carbohydrate intake for that period isn't supposed to exceed 20 grams a day. So all one eats is fat, eggs, and meats. It can be done.

According to the Atkins version of this diet the amount of meat taken in is not dependent on calorie intake. Well, I after having done the Atkins diet, I beg to differ. I couldn't take in 3000 calories of meat, fat, and eggs, each day and lose weight. You might be able to.

Sooner or later the body rebels and says no to Atkins. It adjusts somehow. I know I experienced it. I used the Keotone strips to monitor my progress. I would turn the strips deep purple day after day. I wouldn't lose one pound. In fact I started gaining weight faster. My body had made the adjustments it needed to defeat the Atkins induction process.

I needed a different approach. I was searching for an answer, and praying about it. I realized on Thanks giving day when I stepped on the scale at 240 pounds I was back in serious trouble with my weight. I couldn't button my uniform pants up anymore without sucking in my gut.

I had to figure out what I was going to do to get off this weight. I didn't have time with my schedule to start a workout program. My schedule is far to erratic. I was sitting watching TV and saw a commercial for a diet program where someone pays $400 for 30 days of food. It was all of this yummy looking food.

I had a spark of inspiration. I thought could it be that easy? What if I purchased some TV dinners and ate those? Well Target had Lean Cuisines on sale. I purchased up a bunch of those Lean Cuisines. They are very good by the way. I like the flavor of their food.

Here is what happened for one month everyday I ate Lean Cuisines morning noon and night. Wonders of Wonders, I lost 9 pounds in less than thirty days. (I just wish I had written this down.) I was very happy that I thought I had hit on something.

Well, I was still very hungry after eating Lean Cuisines. They are very low amounts of food in the trays. I decided to start eating TV dinners. They were cheaper, and had more food per serving on their trays. I also started keeping a daily diary of my food intake and weight. I wanted a record of my progress.

My weight kept dropping. I figured I could do with a few more calories than even the TV dinners. I decided I would set a limit of 1,500 calories a day. I found that if I had more than 1,500 calories a day, my weight lose stagnated. Well, it worked.

Now, I keep a calorie count of everything that I eat. I even include fluids like orange juice (130 calories). This is because liquids can have hundreds of calories in them. A 20 ounce coke has over 250 calories.

This brings me to the point where I am now. I am at 205.4 pounds. That's almost 35 pounds from where I was in December of 2006.

I have made up my mind to stay with this program until I reach the weight that I want to attain. Then from there I will add calories to a point where my weight remains level. From that point on for the rest of my entire life I will have to continue to monitor all of my food intake. I will never be able to drop my guard. Not then, and not ever can I give up the "Battle of the Bulge"

You won't be able to either. Your mission will be to find out what your normal weight should be. Then you will have to change your diet to get there. It won't be easy. I know. I have suffered to get this far. I continue to suffer. I hate it.

You will hate it too. Yesterday I was explaining to this preponderant woman who was very pretty what she is going to have to do. Her question to me was, "what do I do when I get hungry?" I was honest and said you have to learn to live with hunger.

That's the hardest part of losing weight; living with hunger. It may go away on some days after eating. Most of the time though, even after eating a meal, the hunger is still there. Don't believe the bull that says when your satisfied don't eat any more.

NO, when you are satisfied you have eaten too much. You can't ever be satisfied. This means you have eaten way more calories than you need to live. I kid you not. When you're satisfied this means that your blood sugar level is way up there. If you are full then the body has no reason to go after the fat reserves on your body.

It's only when the body has to find an additional source of energy by taking the fat reserves off of itself that it will be trained to go for the fat all the time. Eventually there will come a time when there is no more fat, or very little.

So far today I have had for breakfast a Banquet Turkey Pot Pie (280 calories), and cottage cheese (110 calories). For lunch I had two Mexican style tacos (about 200 calories each), then I had an ice cream bar (270 calories), and two small pieces of hard candy (40 calories). That's it so far for today. I am not near 1,500 calories yet. I can eat something when I get home. Bye for now.

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simmy said...

Hey David,

Just wanted to say that I love your blog, and i love your attitude. I found your blog because it's the one after mine, i just pushed the next blog button, but i think it was fate.

I love that you tell it how it is, we are fat because we eat to much. There may be reasons why we eat too much, but the only way to stop being fat is to stop eating so much!

You have motivated me to give it another go



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