Thursday, April 12, 2007


April 12, 2007

Well, It’s Thursday morning. I weighed myself when I woke up. I weighed 213.2 pounds.
Does this mean I have actually gained weight? Perhaps it does since I did get down to 209 pounds.

I know that this is a long distance run. This is a life long project. I am not letting a few pounds discourage me.

Yesterday I was out away from home all day. I had some free meals given to me. So I ate a high calorie diet yesterday. In the morning I had a TV dinner (400 calories). For lunch I had a Whopper (700 calories YEOW) and diet coke. I had some chocolate pieces, (50 calories), and later I had a Big Mac (600 calories) and medium French-fries (350 calories). Later that night I ate a big blob of peanut butter (243 calories). The grand total was 2,343 calories. My goal for the day is supposed to be 1,500 calories. I am over my daily goal by 843 calories. Oops.

Hey, I would make myself crazy if everyday I was expecting to be down another pound. I am doing just fine as it is. You would be too if this were you.

I am my own conscience.

This morning I had 2 fried pieces of bacon (80 calories), 2 fried eggs (160 calories), salsa (10 calories), and some shredded cheese on top (50 calories). Yummy...

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