Monday, April 9, 2007


God Bless America with all of her incredible abundance. There is no country in the world like this one. There might never be again. And all I can say is we should pray with all of our hearts that God sees fit to let her stand. And we should thank God for what we have, and we should fight to keep it. These are my thoughts after eating an incredible meal on Easter Sunday.
David Dane

Well, yesterday was Easter. I had made an attempt to place a blog, however due to technical reasons the block didn't get posted. It's my fault.

Anyway yesterday was Easter, and I went with family members to eat at a buffet in the afternoon. Can anyone guess what I ate, and how much? Lots, and lots of food is the answer to the question? And I had more than one serving of dessert. When I have time I will fill you in. At this point I am not so sure anyone reads my blog.

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