Monday, January 28, 2008

Coffee Flavored Oatmeal?

Hello weight losing fans...

Today I stepped up onto the Magical-Mystical-Digital-Scale weighing in at 178.6-pounds.
This is my second day below 180-pounds.

Did you ever have one of those days when you've done something completely thoughtless?
No harm came to anyone because of my thoughtless actions, but it makes me wonder some days, "Am I even awake at all?"

I woke up early this morning at around 3:30 AM. I meant to get up around eight. Well, I tried to go back to sleep; I was too hungry.
I laid in bed for an hour trying to go back to sleep. Finally I couldn't handle it anymore. I got up, and made a cup of green tea with a teaspoon of honey stirred in.
I went back to sleep after that.

When I woke up, my head was in a fog. I went to make my coffee. As it was brewing I bathed myself in the bathroom. When I went back into the kitchen to get coffee I realized that I had left four tea bags in the coffee pot before I brewed it.

For you who aren't coffee drinkers, coffee and tea don't mix in flavors. These fluids are in a whole different world when it comes to flavor. You just don't mix tea and coffee.

Well I sucked it up and decided to drink this ookey flavored elixir. That was my first waking blunder for the day.

I took my ookey coffee and sat in the living room drinking it and tried to read something. I got hungrier as I sat there. I decided I was going to eat a packet of oatmeal for breakfast. Note I wrote ONE packet.

It didn't turn out like that at all. I was making instant oatmeal. I had a bowl of water on the counter next to my full cup of coffee. I was going to pour the packet of oatmeal into the water, then place that into the microwave oven.
I opened the packet and instead poured it into the coffee. My mouth dropped open at my stupidity. I thought, "What the hey, you dummy." I couldn't believe that I did that without even thinking about it. This was my second thoughtless blunder for the morning.

I took the coffee and oatmeal and dumped the mix into the bowl. Next I added a second packet of oatmeal to that because it was too runny. Then I put it into the Microwave to cook. When I pulled this now very brown looking mess out of the microwave I stirred into it a tablespoon of honey. Then I stirred in a quarter cup of chocolate protein powder.
I sat down to eat this mess.

I was surprised that my mistake had actually made a very tasty, filling breakfast meal.

For you who want to try this in the future just take your oatmeal and add a cup of hot coffee, a tablespoon of honey, and a quarter cup of chocolate protein. And for the kiddies toss in a quarter cup of chocolate powder.

I am not big on sharing recipes. However I made this one mentioned above completely because I blundered into it. It certainly makes me glad I wasn't mixing rocket fuel today. Phew...

My Second Day Under 180-Pounds
Yesterday, and today are my second days under that 180-lb.-target.

I didn't get here by accident. I had to make a dramatic change over two weeks ago with my total caloric intake. I reduced my total intake of calories from 1,500 calories to 1,300 calories.

Initially I really had to suck it up. The hunger was back again with a vengeance. The cats were in my stomach clawing my insides.
Then I got sick. I tossed all caution to the wind because I couldn't do both: resist hunger pain, and suffer with all the aches and pains from my illness.
I began to pump in the calories when I got hungry.
On one Sunday, by the time the day was over, I had consumed over 3,000 calories.
Monday wasn't much different than this, I ate when I felt like it. I ate anything I could get my sticky fingers on.

Back To The Battle
When I was feeling better I put my head down and got back to "The Battle Of The Bulge."

It's War. HOO WHAA!

I don't know why my metabolism had slowed to such a pace that I have to eat so little food. Today I was listening to a program that mentions this generation is obese not because of our food consumption, but because of fluoride put into the public water system.

I don't know if this is true. I am sure that environmental factors have had something to do with it. I do remember when I was younger in the army I could eat large meals and not gain a pound.
In the army I was more active. As I got older I found that I couldn't eat just anything anymore.
I wish I could eat more.
I Can't.

My motivation to lose weight wasn't because I really knew what I was going to do. I didn't have a written plan. I had no diet program laid out in front of me. There wasn't a blue-print.

I knew that I was sick and tired. I couldn't button my uniform shirt. I couldn't button my uniform pants.

Something had to be done. I had to get this weight off. It was killing me. I was deeply depressed because of it.

I get angry when I read or hear these smiling individuals who sell their positive plans for weight loss. I resent that people think they can cut up their stomach and solve their problems. And I get really angry when I find doctors, who should know better, endorse cutting up the stomach.

I know that there are illnesses out there that people struggle with. I have an in-law that has an illness. She can't help herself.

However, as far as I know, I don't have an illness. I had to suck it up. I had to determine to get this weight off. I had figure out what to do.

I put my head down, I sucked it up, and got to work. I had to cut back down my total calories. I suffered as a result of it. I had hunger that consumed my thoughts. I had to resist my impulses.

As a result, I got here. Don't congratulate me. I am not looking for applause. I am just telling you that you can do it too.

Bye for now...

And that's the way it is...I'm David Dane


Dinah Soar said...

It is so true that it's a good thing you weren't mixing rocket fuel! I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes...I hope the rest of your day went better...also, you may be onto something with that chocolate coffee oatmeal.

David Dane said...

Thanks dinah...

Mike and Mary Jones said...

I did the coffee and oatmeal on purpose one day, and found it pretty tasty, so I've been repeating if I'm out of skim milk at work.

Sara said...

Hey, i made this the other day. I just put rolled oatmeal, water, coffee and stevia. It tasted like soggy weet bix (which i love).

I might add milk for flavour next time.

Anonymous said...

am searching whether am i the only person who thinks coffee and oatmeal can go together and stumbled here. yay, gonna try that. annie.

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