Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Barrier Is Breaking; Persistence Pays off

Well, I woke up today after having been out all night on a Lake Michigan Cruise. I had the buffet last night and it was after midnight when I was eating. So do I enter that as yesterdays food, or today's food?

Anyway when I woke up at 11 AM I weighed myself at noon in at 200-pounds on the dot.

I am so close to breaking the 200-pound barrier my digital scale kept flashing between 199.8-pounds and 200-pounds to finally settle with 200-pounds on the dot.

Will I finally go under 200 tomorrow. Who knows? I am glad to have gotten this far. It's been rough. I kid you not.

When I went out on that cruise last night there was a buffet all kinds of bite sized delicacies.
I wondered if I really should eat something. I gave into my desire. I even had some desert.

The only reason I was questioning if I should eat anything is because I really wanted to finally get below the 200-pounds today. That's all.

I totaled what I ate at the buffet with what I had during the day. I am estimating I came in at 2000 total calories before I retired to bed at 6 AM in the morning.

Today I ate around noon. I ate breaded fish (290 calories), and a salad with dressing (140 calories). That's all I have had today so far.

I don't know what I will eat when I get home.

I am going to mention something. I remember when I was much younger than I am now. I don't remember having food so easily available every place I go. Every function that I go to has food associated with it. Doesn't it seem like every place we go there are people eating or drinking something?

It is no wonder there are now so many preponderant people everywhere. It's because food is everywhere.

Now last night I didn't feel one pang of guilt because I ate what I ate. I had to eat something because I was going to be up all night long. And, I had not eaten anything since almost three o'clock. I figured I should eat.

I picked and chose. I could have eaten more because I was still very hungry. I just said no to fulfilling my desire to satisfy myself.

But, most people don't do that. This is why there are now so many preponderant people tipping the scales.

I ate at the buffet last night (or was it this morning?):

  • Bite size raviolis with sauce x 4 (est. 200 calories)
  • Finger sized tortilla's filled with meat sauce x 4 (est. 400 calories)
  • Small ham sandwich (est. 150 calories)
  • Thumb Sized Chocolate Eclairs x 3 (est. 150 calories)
  • Tostito Chips x 4 (20 calories)

Total calories as I wrote above are estimated at 2000 calories for my time awake before bed time.

I have no words or insights to share today. I am still a bit doggish from having been awake all night long. So I am not feeling real philosophical right now.

Bye for now...

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