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A Foolproof Concept to Losing Weight

This morning I weighed in at 202.2-pounds. Hurray!

It Is Hard To Lose Weight
If it were easy to lose weight everyone would be doing it. My method though is foolproof. I kid you not. If you will take the time at least once a day to record your weight you will know if you are gaining weight or losing weight.

I have a friend who is doing Weight Watchers. She told me that she is only supposed to weigh herself once a week or less. It’s so the weight watcher won’t get discouraged.

I think that’s a dumb guideline to follow. Here is why. In one week someone can gain a lot of weight, just as well as lose a lot of weight. There is no adjustment period in that guideline.

I don’t recommend losing more than two pounds a week. What I am telling you in my blog is go easy. Be consistent. It’s steady as she goes. Don’t kill yourself to lose the weight.

If you are 10 pounds over what you should be, take three or four weeks to shave off those ten pounds. Maybe you’ll need more than that.

If you have 100 pounds to lose then expect to take over one year to drop those one hundred pounds. I am not kidding here. Don’t endanger your life trying to lose weight. You can get it off. It’s just going to take a steady, nice and easy, persistent disposition and effort. And you will need time.

Do you remember in one of my earlier messages I wrote I know a man who lost a lot of weight by having his stomach piping rerouted? I only wish he had found a responsible doctor who would have put him on a careful diet. That is what I advocate.

Here is what I saw happen to him:

  • He lost the weight
  • He lost weight way to fast for his body to adjust.
  • His skin sagged on his face, on his arms, and his body.
  • He looked like hell in my opinion
  • He still had to learn to cut way, way back on his food intake.
    Here is why. He would throw up any excessive food.
  • He was permanently changed. There was no going back.
  • He could never, ever, not ever, enjoy a big delicious meal ever again.
  • He was ultimately sorry for his decision.
  • I won’t be surprised if someday he doesn’t commit suicide from the misery.
Why should anyone be so stinking miserable? Let me tell you something. God gave you the ability to decide what’s good and what’s bad. Getting into trouble with the weight anyone can do. It’s a different story if you don’t do anything to change it.

There are books, books and books about how to lose weight. Pick one and use it.

I like the Atkin’s diet. The only thing that I would change is that I would count total calories. I wouldn’t assume I could eat a cow or a pig and lose weight. That much food in the body isn’t healthy.

Two plates of meat in your stomach aren’t good. The stomach has to have time to move out the food. That much meat begins to putrefy in the gut. It’s not healthy.

I learned to be a calorie counter, not a carbohydrate counter. Oh I used to count carbohydrates when I did the Doctor Atkin’s diet program. I realized something. It’s hard to count total carbohydrates. I also got sick of eating only meat, fat, and eggs. The body assimilates the calories anyway. I know I had it happen to me.

The Doctor Atkin’s diet doesn’t take into account the need to break the diet. Let’s say I have a real desire to eat a Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bar. If I am doing the Atkin’s diet there isn’t a way to account for that Ice Cream Bar. The high carbohydrate content in the ice cream bar throws off the fat burning process that resulted from avoiding too many carbohydrates.

An Ice Cream bar can bring the fat burning process to a screeching halt for three days. The body shifts into reverse. It takes that ice cream bar, the fat and meat and says OK I have to do something with this food. I will turn it into fat.

What meat turns into fat? Yep that’s what I wrote. There are calories in meat. The body will break that down too. I know it happened to me.

If I could only eat meat, fat and eggs then perhaps I would continue to lose weight. The problem is I am human too. I like sweets, breads, pasta, and ice cream. Atkin’s restricts that stuff.

Oh, you can eat some meat wrapped up in a tortilla shell. You can’t eat an ice cream bar and that too. It’s only because there are way too many carbohydrates along with the meat.

It comes down to one thing and one thing only. How many total calories have I eaten? It doesn’t matter if it’s meat calories, fat calories, or carbohydrate calories. How many calories have I stuffed into my mouth? That is what counts.

Yesterday I had half of a lunch bag size of buttered popcorn. I went to Dairy Queen and ate a Banana Blizzard. Both of those foods were ultra high in total calories. I knew that as I was enjoying every delicious bite of them. I also knew that was the end of my food consumption for the rest of the day.

I would have to go hungry. That’s it in a nutshell. I had to learn that if I was going to enjoy one thing, then I would have to give up another. I learned to make a trade off. This can only be done if someone is counting calories.

There are other systems where someone uses cards, points, etc. For me that doesn’t make sense. There aren’t any points on a box of ice cream bars. There is only a panel that counts calories, and some nutritional information. The carbohydrates are on that panel as well.

My food scale doesn’t count points for food. It counts calories. I have to look for the pink boxes if I want to count points.

In some laboratory there are people who burn portions of food of all types, and then painstakingly record the calories. Then some wizard from a weight watcher group wants to assign points to food. I think it’s a joke myself. I think it’s just to make money by segregating people and food.

Since most people are ignorant about food and how it affects the body, it’s easy for some company to come along and change the way things are done. I can tell my friend all day long to count calories and forget the points. She won’t listen because she’s invested in the point system.

I can tell someone all day long that the Atkin’s diet only works so far, and then it comes down to calories. He / She won’t listen. I learned the hard way. But, I am learning.


That’s the easy solution. I kid you not. Learn to go hungry. That’s until your body learns to go after the fat reserves. For some reason miraculously there isn’t as much hunger. I am not experiencing as much hunger as I did in the beginning. My body is learning if it needs that extra energy go after the fat. It does it quicker now than it did before.

Hunger, if you are a preponderant, is the body’s way of throwing a temper tantrum. If you are FAT then there is plenty of reserve energy there for the body to use.

I am not saying don’t eat and nourish your body. I am saying don’t over eat. Eat carefully and record what you have eaten. Count those calories and restrict them to a point that forces the body to go after its fat reserves. Eat plenty of protein. Eat some fat. Eat those carbohydrates. Give the body some treats.

An Ice Cream Bar here or there won’t kill you. Just add that bar to your calorie count for the day as I do. Be sensible. You will lose the weight. I promise you will.

What Did I Eat This Morning?
I woke up, got out of bed, took my bath, and weighed myself. I was elated to see those digits turning to 202.2-pounds. EEH HA!

Do you remember I wrote a couple of days ago some lady gave me cookies? I ate the raisin cookie this morning. It was Yummy. It was from the Chicago Club. It was hand made by a chef. It tasted like it. Goooood...

Here in lays the problem. It was a calorie bomb. What? That’s right. At 0.7-ounces that little delicacy came in at a hair under 90 calories. Six of those little guys would be equal to lunch for me. It was good. I only ate one.

  • I had my usual 3 ½ mugs of coffee. That’s six-6-ounce cups in the coffee maker.
  • I cooked up three strips of bacon (150 calories)
  • Two eggs with cheese and salsa in an omelet. (270 calories)
  • Total intake this morning was 460 calories

Keep those records. Say, "To heck with the skeptics.”

Think about how good you will feel shedding off those pounds.


I promise...

Bye for now....

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