Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flash, Big Change In The Diet

Hey, this morning I weighed in at 204.4-pounds. Hmmm?

I guess all that food I have eaten hasn't pasted itself to me yet.

Did I say kill yourself to lose the weight? No, I didn't. Who said don't eat cake? I just said keep within a certain calorie window. That's it.

Yesterday I was talking to my aunt. She said she lost eight pounds eating fish, and vegetables. Hey I thought that sounds like a new strategy to break the 200 pound barrier to me.

This morning I stir fried two cups of mixed vegetables in a wok. I put in two teaspoons of honey. I added some grapefruit juice. When the vegetables cooked for five minutes I tossed in a can of tuna fish and some lemon. Voila, a great little healthy meal, and on the cheap as well.

So, you don't have to starve to death to lose weight. I am not dying of starvation here. And yes I have times that I deal with hunger. It's not as severe of a hunger that I used to have though.

Bye for now...

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