Friday, May 4, 2007

Stumble Bumble Stumble, Voila, Have Some Extra Pounds

This morning I woke up to some extra pounds. What? You were doing so well David. What happened? Um, bread, bread sticks, and a huge hamburger for lunch yesterday, that's what happened. This baby made a Whopper look like a kid burger. It had to have had 3/4 pounds of beef on that over sized bun. No kidding.

I think the bun on the hamburger was 300 calories by itself. Add to that two pieces of bacon (80 calories), a hefty dob of cheese (150 calories), and the patty which must have been 500-600 calories. That was all of my calories for the day there in one burger.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing." I kid you not I did.
I didn't eat the fried potatoes.
Add to that all the bread I ate before that hamburger showed up in front of me.

Needless to say I bombed on the calories. Now, that big boat hamburger is making it's way out of my system. Oh, it did taste so good. But, I felt so stuffed afterwards. I was bloated.

I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day. Before I went to bed last night I stepped on the scale at 207 pounds. This was just under five pounds of food and fluid in me from the day.

When I got out of bed I weighed in at 205 pounds. This was just under three pounds at 2.8 pounds. Whoops.

Now, could that be fat that has jumped on to me? Who knows. Certainly not I. In a few days I shall know.

Two days ago I wrote that I am approaching the 200 pound barrier. This is another 10 pound barrier. For some strange reason it takes me a couple of weeks to get through a 10 pound barrier. I go up over it, then I go under it, then I go back up over it. This goes on for a while.

It's like my body has a set point that it won't pass. I think that set point comes in 10 pounds increments.

Well, I have set my mind, I am crashing through that barrier. By Wednesday I will be under 200 pounds. I am determined to keep my calories at 1,500 or below.

I started today with that strategy. I went to lunch and had a "goat cheese salad." It was good, but expensive. I had a small roll with that salad, and butter. For breakfast I had a Chicken Pot Pie. (It beats eating a donut for breakfast.) I haven't calculated calories yet.

I feel satisfied. I ate that salad for lunch and wasn't hungry afterwards. Maybe the goat cheese has a filling effect. Maybe there is something in goat cheese that shuts off my appetite. I am going to experiment with that idea.
My New Poem

Fat man.. Fat man.. can you see this ole' weight is killing me.
I can't run, and I can't jump, I can barely climb the stairs.
I can't look down and see my feet.
My pants don't fit me anymore, my butt gets stuck going through the door.
I huff and puff everywhere I go.
My hearts beating fast as can be.
Count off.. 240
Count off.. 230
Count off.. 220
Count off.. 210
Count off.. 205 now.
The preponderant man is going for it. He's down 38 pounds. He's slid back just a little. Is he on the ropes now? Has his will power gone?

The 200 pounder barrier is approaching. Will he crash through? I don't know, but I have bated breath folks. I don't think he can do it. There are just way too many succulent little temptations out there for him. Let's keep our eyes open. We shall see...
Bye for now....

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