Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I Still Haven't Reached 200 Pounds, I Am Still Going Down

Today I weighed in at 202.4-pounds.

Yesterday May 8 I had the following menu:
  • 1 piece of bacon
  • 1 scrambled egg, with salsa and cheese melted on top
  • 1 cup of diet jello
  • Turkey Pot Pie
  • 3 Lenell cookies
  • Chicken 8-ounces
  • Green Beans
  • A piece of Strawberry covered Cheese Cake (400 calories)
  • My total calorie intake for yesterday was 1,573 calories

Today's menu was the following:

  • Lean Pockets Ham & Cheddar (280 calories)
  • McDonalds Ranch Crispy Chicken Sandwich (600 calories)
  • Diet Soda
  • Apple (100 calories)
  • Two Oranges (80 x 2 =160 calories)
  • My total calorie intake for today is so far 1,040 calories

I was talking to a man today that is a diabetic. He is so proud that he ate only a salad and two hard rolls for lunch. He said that he skipped breakfast.

I didn't tell him but I think he is totally uniformed about food and nutrition. If I were a diabetic I would not be skipping meals. If anything I would be adding in snacks in-between-meals to regulate my sugar levels.

He is a type two diabetic. This means his diabetes was probably the result of being overweight and using to much sugar. Even so, he shouldn't skip meals.

I have to go. I will finish this another day. I am so excited that I am back under 203-pounds.

I didn't go crashing throught the 200 pound barrier like I had predicted. I am lingering over 200 pounds.

Bye for now....

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