Monday, May 7, 2007

NO crashing through the 200 Pound Barrier This Week

I woke up this morning and weighed in at 204.8-pounds.

Yesterday I ate brunch at Denny's. I had the Country Fried Steak Breakfast. I didn't eat anything else for most of the day after that. I didn't really feel very hungry. That's a surprise.
Before I went to bed I dipped into the peanut butter jar. I scooped out a table spoon of peanut butter (190 calories) and had 115 grams of cottage cheese (110 calories). My total calories for yesterday came in under 1000 calories. After I ate breakfast I wasn't really that hungry.

Maybe I am adjusting to a lower food consumption. We shall see.

I have had fits the last few days though. I wrote a few days ago that I was determined to crash through the 200-pound barrier. Well, it's not gonna happen. It's going to be a wrestling match. And I will be darned if I am going starve myself to hit that goal.

My total weight has slipped into reverse where some days at night I hit 208 pounds. Yeow!
Where did that come from? It was large amounts of food that did it. I had all that bread at a restaurant on Friday, or was it Thursday? I had that super size hamburger. And I had Ice Cream on top of that. On Saturday I ate a huge slice of sausage pizza, and then ate steak, a big potato, and a large salad.

Hey all that adds up. But it was all yummy. I don't have one lick of guilt over it.

I told you there are times when we "fall off the wagon." That's right. We are human and we stumble. There is no sense in feeling shame or guilt for it.

I weigh myself everyday. I am monitoring what's going on. I will hit the 200 pound level. It's not going to be this week like I had thought. It may not be next week either. My body is giving me fits here. Yours will too. Expect it.

Expect that you will lose pounds and feel a sense of accomplishment. Then, suddenly, it's as if the body says no, I won't cooperate. Here have some pounds for that food you ate a couple of days ago.

It's like that, up, and down, up, up, up, and then down, down. I lost five pounds, and then I am down ten pounds, suddenly I am seeing the pounds work their way back on to my body.

Here is why. It's because I am varying different foods throughout the week. I am not sticking to one eating plan. I won't. I am not going to kill myself to lose weight. I do sacrifice. I do avoid certain things, IE sugar drinks. Coke is out for me. Now I am seeking to eliminate Diet Coke as well.

If I have orange juice, or grape fruit juice I limit myself to eight ounces. It's because there is usually sugar added to juice in the form of corn syrup.

I haven't given up "The Battle of the Bulge." I am still in the fight. As long as I have my rational faculties I will continue this battle.

I feel so, so, so good having shed the poundage that I have. I am better than I was.

Today I went with my brother to a veterinary clinic. We walked in and behind the counter was sitting a very, very large woman. I mean she was big. It was all preponderance. (Remember preponderance means tipping the scale.)

If she doesn't do something about her weight she will have a lot of problems in ten years. Someone has to tell her. Hey, "lose that fat."

Hey, "lose the fat." What do you mean you don't know how? The library is full of weight loss books. Pick one!

Here is what the big problem is. NO ONE LIKES TO BE HUNGRY. I don't, you don't, nobody likes to be hungry. Our bodies throw temper tantrums.

It reminds me of the play, "Little House of Horrors." Remember when the alien plant would say, "Feed Me Seymour?" Well, our bodies say, "Feed me, I'm hungry." Then since we have never learned to say NO, we give in to our hunger.

The horror is, what in the world are we doing to ourselves? I mean it. I have three family members that late in life developed diabetes. Why? Could it be the incredibly huge amounts of sugar that we blindly pump into our bodies by drinking soda, and juice? Could it be the sugar donuts that we eat everyday? Could it be the fist full of cookies that we think we can eat each day for a snack?

I am not telling anyone don't drink soda, or eat a piece of pie. This isn't what I am writing in my blog. I am writing, "Be aware of what you drink, and eat. Eat in moderation."

Coming To America, "Fat Police"
If you and I don't begin to limit the food we intake, and aren't more careful about our diets, then the day is coming that the fat police will come for you. Do you think I am kidding?

There is coming to America a "Fat Tax." This is the tax that the government "Do Gooders" are going to levy on all foods. These government Nazis are going to make the excuse that we have to discourage food consumption so we'll start with a tax. This is because health officials who don't know there butts from the hole in the ground are going to say, "we have all of these fat people, we have to fix this."

Now, food can become an addiction. Sugar has qualities that people get addicted to it. It's just what happens. It takes the power of the will to break this addiction. Well, the "Fat Police" will force the issue. You think I am paranoid here.

This is how they will force us to reform. It will come in Taxes and Charges on Health insurance, on food, and anything else the "Fat Police" thinks causes obesity.

Here is the problem, an addiction can't be cured by social engineering. Cigarettes are an example of an addiction. It takes the will to break the smoking habit, and addiction. That's the only cure.

The body has to suffer to break any addiction. The problem is, no one, not even I, likes to suffer. It's hard. It's consuming.

I have had my days, and now months of suffering to lose the little bit of weight that I have lost. I am no where near where I want to be with my weight.

I think, according to the Body Fat Index, I have 35-pounds to lose. It's going to take me another six months to do it.

I have been working at losing the 38 pounds that I lost this far since December 2006. It's May now, so if I stay on schedule, I may be at 170 pounds by November 2007. God willing anyway...

Listen to me, it's not easy to lose the weight. It takes effort and sacrifice to lose the weight without a drug, or some kind of diet pill. God forbid anyone who has read my blog decides surgery is the only alternative.

We get preponderant by eating more than the body needs. That's it, too many calories, and up and away we go.

I am sitting here doing this blog in a Computer lab. To my left is a girl who has a real pretty face. She is preponderant. She just stood and I can she that she is wide in the can. She is snacking on dried fruit in a bag.

I am not knocking dried fruit. It's good for the digestion because there is fiber in it. It has complex carbohydrates in it. It's better than snacking on crackers. Well, maybe....
Dried fruit is loaded with sugar. If it is the kind of dried fruit that comes from a popular food chain then it has probably been coated with sugar to make it even sweeter.
This all adds up to consuming calories. If she isn't careful with her total calorie intake, to include the dried fruit, then she will be waisting her time trying to lose the weight. It won't happen for her.

Who is going to tell her, "dear every piece of fruit has to be counted calories?" Won't anyone tell this potential beauty queen where she's fumbling? I would.

Read my blog and follow along. See what I am telling you. I was preponderant like you. I was eating bags of oreo cookies seven months ago. I would sit and eat one whole frozen pizza in one meal. I would sit and eat a whole roasted chicken thinking that I could lose the weight.

I know what it is to suffer fighting "The Battle of the Bulge." I know what it is to lay awake hungry. This isn't because food wasn't available, it was because I was beginning the fight, "The Battle of the Bulge."

Fight that battle! Lose those unwanted pounds!

Today I had breakfast:

  • one fried piece of bacon (40 calories)
  • one fried scrambled egg with cheese, and salsa on top (140 calories)

Bye for now...

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