Monday, May 21, 2007

Doing A Little Walking To Burn Some Calories Helps

I Blogged this afternoon and mentioned that I weighed in at 199.8-pounds.

I went to the track after I blogged and walked for 40 minutes. I measured my heart rate in the middle of the walk and it was up around 110-beats-per-minute. That's good considering my resting weight has been around 70-beats-per-minute.

So I got my heart rate up a little while there and burned about 150 calories is what I am estimating. Now, do I get to eat those 150 calories. Well, I could, but I won't.

I went home after my walk and weighed in at exactly 200-pounds. This means maybe tomorrow I will be at 199 even. We shall see.

My Friend Doesn't Believe The Body Has Resistance Points
I have a friend that I went to the track with. He ran, while I walked. I am not in any shape to be jogging. I have a problem with my knee joints, which is partially why I was so anxious to lose the weight.

My friend and I talked about the body having points along the weight loss scale where the body holds on as long as it can to the extra fat. He said that the body doesn't count numbers.

Well, I didn't think that this was true either. But, it seems that at every 10 pound point in my weight reduction program I stuck for about two or three weeks. This 200-pound limit is where I stuck for about two weeks.

Now that barrier seems to be finally collapsing. It's going to be a rocket ride down to 190-pounds from here. Once I finally don't weigh 200 at all my body will slide down to 190 pounds.

I was sure that I would be at 190 pounds by the middle of June. I don't think that will happen.

I am going home to stir fry some vegetables, and a can of tuna fish. Then I am going to drink a glass of wine.

Bye for now...


Resilient Hawk said...

The biggest resistent point is the first pound. The second most resistent, I'll guess, is the last pound. I think those two pounds involved the person's mind and heart more than their fat.

Congratulations on the 200 mark. A job well-done!

Resilient Hawk said...
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