Monday, May 21, 2007

Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, The 200-Pound Barrier Is Broken

This morning I woke up and weighed in a 199.8-pounds.

It's been two weeks that I have hovered over that 200-pound weight level. My body just didn't want to give it up.

You will experience the same thing. You'll have a hard time with certain points where the weight just stays there. It could be at the 5 pound mark or it could be the 10 pound mark. But, that body set point will be there. It will be a point where the body locks in and every calorie you eat goes back to fat.

I think this is the bodies way of protecting itself. I think the body has a survival mode. I also think that our bodies are spoiled. We allow ourselves to eat everytime we want something to satisfy a need. Then it becomes a habit to eat.

The Critics Can Be Your Closest Friends
Today I went with a friend to the movies. Before that we were walking around the mall. We came upon a new food store that has a kitchen where a person goes in and personally prepares a home meal. It's a cool concept for Mom's and Dad's on the go.

My friend was talking to the woman who ran the place. She said that the food is regular restaurant food that isn't available in a grocery store. She told us there wasn't any diet food there.

Well my friend said, "Diet is just the word die with a T." Then I asked him what do you mean, "Diet is the word Die with a T." Then he said, "Yes, you can die from malnutrition on a diet."
Then he said it's the word, "Die with a little crusifix after it."

Excuse me? I beg to differ. Diet is a controlled food intake program. I am on a diet. He should be too.

How do you think people get so big. They eat way to much food. And, they eat the wrong food.
For example, my sister told me that she is back to drinking a two liter of Regular Dr. Pepper every day (1000 calories).

Every where I go I hear people who are unwilling to shave off the excessive fat making comments critical of what I am trying to accomplish here in this blog.

If you are overweight, then there could be serious consequenses to your health. Get it through your head. I feel great having lost what I lost.

It's A Different Feeling Than Before
Back in the year of 2002 I lost 60 pounds doing the Dr. Atkins Diet. I didn't keep the kind of records that I am now. So maybe I wouldn't have regained the weight.

I have a different feeling now than I did then. I am eating less food. I am not eating just one kind of food which was mostly meat.

I had a tendency to eat way too much meat thinking that it was OK. No, it wasn't. And if I could ever get a letter off to the Atkins people I would share with them my experience.

You still have to count those calories. Anyway, with the current method I am using I feel a whole lot better than I did when I was just consuming meat.

My stomach is shrinking. I am not starving myself as some people would illude to. I actually eat stuff like popcorn out the bag at the movies. I have desserts. I just total up the calories.

Now, when I hit my goal of 170 pounds, I don't know how many calories I will be able to consume to keep myself level. However, I will always, always, always, have to watch what I eat.
This will never end.

I can't get lazy and say, "Well, I've arrived at my goal weight. I can go back to eating everything that I want." That isn't going to work for me, and it won't work for you.

For breakfast I had a Lean Pocket (280 calories), at noon I had half of a lunch bag of popcorn (400 calories). When I came home I had a Beef Pot Pie (450 calories). I also had two mugs of coffee, and a diet coke.

Bye for now...

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