Monday, May 7, 2007

They Say Calorie Counting Is Ridiculous

I just saw a web site that ridicules counting calories.
One of the points was someone who counts calories skips meals.

Hey, I don't advocate skipping meals.

I don't advocate starving your body to the point of exhaustion.

I don't recommend avoiding all foods.

I do say watch your food portion sizes.

I do say weigh yourself each day.

I don't tell you that you can't eat a donut.

I do say count the calories and write them down.

I am not charging you to read my blog.

Watch out for the people who want to charge you for all of the diet advice.

You are going to be fighting the "Battle of the Bulge" for the rest of your life. Face this as a reality. This means that you are going to have to monitor what your are eating. It's going to mean changing your eating habits.

Hunger is the bodies way of throwing a temper tantrum. Yes you should eat. Yes you need nutrition. It's just we all eat way more than we need to survive. And we eat the wrong stuff.

I can lose weight eating donuts and milk everyday. I kid you not. If I ate two donuts a day and kept that under 1,500 calories, I would lose weight. The problem is, eventually I would be suffering from malnutrition. There aren't enough of the right nutrients in donuts to survive and be healthy.

The same goes for eating nothing but protein. The body needs amino acids. These amino acids can come from meat or fish. Some amino acids can come from vegetables like peanuts.

It's high time we educate ourselves about our food consumption. And be weary of the people who poo-poo calorie counting.

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