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You Will Lose Weight - Keep Following A Set Food Plan

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I couldn't weigh myself this morning. I know I didn't go over my 1,500 calories yesterday. I ended the day Thursday-May 10, 2007 with 1,115 calories.

I wasn't real hungry yesterday either. That's good. I do wish that I could have weighed myself this morning. Oh well...

I was talking this morning at breakfast to a man who has a similar weight history to mine. He was thin when he was young, and then he got bigger as he aged. He is hoping that because he is now in his 50's he will eventually start to lose weight.

No he won't. He won't lose anything. If anything, as he ages and slows down he will begin to gain weight even faster than he is now.

I wonder who told him the myth that when we get older our body goes into reverse and we start to lose weight naturally? Tell that to my poor close family member who is gaining weight in her 70's. Tell that myth to the very large woman that was obviously over sixty and 300-pounds that I saw being pulled out of a car in down town Chicago two days before. She couldn't get herself out of the car.

You won't lose weight through fantasy. Don't be ignorant of how food works. If you eat too many calories then your body will store them as fat if there isn't enough activity to burn the calories.

This man I was talking to today was a track coach. He should have known better than to believe he could eat anything and it would magically disappear with age. That's nonsense.

As this man and I talked he told me about how he struggles with the same things that I struggle with and maybe you my reader. We eat food just to eat food. He, like me, had to figure out if he eats for comfort, because he's nervous, or because he likes the taste, and he may not even be hungry when he over eats.

This is a common problem. Many times we eat just because we like how the food tastes. We may have long past the point of being full and satisfied, but because we like the taste we eat anyway.

Desserts like ice cream, cake, pie, and other sweets are foods we eat just because it tastes good. Then as a habit we continue to eat like this. It will eventually catch up with everyone.

You can't keep over eating and not eventually have to pay a price. That price may start as a roll around the tummy for men, and for woman a little wider buttocks. But, eventually is leads to more serious problems.

I have found that since I have deliberately cut back on my total food consumption for the day that I have had real benefits:

  • I sleep better
  • I have more energy
  • I move up and down stairs easier
  • I look a little better than I did
  • My clothes aren't tight
  • I have a better over all feeling throughout the day
  • I am happy that I discovered a way to get off the weight

Since I was a child there have been hundreds of diet books published. Many of the authors became very wealthy with their so called insights into diet and nutrition.

No one has any excuse for being over weight in this modern age.

I see the obstacles that we face out there. Everywhere we go, from the grocery store to the counters at the hardware store, to the counters in every corner convenient store, food is readily available.

If we have hunger we can satisfy it almost instantaneously. It's cheap food compared to what was available years ago, and it's over abundant.

The trick is learning to say no, no, no. I won't over eat. I won't eat that crap. I won't go over my allotted calories.

Until someone gains the determination to lose weight, he / she will never have the will to overcome that unbelievable hunger that hits in the early stages of dieting.

I had overwhelming hunger. Now I have been at this weight loss thing for at least six months. My overwhelming hunger is subsiding now.

I do believe that my body's is learning to deal with its shortage of food. I think my body has determined it's high time to go get the extra fat if it needs extra energy.

The body has to be trained and wrestled with to force it to go after the fat reserves. I don't mean by fasting and eating nutritionally void meals either. Food deprivation is only a way to make oneself sick physically and emotionally.

I heard someone on the radio the other day talking about how many people decide they are going to go on a diet. He said here is how they do it: He / She will mis a meal here, and mis a meal there. He / She will totally go without food for a day or two. This may go on for a month. Then when he / she finds they are getting headaches, sick and hungry, they quit the diet. Then he / she makes up excues for not losing weight.

The problem with most people is that when it comes to losing weight they aren't patient, and persistent. They want instantaneous weight loss. When they lose the weight they think they are done losing weight. They think they can go back to eating huge helpings of food again. Then all of the weight comes back.

NO, weight loss is a life time battle. Losing weight never, ever, not ever, ends. It will never end.

"The Battle of the Bulge" goes on as long as anyone lives. The guards can never come down.

If someone quits watching their weight, then they will gain back all they lost, and more. This is how it works.

I will not quit this life long war.
I will wage a life time campaign against "The Battle of the Bulge."
I will not succumb to the threat of hunger.
I will not succumb to the fear of starvation.
I will not let sweet delicacies dressed in pretty foil catch my eye.

I will wake up ready for the war,
And I will lay down having fought it to the best of my ability.
I will not let the skeptics who have no will daunt me.
I will not let fear overcome me.
I will never, no never quit this life long war with my weight.
I do it for my health.
I do if for myself.
I do it because I know I will feel better.
I will continue this "Battle of the Bulge."

This morning I ate at a buffet at TGIF inside the Marriott Hotel

Here is my morning menu:

  • Large Omelet (3 eggs, cheese, meat, vegetables (340 calories))
  • Waffle - eight inches in diameter - (250 calories)
  • Syrup (200 calories)
  • Pad of Land O'Lakes Butter (100 calories)
  • Oatmeal -1 cup- (150 calories)
  • Grapefruit -six pieces- (40 calories)
  • Honey Dew Melon (20 calories)
  • Orange Juice - 4 ounces - (65 calories)
  • Raisins (Calories ? )
  • Total Calories this morning were 1,165 calories

Now, how many people at that buffet this morning had even more food than me? They have no idea what they ate. Then for lunch or dinner they will eat a whole bunch more calories not knowing they have over eaten for the day.

I know what I ate. I can adjust from here. Tonight I am supposed to be going to a Grill / Buffet. And I am not paying the bill.

I am going to have to be very careful what I eat. I only have 400 calories left. Now I can add 200 because yesterday I had calories left over. We'll see how hungry I feel when I get there.

Bye for now...

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Resilient Hawk said...

Progress happens when you do the right thing to get there. Even when you are unable to monitor the results, you can be confident. The results will be good.

Making that next level, getting under 200, may be difficult. Maybe the easy fat is lost, but now, as you say, the body is less willing to release more. However, following your low-cal plan, you are still burning more than you are taking in.

Join me on the track this week. I head to COD's track in the later afternoon most days. I'll be out of town Sun-Wed, but Thursday and Friday are days I'll be running in circles. I'll run, but walkers are often there.

One mile equals roughly 100 calories, and so, one lap equals roughly 25 calories. Retain your present diet, and add a mile or two a few times a week.

The Benefit
Three miles a week will burn, then, 300 calories. Over four weeks, that's 1,200 calories. Sounds like not much, but, as you know, calories add up -- for, or against you.

Your muscles will like this. Not only will you burn a little fat, but you'll gain a little muscle, which, in turn, will burn a few more calories.

Other benefits are harder to quantify - stress release, better cardio-vascular system (blood pressure, resting pulse, etc.), helps cleanse body of garbage.

I'm not disciplined enough to count calories. However, I'm doing the running thing which is helping. I am losing weight, though not as aggressively as you are. In time, for both of us, by doing something right, something right will happen.

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