Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eating Disorders

This morning I blogged and mentioned something about a woman I know who lost 16 pounds over the year. Well, I did some Internet searching and found that she may have an eating disorder.

That's right, she may have an eating disorder. A couple of years ago her husband died. She has been alone ever since. She has no family close by except her estranged sister. She is in her early sixties.

The woman may be struggling with depression and she is unable to admit it. She may not even know she has a problem. I asked some people about her. My elderly mother seems to think that she may very well have lost her appetite.

Nonsense, many woman in there older years are now being discovered to have self image problems like teenage girls. They are finding woman who are alone with no support to be having behavior problems like anorexia nervosa and volemia. See the link below.

I wondered if I might be wrong here. This is a woman who has been overweight for as many years as I have known her. Now suddenly she is endowed with no appetite. Something is wrong.
She is only about sixty years old, and she puts on see-through blouses and mini-skirts.

Call me ignorant, but that picture isn't right. She isn't healthy. If she doesn't eat properly eventually she will die from malnutrition.

There may be medications that she is taking for depression that she doesn't know suppress her appetite. She may be on an anti-depressant and she won't tell anyone because she thinks there is a stigma attached to it in people's minds.

I don't know, but I don't think she is OK. And I can hardly say that I am so excited to see her losing weight without eating.

If you are like this maybe you should seek help.

I have been systematically watching my food intake. I don't deliberately starve myself. I try not to mis a meal if I can help it.

I have experienced a little bit lower appetite myself lately. This is only after I eat. If I skip food in the morning I feel it. I can't go without food.

I don't want to go without food. I know that I should eat something. I just try to keep my calories at around 1,500 for the day.

I finished out today with a lunch bag size buttered popcorn at the movies. In the evening I had a lean pocket.

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