Monday, May 14, 2007

Still Hovering Over 200 Pounds

I couldn't blog yesterday because I was gone most of the day. When I returned home all the places that I blog were closed.

I am still hovering over that 200 pound barrier. Yesterday, Sunday, May 13, 2007 I weighed in at 205.
This morning I weighed in at 204. 6 pounds. I am up around three pounds above 202 where I was. Oh well...

What caused it? Calories, calories, and more calories. On Saturday I went in the evening to a graduation celebration. I was at a restaurant where we were serving ourselves out of pitcher filled with soda. I unknowingly served myself three extremely large glasses of Regular Coca-Cola and drank them down. I wondered about the flavor. But I thought that the pitchers with the tape on them were all diet Coke. Nope...

Surprise, I served myself up about 900 calories of Coca-Cola. Add to that: three pieces of garlic bread, four slices of pizza, salad, and a slice of cake and my calorie count blew way out of the dieter's window. It was all over for this guy.

The day before that I didn't do so much better. I went to a buffet in the morning and in the evening. Those calories were out-of-there. I ate more calories in two days than I would in one week.

It's no wonder my weight loss has come to a screeching halt.

To add insult to injury I went to McDonald's today. I had a number one meal. Do you know what that is? It's a Big Mag, and Medium Fries. That wasn't the best part. I immediately had and Ice Cream with M&M's in it. Add to that I was visiting my aunt. She served me two hefty pieces of angel food cake.

I haven't calculated the calories yet. But I will.

So now that I am done binging for the week, will I get serious. Well, maybe I will. We shall see.

Am I now downtrodden and broken hearted? NO, not at all. I am still at 205-pounds. I will get it off eventually. Just you wait and see. I will, I will, I will, get off those pounds.

Today I saw my cousin. I love her, she's such-a-kick. She's thin as a sapling tree though. She's never been plump in her whole life. She doesn't eat much either.

She was telling me that I should do like the movie stars do. I should eat all that I want and any variety food that I want before two-in-the-afternoon. Now, did she mean Two-in-the-afternoon until midnight or did she mean two-in-the-afternoon until eight in the morning? What do the stars do? Does Oprah Winfrey know about this magical formula?

Listen, my cousin means well, but you can't pig out on all kinds of food up until two-in-the- afternoon and then expect to lose weight.

Hey, if you are over weight, you don't have a speedy metabolism no matter what time of day it is.

I hear this stuff all the time. Some people say eat a big breakfast, and then eat some small meals later. What does that mean. What's a small meal? How many calories are in a small meal?

And I was being kind so I didn't comment on her statements about weight loss. I thought to ask my cousin, "Do you mean that at eight o'clock in the morning I can eat a stack of pancakes, a stack of toast, three eggs, and a bunch of fruit for breakfast. Then I can come along at one-in-the afternoon and eat three big macs, two french fries, and a couple large shakes? And as long as I eat my last bite before two in the afternoon, I will lose weight?" I really thought about asking that. But, I didn't want to make her look foolish. So I bit my lip.

Nonsense, stupid utter, ridiculous nonsense; what makes anyone think they can eat all that they want for half the day and still lose weight? Come on here, throw me a bone.

Wake up, and smell the brewing coffee. You can't lose weight eating all you want. It won't work. It will never work. It doesn't matter if it's eight in the morning, or midnight. If you don't count those calories, you will see them hanging on your hip line, and your bottom.

My cousins reasoning was that on a diet a person is deprived. Well DA, of course. Yes, when on a diet someone is deprived. He / She is deprived of over stuffing himself / herself.

My contention is that most people eat more food than they really need to sustain life. We eat the wrong stuff, and to much stuff, and wonder why we can't wear the same clothes we did before.

We all make bad food choices. I did today. I ate more angel food cake than I should have. My aunt didn't have anything else to offer me. So I ate what she had. It won't kill me. It won't help me get skinny any faster either.

We did take my blood pressure with her fancy blood pressure machine. It was 120 / 74. My heart rate was 77 beats per minute. When I wake up it's now been around 70 beats per minute.

Before I lost this weight my heart was clipping along at 90+ beats per minute day-in-and-day- out. This was even at rest.

Just by losing thirty-eight-pounds I reduced my heart rate 20 beats per minute. My heart is doing a lot better for that. Not bad.

I am imagining where my heart rate goes down to when I lose 30 more pounds. It will probably go back to 60 beats per minute, or real close to that.

People don't think of these things when they let themselves go to preponderance. (That's tipping the scales).

For a long time I didn't care anymore. I had given up. I tossed in the towel and let myself go. I got discouraged, and smelled the food, so I ate, and ate, and ate.

Well, I am back in the battle. I will get off these pounds. Follow my blog as I do it.

Bye for now....

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